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EPA Chief Touts Plan to Undo Climate Regulations, Pull Back from Paris Deal

EPA Chief Touts Plan to Undo Climate Regulations, Pull Back from Paris Deal

Nika Knight, staff writer

President Donald Trump on Tuesday is expected to finally sign a long-feared executive order that will undo Obama-era climate regulations, and Scott Pruitt, who is tasked with overseeing the protection of the environment, spent the weekend bragging about the destructive order.

Under Trump/Pruitt the US is reneging on its (already less than necessary) commitments to reduce GHG made in the Paris Agreement.

At COP 22 in Marrakech, which took place during the American elections, the talk was about ISOLATING the US should Trump not hold up the US commitments.

Time for the rest of the world to SANCTION the US for not only reneging, but likely exacerbating the climate chaos under Trump.

With Trump everything is out front, including this insane climate policy. The corruption is not hidden as he and his children use the government for their own business purposes, the lies are obvious, the attacks on racial, ethnic, and religious groups and women are clear, no dog whistles. Even his crazy praise of dictators including Putin is all out there. So how do we deal with this? With regard to Trump’s climate policy he could simply say the goal is to destroy civilization and it would amount to the same policy. And clearly he will get support even for ending American democracy and establishing a dictatorship. Bernie Sanders wants this country to be more like like Denmark and Trump wants it to be more like present day Turkey, where they are going to vote of whether to have a dictatorship or not, except for all the mosques.

Sounds like eco=terrorism.

Mark down Saturday to protest in front of your Congress person’s office.
Let them know, how you feel.
Phone your Reps and Senators. Let us hand them the next defeat after their health care blow.
We are on a roll, don’t let up!

Pruitt and Trump can feed coal country all the nonsense in the world, but that won’t bring back that industry.

Natural gas, so cheap, and getting cheaper since November, is putting coal out of business. And when new NG pipelines in the MidEast come on line, coal is pretty much done.

As far as the Paris Accords, too little, too late. We’re screwed. If you live in South Florida, seek higher ground…

It is.

Trump and his children use the government for their own business purposes?

Exactly! I predicted this would happen. too bad my prediction was correct.

Consider the KeystoneXL pipeline a ‘leading’ investment strategy, the outcome first of all, global shipping fuel oils; secondarily, colonialist sweat shop oppression/coercion with intent to deprive household commodities and goods by disrupting global shipping of foods. Classic barbaric colonialism
in this century.

General coal jobs gone unless you’re referring to mechanized mountain top removal and/or export via Pacific NW.

And here I thought the ‘way back machine’ was cartoon fantasy. Now to discover the govt believes in it just baffles me. The Insane Clown Posse just keeps doing crazier and crazier things every day. Does anyone running things have an inkling of scientific knowledge? The arctic tundra is poised to release an unbelievable amount of methane with anymore warming and it could spell doom for all; no one knows what might happen because this has never happened. They used to talk about nuclear winter, from nukes, but more realistically it will be nuclear summer, aka, scorched Earth.

I agree with Skeptic Tank in that time has run out. The Paris Accord cannot and will not stop the sea level rise and increasing temperatures that are now baked into place. That said, I want to apologize to the global community for the fat, ignorant, Clown in Chief who doesn’t know the first thing about governing and is plunging the world into mortal danger by his ignorance. Again, please accept my apologies.