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EPA Coal Plan Could Cause Up to 1,400 Premature Deaths Annually

EPA Coal Plan Could Cause Up to 1,400 Premature Deaths Annually

Ilana Novick

The Environmental Protection Agency released new rules regulating pollution levels for coal-burning power plants this week, and buried beneath its complex policies is a troubling statistic. As The New York Times reported Tuesday, “The plan would increase carbon emissions and lead to up to 1,400 premature deaths annually.”

Natural gas fracking and renewables killed coal.

But coal did/does a whole of lot killing before it breathes its last…


Natural gas fracking with the Sierra Club’s approval costs as many lives as coal. Only ending use of fossil fuels for electricity generation will slow the deaths rate a tiny bit which will be made up for many times over by storms from positive feedbacks, i.e., as much CO2 and methane are now entering the atmosphere from permafrost melt as from vehicle exhausts in the U.S.

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1400 Premature Evacuations.

Sounds Extremely Low To Me.

If the dead are West Virginia Crackers, thoughts and prayers should suffice.

And in Calif Jerry Brown is pushing to end state control over the power grid and give it to coal burning states. Warren Buffet owns six coal burning plants and he needs a bail out----and it looks like all the special interests are going to win this battle.