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EPA Confirms Longstanding Fears About Impact of Neonics on Bees



And once again Industry is allowed to go full steam ahead with a questionable product or process that appears dangerous to the casual observer (let alone qualified scientists) until finally enough hell is raised by the aforementioned casual observers and scientists that the "regulatory" agency that should have stepped in at the outset is finally forced to take a look at the problem and concludes that maybe there IS a problem.


The evidence of the lack of sanity of the Western model is everywhere and with the destruction of this magnificent and helpful insect well it boggles the mind why anyone would support or apologize for such a destructive system.


And then carries on the "regulatory" charade for years, while the ecology-disrupting chemicals continue to be manufactured, sold, and spread through the ecology...


This is more deadly to humanity than climate change.


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Yeah, well now that its been "confirmed" DO something about it FAST and without considering chemical corporate profits or anything else regarding their absolute criminal irresponsibility to our nations interests! It's really a problem when "longstanding fears" (more like longstanding evidence!) about pesticides and other chamical poisons killing and weakening our critical pollinators was ignored by "regulatory" agencies! Now it is a critical situation, like global warming, and it remains to be seen IF anything will be done about it other than talk or request voluntary action! BS!

Pollinators are critical to agriculture. In China pollinators have already been decimated and driven to extinction and the Chinese must pollinate crops BY HAND - if we don't want to be doing the same thing act forcefully and immediately - not in 2 or 3 or more years so the chemical poisoners can sell the stocks on hand as is usual!!
Executive action will probably be necessary as the R/Cons and a corrupt idiot Congress will do nothing about it, as this "confirmation" is obviously based on "bad science" and a liberal plot! MoFo's!


Damn, i thought you were exaggerating, so i ran a simple web search with just two separate words, China and Pollinators, without the word Hand, and 5 of the top 6 hits (using Ixquick search engine) are about hand-pollination in China due to the loss of pollinators due to heavy pesticide use.

The insane profiteers will kill us all, if we do not gain popular control of the economy.


Since the GWB administrations (8 miserable years), the efficacy of government agencies that were seriously underfunded and understaffed has plummeted. The Dept of Agriculture is a construct of Monsanto and Crop Productions Services (part of Agrium worldwide). FDA relies on pharmaceutical companies' research for drug clearance to supposedly save money. BLM allows unfettered, unlimited grazing on public lands without collecting fees. The EPA drags its feet on Super Fund cleanups and other environmental violations. The Dept of Education has overseen the expansion of charter schools that misuse public funds at will. The Dept of the Interior lets national parks and the U S Forest Service twist in the wind financially and continues to cut back personnel. And the list goes on ad infinitum. The Attorney General has yet to take down any of the major players in the economic implosion in 2008. And we all are starkly aware of the disastrous non-treatment of returning wounded veterans (aging ones included) by the Veteran Affairs department along with their useless administrators.


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Classic "regulatory capture" in which the industries that are to be regulated, gain primary influence over the agencies that are to regulate them. Bush II was certainly very bad, but the problem of regulatory capture goes well beyond his administration.

Economist George Stigler - a leader of the "Chicago School," with Milton Friedman - saw regulatory capture as a practically inevitable outcome, essentially a structural element of the political economy under capitalism.

A clip from the Wikipedia article:

"Likelihood of regulatory capture is a risk to which an agency is exposed by its very nature. This suggests that a regulatory agency should be protected from outside influence as much as possible. Alternatively, it may be better to not create a given agency at all lest the agency become victim, in which case it may serve its regulated subjects rather than those whom the agency was designed to protect. A captured regulatory agency is often worse than no regulation, because it wields the authority of government. However, increased transparency of the agency may mitigate the effects of capture. Recent evidence suggests that, even in mature democracies with high levels of transparency and media freedom, more extensive and complex regulatory environments are associated with higher levels of corruption (including regulatory capture)."


Wow! So "chemtrails" aren't only causing climate change (rather than being caused by anthropogenic carbon, as the world's climate scientists insist), but "chemtrails" are also causing the decline of pollinators (rather than being caused by the massive dispersal of neurotoxic pesticides, as claimed by ecologists). Thanks for all your great information here! i mean...

Nonsense. Two main reasons:

One: i've looked at the sites you cite. i've looked into this repeatedly. There's NO EVIDENCE of any such massive program involving hundreds of airports, thousands of planes specially equipped with dispersal equipment, ongoing activity involving thousands of workers and vehicles and equipment loading materials onto planes, the whole vast organizational, material, personnel, and logistical effort that would necessarily be involved in such a massive program of spraying metals all over the world, as is claimed by "chemtrails" adherents. (i understand that more recently y'all have stopped saying "chemtrails" so much, to try to market the "theory" more effectively.)

And no, "looking at the sky" is NOT EVIDENCE of any such program. There are well-understood reasons for varying behaviors of contrails under varying atmospheric conditions of altitude, temperature and humidity.

Two: There IS a worldwide industrial program, operating in broad daylight, that provides a compelling scientific explanation for the accelerating decline of pollinators in recent years: Widespread dispersal of a new class of neurotoxic pesticides, known as neonicotinoids.

The noise generated by "chemtrails" adherents only helps to obfuscate and distract from the CLEAR, IMMEDIATE NEED for humanity to directly address ACTUAL KNOWN CAUSES of ecological disruption: including neonicotinoids killing bees; and anthropogenic carbon causing climate disruption.


Thanks Cookies. This image represents an ACTUAL THREAT, as corporate engineers ARE WORKING TO DEVELOP robotic drone pollinators. Among more general threats to humanity posed by robotics and cybernetics, that never get discussed in polite company...


MM23 you should have kept on going. In addition the deficient regulatory agency that failed to catch this 'self destructive profit motive' about pollinators may also be deficient in catching other self destructive assaults not on bees but on us.

Echoes of Silent Spring? They may be ringing out loud and clear but the EPA isn't listening (or looking). We kill off our pollinators ... who here is unconcerned that we may be killing off ourselves with some chemical that is in the food chain or the water or the air that should have been tested but wasn't?

We be bees too. Stop and smell the roses... um... better not...who knows what they've been sprayed with?


The reason i cited Stigler, is to note that even charter members of the Chicago School acknowledge that the "limited liability" corporate sector inevitably seeks to subvert democracy, and is powerful enough to do so.

Why would you disbelieve that, no matter who said it?


I don't recall who said it, but it rings true: "The regulatory agencies were created to allow corporations to do things that otherwise would be illegal."

.. at least it's turned out that way!

So driven by greed they fail to notice we all need food, water, air.
Corporations don't, but we do.


I doubt they were created that way but you are right that they sure do act like they allow such stuff to happen.

My favorite is when the regulatory agency permits the chemical industry to do its own testing to determine if their product is safe.

Now that's a WELL REGULATED regulatory agency.

You couldn't make this stuff up.


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Lumosity fined millions for making false claims about brain health benefits

It seemed like a win-win for fans of the online “brain training” memory game Lumosity – as fun as Candy Crush (almost) but actually good for you: a mind gym to sharpen mental performance and, for older consumers, ward off senility.

Forget that. The shine has come off Lumosity with an announcement by federal investigators that the makers must pay $2m to settle a charge that it made fraudulent claims and “preyed on consumers’ fears”.

The company has also been handed a $50m penalty for harming consumers – but the fine is suspended because the company cannot afford to pay it, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Because, after all, Lumosity IS a corporation .. unlike a real person who would be harassed endlessly to pay the fine, and the fine for not paying the fine, and the collection costs for both the fine and the fine for not paying the fine, plus interest .. and probably end up in jail for contempt of court (failure to pay fine and fine for not paying fine) .. and charged room and board for the time in jail.