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EPA Decided Preventing a West,Texas-Style Accicdent Wasn't a Priority. So 11 AGs Are Suing


EPA Decided Preventing a West,Texas-Style Accicdent Wasn't a Priority. So 11 AGs Are Suing

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Eleven states filed suit against the Environmental Protection Agency and its chief, Scott Pruitt, in federal court on Monday over the agency's decision to postpone implementation of a rule aimed at lessening the risk of a chemical plant disaster such as the deadly one that rocked West, Texas in 2013.


As with everything else in the trumpire, those eleven suits will probably be won all the way up to the Supremes, where the judgement will be Chemical Companies 1, We the People 0, score 5 to 4.
*Ooh, ooh, just wait until November of 2018! The Democrats will show 'em!
*C’mon People, Wake Up!


Nothing will be placed before corporate profits.


The resistance continues. Trump is certainly keeping the courts busy as he tries to remove what seems like all protections of human health and people trying to protect human health sue. I don’t think I will ever understand what voters see in this guy.


Just further evidence that the country is being led by corporate environmental criminals.


Goddamn amazing pic! 35 killed. Condolences to all the victim’s families. Imagine what it’s like for the thousands of women and children and the elderly that our U.S. corporate-driven “Defense Department” murders.


This was what Trump promised, to do away with ‘job-killing’ regulations and replace with life-killing lack of rules.


I had a summer job in a Houston Ship Channel poison chemical plant, way back when, 1975. A few times a week, the siren blew and we’d all see which way the wind was blowing and run the opposite direction. We knew the colors of the different poisonous clouds, with green, mustard gas, the worst. I couldn’t agree to their proposal for me to continue coming back there as a co-op student. But I wrote a list of clear, easily remedied egregious safety violations of various types all over the facility and gave it to my boss when I left. I pity anyone who lives in a city with chemical plants. I was told there were plants much worse than ours.

When I lived in Augusta, Georgia, in the 80’s, you could smell the chemical companies at the airport. A business man getting off a plane told me once, “aaahh, that’s the smell of money.”


Are we getting close to the ‘Tar and Feathers’ and ‘Riding them out of town on a Rail’ time yet?