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EPA Draft Plan Would Perpetuate Environmental Racism, Critics Say


EPA Draft Plan Would Perpetuate Environmental Racism, Critics Say

Kristen Lombardi, Talia Buford

While touting the importance of environmental justice, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is pushing a draft “framework” for tackling the problem that lacks substance, residents of polluted communities, advocates and agency employees say.


This is about par for the Obama administration. we were treated to the reality of the "change we can believe-in" priorities as Obama revealed them and his picks for appointments and advisers. His economic team heavy with ex-Clinton Rubinite free-marketeers (who brought us the rescision of Glass-Steagall) and the Cabinet posts: Timmy Geithner at Treasury, at Interior the odious oil&gas shill Ken Salazar, At "Justice" the do-nothing fraud Eric Holder, friend to the financial/banker parasites, and at the EPA Lisa Jackson, ex-chemical exec who approved and defended the use of highly toxic dispersant "Corexit" after the Deep Water Horizon oil spill disaster - Jackson resigned rather than be party to Obama approving the Keystone Pipeline. Ken Salazar was front and center in that for not requiring sonic-switches on oil wells in the Gulf.

Todays EPA is representative of Obamas priorities and collusion with big-money corruption and wealth.