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EPA Ethics Chief Calls for Probes of Pruitt as Emails Show Top Aides' "Open-Door Policy" With Industry Lobbyists


EPA Ethics Chief Calls for Probes of Pruitt as Emails Show Top Aides' "Open-Door Policy" With Industry Lobbyists

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) polluter-friendly deregulatory agenda continues under the Trump administration, emails obtained by the Washington Post illustrate the cozy relationships between industry lobbyists and aides to scandal-ridden agency head Scott Pruitt, who is facing more than a dozen federal inquiries.


Going back to the reign of Grandpa Caligula Reagan, it seems the surest way to get nominated to a Cabinet-level position is to publicly oppose the mission of the agency (see James Watt and Anne Gorsuch-Burford for example). Having sued EPA multiple times on behalf of his corporate donors, Pruitt was a shoo-in to be selected to head it.

The question, then, is what it will take to remove him, and what it will take to prevent his replacement from being an even worse lying hack.


Throw the book at him. The biggest book you can find.

The damage this one man has inflicted on our country is deserving of a long prison sentence.

If that’s out of the question, a good ass whooping would do.


Pruitt’s office is a toilet where powerful lobbyists go to take a dump on the health of US citizens.


We need a progressive congress that is willing to use its impeachment and other powers aggressively against corruption and criminality in the administrative and judiciary. Pruitt is a good example. He is violating the laws (the mandates for his office) and deceiving and corrupting the intent of the law. He should go to prison and if he is being supported and protected by his boss - well the same for him. These people should not be allowed to stand in office but should be removed and sent to prison for treason against the US constitution and the people of the US.


Keep Guantanamo open to house Trump and most of Congress after they are brought to justice and convicted.




If we had a progressive congress, this nightmare we call Trump and company, would already be history.


‘Two days later, the World Golf Association chief executive sent the same EPA staffer a thank you message regarding the meeting, and wrote, “We appreicate your interest in both the general overview of the golf industry, along with our specific interest in repeal of the Clean Water Rule and subsequent development of a new Rule.”’


Unfortunately we are not going to get a “progressive Congress” with any help from corporate DINO sellouts the neoliberal corporate whores - the Clintons, Obama, Cuomo, Schumer, Menendez, Booker, Maloney, DINO establishment…as corrupt in their own way, and as destructive to our civilian nation and people as R’Cons!

The DINO’s sabotage and will not fund or give the people a voice in electing progressives. The DP establishment-wing swine are the other half of the corporate-servitude coin, to the RepubliCons half, in no way an “opposition” party, but a craven, complicit mob of duplicitous sellouts to big-money and the war-machine…


It is a very difficult challenge to try to get the people to demand progress and to put in progressive leaders. I think enough people have had enough that something might happen.


Hobnobbin with the big boys! I don’t suppose he has shown any interest or concern with anything any conservation groups and/or environmental scientist have to say?


Ethics Chief? Does each agency come with one of those and if so, how is it that they are still there?


Keep dreaming.


That about sums it up.


and if pigs could fly…


In a world of corruption, the corrupt man is king. Pruitt is going nowhere.