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EPA Finally Concludes Fracking Pollutes Drinking Water


EPA Finally Concludes Fracking Pollutes Drinking Water

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) confirmed on Tuesday that hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, contaminates drinking water—but claimed a lack of information makes it impossible to determine how widespread the risks are.


As the article indicates these issues were raised by people YEARS ago even as those official Government Agencies indicated there no evidence that such was occurring.

Indeed on these very boards when people were making the suggestion fracking would contaminate drinking water we had people refute that by citing those same “Government (read industry) studies”. The point here is this is not suddenly happening just because the EPA admits it happening. It has been happening ever since the Fracking started.

All of those people that were coming forwards claiming their wells contaminated were not speaking out of hysteria. The fact they were not Scientists was used to dismiss their claims out of hand just as is going on in Northern Alberta as example where First nations peoples claim Fish and Wildlife and their own health is being affected by the tar sands plants.

The science has been hopelessly compromised by the profit motive. In this thing called “the Free Market” everything is for sale and the truth and facts are determined by the amount of money one is able to put up to promote ones own version of the same.


The deep corruption, deceit, and shameless devastating profiteering of “the established order” are on full display here, for any who dare to see the obvious.

It’s even deeper than the obviousness of ignoring / demonizing the early evidence of contamination and poisoning that you outline. Because, before it even happened, it truly was “No duh.” High-pressure pump toxins into the groundwater. No duh.

The very assertion that some sort of “hard scientific proof” of poisoning is required, after the fact, to stanch the profiteering flow of poisons into the hydrosphere and biosphere, is plain demonstration of the “pre-corruption” of the entire process. For those with eyes that see.

And, it is plain evidence of the need to dismantle this system of profiteering, corruption and deceit in its entirety, and deliberately construct an economy based on ecology, humanity, and fully transparent accountability.


And how long will it take them to conclude it also causes earthquakes.


Typical for Obama. Runs cover for companies polluting drinking water, and then at the last minute, seeks to diminish THAT true legacy, so he can point to the latter. Also, he knows full well, pun intended, that Trump will advance the same corporate interests that he did.

It is how the movers, shakers, and frackers operate.


Now could we please acknowledge the legitimacy of Standing Rock Water Protectors in light of the Belle Fourche Pipeline failure as yet another in the constant stream of failures and examples of the “externalizing the costs” of a system so flawed that it would rather kill and destroy the millions of years old niche in nature than evolve.


So What, they will be marginalized and people speaking up will be fired.
No one cares except about profits for a few.


WTF? you have to be kidding. Is this the Onion?

Let me explain this highly complicated technology.

  1. They inject water, sand, and fracturing chemicals into the wellbore, and at the bore openings, the fluid escapes, hitting the shale like a rock on a windshield, releasing the trapped gas. Think of kinda like a gigantic root feeder, common to gardeners.

  2. Some of the water rises to the surface, wastewater, called flow back.

  3. Where does the rest of the water go?

I asked a fracturing expert of this once. What happens to the wastewater not in the flow back, not recaptured. Where does all of that contaminated water go?

She replied, “Wherever it wants to go.”

So no worries about drinking water.

But it took the EPA this long? WTF?


Has the EPA yet admitted that fracturing creates earthquakes?



Too damn little, too GD late. So, will anything be done to STOP fracking? Yeah, thought so. :rage:


8 years America and progressives wasted, waiting on Obama to live up to even some of the rhetoric and progressive deceptions, evasions, delays and complicity he was - pulling the wool over so many eyes, only to end up a failure to all except corporate America, war machine and security state.
His EPA serving-up little protection, a “Justice” Dept under AG Eric “do nothing” Holder never prosecuted any financial crimes, the fewest threatened species added to the ESA, the least wilderness and critical habitat protected, wild animals/predators slaughtered…the list of failures to act or inform the public via “fireside chats”, as FDR did, legion - a craven subservience and weakness - or intentional agenda - the MO and “legacy” of Barack Obama!
The Iran deal was a positive thing but likely driven by the other nations involved - his work to “open” Cuba also welcome, but his motives, as in many other actions, suspect.
The “community organizer” and “Constitutional lawyer” proved to be just another cog in the wheels of 1% exploitation, corporate greed and political marginalization of the 99% - the failure to build any real progressive Democratic (old school) base like Bill Clinton, that laid the foundation for the rise of Trump, along with the rest of the Dem Party DLC establishment hacks and HRC!


The other blatant lie is that this boom-driven industry is populated with true patriots working hard to ensure America’s energy security. Bullshit. It isn’t worth anything until it is under contract for sale to someone, and the more of the stuff they can liquefy and sell as quickly as possible, the fatter they get. They’ve all been singin’ the blues cause the Saudis put the brakes on their bonanza. Had nothing to do with regulation; exactly the opposite as this greed driven boom already overproduced and saturated the market without and before the Saudi uppercut. But look out now, just in time for a new US administration OPEC et al gets it together, and prices (in spite of a continuing glut) will rise like newsprint in a bonfire.

It isn’t regulated because Cheney used the authority of his office to forbid the EPA to investigate it or to regulate it and to keep jurisdiction within the individual States in the LEAF lawsuit in Alabama. That situation proved convenient for the Obama administration also, ‘cause ya’ know ya’ don’t wanna look that gift-horse too closely in the mouth.

No geologist - maybe someone here can enlighten us, but: it seems plausible, if not already actually proven that shale gas deposits can be found accessibly on every continent and the surrounding seas. There is no reason to export shale gas (through the energy intensive process of liquification) from here to anywhere else on the globe or from somewhere else to here. The ONLY reason is for the profit of the producers and definitely at odds with any notion of “energy security” for the US or any other producing region. Certainly not in the interest of climate responsibility (liquefy it and then ship it on diesel tankers all over the globe - good grief.) Though never rich in oil deposits like the major reserves elsewhere, neither was the continental US lacking in reserves, but it was drained fairly quickly 'cause that’s business baby.

To me the US liquification terminals are a climatological travesty that have been under development all during the Obama administration. A responsible policy would be to nationalize our gas reserves, replace all the coal-fired generation plants with natgas, and make this damage already done live up to the promise of being a “bridge” fuel. But as the saying goes: wish in one hand and s#$t in the other and see which one fills up first. Please remember that the shale gas boom as it now festers has nothing to do with energy security and everything to do with profit.


Is the EPA creating a positive image to retire upon before the Repub regime comes in and cripples, if not destroys, the EPA so that good impressions toward a Democrat regime will be left for future voters. They certainly don’t care about the environment of they would have done this sooner. Has to be a motive.


so much for “consent of the governed”


Remember that when the EPA “claimed a lack of information makes it impossible to determine how widespread the risks are.”, that lack of information was an intentional construction of corporate controlled governance. This is not democracy.
All the key players in this corruption should be jailed for a long time.


If I recall correctly, various agencies have already concluded that at least in a few cases studied, earthquakes were triggered by wastewater injection wells (not fracking per se, but associated therewith). But governors tied to the fracking industry (including my “Democratic” (yeah, sure) Governor Hickenlooper, have done little besides call for “studies” or voluntary reductions in such injections.


Unfortunately, many states leaders used the earlier “no harm” language to justify many bad decisions and their general support for fracking. D’s and R’s alike.


Every person involved in this needs to be sued. The head of EPA should be barred from working anywhere ever. If Obummer was involved he needs to be hounded the rest of his life.


Conservatives look through untaxed, unregulated free market dogma-distorted glasses 100% of the time, then blame all of its demonstrable failures on Liberals who refuse to get with the program of becoming China to compete with China by weakening, amending and then rescinding our financial, consumer, worker, and environmental protection laws, regulations and standards, destroying the private and public unions, and freezing the minimum wage. In truth, EPA has never enforced any law to its letter, let alone spirit, and has had to be sued by environmental NGOs to get them to write, implement, and occasionally enforce the weakest version of the regulations and standards it can without triggering another lawsuit under the Federal Insecticide Fungicide Rodenticide Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, the Toxic Substances Control Act, and Superfund.

As the readily exploited resources are depleted according to the Law of Diminishing Returns, the game now is for commerce to socialize more risk to privatize the same margin of profit. This allows commerce to transfer the cost of internalizing our consumer, worker and environmental health risks to our private insurance programs, while their legal liabilities are buried in the epidemiological noise. The most egregious example of this socialization of more health risk is the suspension of the environmental protection laws governing hydraulic fracturing under the G.W. Bush Administration, because there was no technological breakthrough, and it really does contaminate the air, surface water, and aquifers.


We should have all been this inflamed and incredulous when the fracking industry tried to push this shit on us! Not even logical . . .