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EPA Head Pruitt Attempts to Redefine Environmentalism as Excuse to Pollute the Planet


EPA Head Pruitt Attempts to Redefine Environmentalism as Excuse to Pollute the Planet

Julia Conley, staff writer

"I find myself wondering whether Scott Pruitt actually believes this stuff, or if he's a careful student of George Orwell."


Anytime I hear, see, or read of ANYTHING said or done by ANYONE that leads to the harm of Gaia/Mother Earth, it just adds another factoid to the reality that the human race is insane!
Would a SANE person use lead paint or asbestos in their home?
Would SANE people burn their trash in their living room?
Would a SANE person ALLOW what is happening to the planet without a SERIOUS FIGHT?!

****Deduction: homo sapiens is INSANE!!! (Generally speaking)


Since Pruitt’s comments make no sense when taken verbatim so he must be up to something. I think the problem with environmentalism for Pruitt is that it has become a liberal issue. There is no Teddy Roosevelt on the Republican side now. Anything liberals support Republicans are opposed to. Racial equality and justice, opposed. Economic equality, opposed. Protection of the environment, opposed. Limiting greenhouse gas emissions, opposed. Democracy, opposed (or they wouldn’t support Trump). Freedom of the press, opposed (again, or they wouldn’t support Trump). And so on. I guess they blame liberals for ending segregation, school busing to integrate the schools, and what they see is the decline of American society due to mixing of the races. The Republicans want to set everything back to the 1940s and leave it there. The last 70 years for the Republicans were a disaster, including the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency.


The Republicans want to set things back much further than that. In the 1940s, Unionization of employees was almost 40 percent and the top marginal tax rate was 91 percent!

Try 1877.


Why can’t American corporations succeed without tax breaks, loopholes and poisoning the air, water and soil. Just to stupid or greedy.


They might if they believed that they were seperate from each other and god .
Perhaps it’s the beliefs of humans that could do with some upgrading .
Perhaps they believe that they are inherently evil, born that way and that it’s the fittest that survive.
Great book for helping us understand our predicament.
Communion With God by Neale Donald Walsch.

Explains so much.


Or 1857?


"…that Pruitt’s words left him worried for the country’s future but struggling to take the EPA administrator seriously."
Shouldn’t that read “…worried…and struggling…”?
That aside, sure enough, this s*it is straight out of Orwell.


It is their right to poison the air, water and soil. That is our system, as presently configured.


Just like the book you mention, I believe god is fiction. At least in the accepted sense of the “human-like” creature that is in charge.


Many countries have had their natural resources ripped off.


Who needs the Rockettes on Broadway when we’ve such a lineup of knee-jerks parading around the various avenues in ole’ foggy bottom. I have some coaching to release the truly expansive potential of Mr.s Pruitt et al:

and propose street jam ‘sessions’ - undeniably appropriate for a certain Attorney General…


I used 1877 because it was the pretty much the first year in the USA that workers finally were pushed by brutal working conditions to rise up - the start of many more bloody labor actions that would follow. The workers rioted in the RR yards from Chicago to Pittsburgh to Scranton to Baltimore and more than a hundred were killed by US troops.


That is exactly why they need to be labeled: ENVIRONMENTAL TERRORISTS! Because they think it is their right to poison us all.


It is not so much that they think it’s their right; it literally is their right.


Remember everything Hitler did was legal.


I sure do.


Most people wouldn’t. But greedy people who don’t care about the life of anything else will. Most people didn’t realize that asbestos or lead was dangerous. When I was young nobody was told about the dangerous after effects. Asbestos was seen as a wonderful fireproof material that protected us. It wasn’t until the side effects became known that it was made illegal to use.
Like tobacco and other dangerous substances, the danger was never exposed until much later. These things are kept hidden, often purposely, so that what they sell can be continued to be marketed as good for us.
Which is why a strong EPA is needed to help the ave person to understand what harm can be caused. Because once people realize the danger, such things will be banned.


It is not that they can’t, it’s the greed that drives them to milk every bit of profit from something.


And many of them have had the US as the takers of their natural resources. Saudi arabia is a prime example. The US and England set up the monarchy so that access to the oil would be theirs for the taking.