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EPA Head's Plan to Gut Popular Water Rule Condemned as Gift to Polluters


EPA Head's Plan to Gut Popular Water Rule Condemned as Gift to Polluters

Julia Conley, staff writer

Stirring criticism from environmental groups, Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt said Tuesday that the Trump administration will take steps to roll back the Clean Water Rule, the Obama-era regulation that grants clear protections to America's waterways and drinking water supplies.


Basically, this means that someone can now dump any kind of shit or toxic filth into any ditch, wetland or water course, including a small stream, as long as it is not a "navigable" waterway.


Whether you call it murder or manslaughter, their actions are killing us. Just because they're wearing suits doesn't negate our right of self defense. It's time to stand our ground...or perish.


EPA = Easy Pickings Abound...and Pruitt (not unlike his female counterpart, Anne Gorsuch who also was appointed by Raygun with the sole purpose to gut the agency to the point where only the nameplate on the office existed and she only lasted less than 18 months due to the public outcry) is there to make sure all regulations are rescinded, regulatory oversight is removed and corporate polluters are given free rein. Protection is the furthest thing from Pruitt's sick mind.


Basically, this means our only hope is that some polluted water is used to irrigate one of the rotting Jack(Ass)-O-Lantern's golf courses and he catches some fatal disease from it, right?  Better hope he's playing with Ryan, McConnell & Pence and that the entire foursome is stricken.