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EPA Ignores Concerns Over Pesticide Drift, Proposes Expanded Use of Dow’s Product


EPA Ignores Concerns Over Pesticide Drift, Proposes Expanded Use of Dow’s Product

Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA)

Earlier today the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ignored concerns about the hazardous combination effects of Dow Chemical Company’s Enlist Duo product — of which a main ingredient is the drift-prone herbicide, 2,4-D — and proposed expanding the product for use in additional states across the country.


This report should be just cause for grave concern, but it is not understood by the public at large as a political issue of the highest importance.That issue has allowed the chemical makers and GMO makers to control most all debate and truth about the products that are making us sicker as consumers of those products and when the chemicals always end up in the food and water we drink.If the electorate continues to vote for either of the two current Ruling parties then we will have more sickness as they are almost all controlled with the campaign contributions that tell them which matters to take action with and how to ignore what is necessary for corporate profits that make possible the corrupting corporate campaign contributions. The President is also responsible for appointing the industry persons into those governmental organizations such as the EPA,FDA and USDA that were once established to protect the country from the dangerous matters that have become so commonplace these days and those appointees have established policies and regulations that are not healthy for the country as a whole or for the consumers of the products that are grown under the chemical regimes that think they have no responsibility to anyone except themselves and their bottom line,but they are wrong as we the people are where the power in government comes from and we need to exercise it with our VOTE for the GREEN party as they are the only party that has our best interests near to heart and the other two Ruling Party nominees/candidates are business as usual persons that will never Rock the Boat and we will see absolutely no change to what is making the US the biggest threat to human health in the world today.Those dedicated Bernie Sanders followers should realize that Jill will make Bernie Speaker of the House of Representatives where he will be a powerful element in the making of a better serving government of which the US is truly in need of.