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EPA Nominee Pruitt Sued for Withholding Thousands of Energy Co. Emails

EPA Nominee Pruitt Sued for Withholding Thousands of Energy Co. Emails

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

One day after hundreds of current and former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) employees voiced their opposition to the man President Donald Trump wants to run that agency—and just ahead of his Senate confirmation vote—a prominent watchdog group is suing Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt for violation of the Open Records Act.

It’s like going for chemotherapy to a doctor who thinks all cancer patients should be decapitated.

And where are the GOP and their fuhrer’s outrage about Pruitt’s nondisclosure of 3,000 emails to energy corporatists? Dead silence while they run back into their rat holes to hide. They have their man to gut the EPA and all environmental regulatory oversight in Pruitt. And they will also have Zinke (Secy of Interior) to facilitate energy and mining extraction activities nationwide on any and all public lands…he will work hand-in-glove with Pruitt and Tillerson to fill the coffers of coal, oil, shale oil, tar sands corporations unabated by any regulations, regulatory oversight or SANCTIONS. When all the demons are in place, the satanic fuhrer will sit back, relax and hand the reins over to Bannon and Cohn to issue directives to the destructors.

Yet more rubber stamps coming up.

Just another insult to the litany of insults to American voters. DT isn’t even thinking of draining the swamp, he is busy stocking it with exotic invasive species to replace the parana Reagan stocked it with.

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