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EPA Nominee Pruitt's Hearing Shows Him Poised to Be "Every Polluter's Ally"


EPA Nominee Pruitt's Hearing Shows Him Poised to Be "Every Polluter's Ally"

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) and his Democratic colleagues on the Senate Environment and Public Works committee dug into Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) nominee Scott Pruitt on Wednesday, blasting his record of suing the very agency he's been selected to lead, and putting his fossil fuel industry ties front and center.


choosing between a modest sum of money and another human life is no choice at all. But it is one we are faced with because capitalists have already made their choice and shaped the world to suit it


Disgusting response by Pruitt to the most important question in the world today.


Can We the People file class-actions suits against cabinet members who do exactly the opposite of what their job is? What about Trump, and Congress, for violating the Constitution? We are in so much trouble...


I guess they forgot they breathe air also.


Hey, that's a great one- perhaps someone in the legal field can answer.


Not likely. The courts use a concept termed "standing" to filter our these kinds of actions. There is a cause of action called a writ of mandamus that allows someone to force a public official to perform the duties they are charge with by law. Unfortunately, this cause of action is mostly limited to actions which are ministerial in nature and don't involve any kind of judgment.

On the other hand, an aggressive lawyer could put forward what is often termed a "Brandeis brief" that argues that existing rules and laws should be overturned or changed to reflect the reality and large public interest at stake or argue in equity that these vile people shouldn't be allowed to destroyed the agencies they are charge with administering.

I think the better strategy is the one being pursued by our future -- that is, our children -- in Juliana v. U.S which is the suit filed by Our Children's Trust in Federal District Court in Oregon.


Would ministerial actions, and settled case law be best brought into agreement; concerning the air and water we share with known Corporate polluters, under class actions and equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment? Has this been attempted against states like Oklahoma before?


These Republicans are going to get us all killed. At least with the rapidly coming true theory of "Abrupt Climate Change", the blame will fall squarely on Trump and Scott Pruitt, and hopefully the punishment also.


We are so very, very phucked. We don't have decades anymore.


No surprise here from another member of the GOP [aka Greedy Old Pussy-grabbers]


Like water it will soon be sold to those that can afford it


As the NYT has clearly documented, Scott Pruitt sees himself and markets himself and his position of public trust AS A WEAPON of the fossil fuel industry to be used against the interests of the American public. This is unequivocal and indisputable. His confirmation will prove irrefutably that DT and the republican party regard this position as just another tool to exploit and plunder American resources for their own benefit and profit. It is the duty of the rest of us to make sure that this point is driven home and into the forehead of every legislator who acquiesces to this treachery every day, never allowing them to distance themselves one inch from their crimes.


P_ick P_uitt...may you suffocate on your own polluted air, gag on poisoned water, and starve to death as a result of not being able to digest anything grown in or grazed on polluted, toxic soil. Unless you live in an effing bubble, you and your family will also suffer from your disastrous choices. No matter how many greenbacks you attain, they will not sustain you.