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EPA Pick Pruitt's "Radical Record" and Abundant Conflicts Probed by Senate Dems


EPA Pick Pruitt's "Radical Record" and Abundant Conflicts Probed by Senate Dems

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Donald Trump's pick to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scott Pruitt, is facing new scrutiny over his ties to fossil fuel companies and his role in ongoing litigation against the very agency he's been chosen to lead.


The fight begins:

If you care about the future of our children and grandchildren call or email your senators and demand they vote no to confirm this guy.


P_ick Pruitt...may he plunge headlong into a deep, dark bottomless sink-hole caused by rampant fracking in his home state of Oklahoma. He is not fit to hold any office outside the backward Sooner state wholly owned by oil and energy companies...lock, stock, and barrel


"Unfit to hold any office" brings to mind the flaming orange Satan Chump Trump, himself!


One can just imagine what will be the focus of an EPA (already compromised and in collusion with big-money and "development" over environmental protection) under the trump regime!

What we have to build is inter-issue unity - the support for the issues that affect not only those closest to a specific environmental (or other) outrage, but supporting others under the same or similar threats in other locals!

The PTB want us divided and more easily silenced - the MSM smother us and rot our minds with diversionary BS, celebrity scandal, and pablum. The massive, courageous and wide support for our common environment was shown clearly at Standing Rock - we must continue spreading and growing that people-power - unity builds strength for all, in division lies defeat.

An example of that unity is the support building to stop the insane plans by the same polluters behind the Standing Rock pipeline to build another even more threatening to our priceless clean water in Louisiana - a plan that all people with any conscience and even a smattering of understanding what the consequences of an oil spill and the near impossibility to "clean it up" should oppose - even R'Cons...................the polluters sell short-term "jobs" and spread lies to cover the truth, but ALL residents and myriad fisheries, farming, natural healthy habitat-dependent jobs and life-style are threatened by the greed and contempt for the lives of all others, of millions, by fossil-fuel industry filth, pollution, and death!
We must choose and fight-for life and a sustainable future!