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EPA Rejects Own Science to Greenlight Brain-Damaging Pesticide


EPA Rejects Own Science to Greenlight Brain-Damaging Pesticide

Nika Knight, staff writer

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Scott Pruitt denied a 10-year-old petition late Wednesday to ban the use of chlorpyrifos, a widely-used pesticide that harms children's brains, in a decision that outraged public health advocates and environmentalists.


I am becoming more and more of the mind that the far right is seeking to create a brain dead population (this and lead in water to name just a couple of recent stories) for the future, so that citizens will not have the mental capacity to think critically, and thus allow corporations to run wild and finish the destruction of the planet they seem to be so eager to accomplish.


If we survive the many ways the Republicans are committing genocide we will no longer have any obligation to be nice to them or include them in a "democracy" they rejected.


Is this why the rural populations turned out for Trump?(lol)

Thanks for the article.


Really? I suppose you mean to suggest it is utterly hopeless if we continue to elevate corporate candidates to high public offices..right? Or do you intend to offer a critique of democracy, or a critique of capitalism?

the major issue is that those with incorruptible moral fortitude don't prosper in politics, largely because those who observe and participate in politics (i.e. the voters) have not yet reached a consensus on a few things, including: a political ideology with which the movement can identify, The importance of their own involvement, as well as their power within the collective to change the collective.


The big cave-in to the President and his henchmen. This shown how deeply rotten the moral fiber in many of the institutions and organizations in this country really is.


" The far right is seeking to create a brain dead population."

With the election of Trump, I would say they have already succeeded!


How long has round up been around and many other chemicals that are in our lives. Petro/Chemical rule as there is money to be had and added benefit we get a mentality retarded unhealthy citizens. All goals of the corporate bought and paid for politicians of both parties.


That is so funny you mention moral fiber just as I was editing my post to include a paragraph that appears to be speaking directly at you

But don't let me dissuade you... if the bath water is dirty, and its your baby, who am I to intervene.


maybe it is time to start thinking outside of the two-party-box!

A good place to start would be with our own language


It does not help us now to point out that Obama was no worse, in your opinion. We have Trump and Pruitt now and their actions are VERY BAD, regardless of what has happened previously. And, regardless of examples you cite about Obama, I would argue they are much worse.

Case 1 - human caused climate change denial by both.

Case 2 - Pruitt's actions as stated in this article. So much for he and Trump, denying climate change, but then saying we have to protect our air, water, and health, and then reneging on that statement too. What BS.


Folks: boycott corporate food. Corporate food, with very few exceptions, in spite of their greedy, nutritional, lies, is made for corporate profits and shelf life. Dangerous chemicals are just one part of that calculus.

The FDA has been.. and is in bed with big Pharma and big agriculture.


Too late - it's a done deal!


NAH dude. the buck stops HERE! We the people are responsible. Turn that finger to the source of your frustration. We as a citizenry need to realize that what we inherited at one time, we now own.


I would like to know whether or not the EPA will be allowed to mention this chemical or not in the future? Will discussion of the deliterious health effects of this and other hazardous chemicals also be banned like mention of the climate etc.

This is not a fake question! I wish it were!


We are Borg. We will assimilate your culture and technology into our collective. Resistance is futile.

Hugh: "Resistance in not futile.."


good question Wereflea. My best guess: Prolly! I wouldn't make any bets against it happening.


I used to work for the EPA in San Francisco as a librarian and I have noted the negative changes that have infected the agency since Carol Browner was the administrator. I am horrified that Pruit is the new head. Like most of Trump's other nominees he told the Senate what they wanted to hear and then proceeded do the opposite. The Trump regime will be a "disaster" (Trump's favorite word to describe Hillary during the campaign) for the great majority of us, including the fools and idiots who voted for him.


We used to use this chemical now and then (Lorsban) for cutworms and corn borers in corn. Other farmer also used it in years when these pests were in higher numbers. Now, most corn is genetically modified and this chemical is not often needed for corn farmers. I'm planting conventional corn now, but there is so much gm corn around that the pests have a harder time multiplying. Who knows if my exposure to this chemical caused my autoimmune problems which is one of the dangers.


Actually that previous comment of mine was not supposed to be directed at you, but it was meant to be a general post. I just hit the wrong 'Reply' button.
In order to reply to you, I would have to know, where you are coming from, and I cannot discern that from your post, I accidentally replied to.


no biggie
nice and vague huh, :grin: