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EPA Report Reinforces 'Urgency' of Global Climate Crisis


EPA Report Reinforces 'Urgency' of Global Climate Crisis

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A new report from the Obama administration comparing two future scenarios—one with significant global action on climate change, and the other without—finds that the U.S. could save "tens of thousands of American lives, and hundreds of billions of dollars" annually by reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.


The problem we face in implementing necessary change is the economic costs of implementing it. Call it Economic Inertia. Or call it Golden Goose Economics! When money is to be made by doing nothing we do nothing. When money is to be made by delaying the implementation of change then we delay as long as we can. When money is to be made by preventing change then we do that too.

The word ‘urgency’ in this context sounds like saying ‘pretty please’ and hoping for the best! If the word ‘urgency’ were used more legitimately it wouldn’t pull so many punches.

Literal catastrophe awaits us and not too far off either. The scientists underestimated the dangers we face and especially how fast those dangers are approaching us.

When facing catastrophe … does the word ‘urgent’ even make sense? When an avalanche is coming down the mountain do you say to someone next to you that it is urgent that they leave the area?

Politicians/governments are inherently reluctant to inform the public that they have been incompetent in serving the public’s interest. That is where we are now. The very people who have delayed, stalled, forestalled, detoured, suppressed and impeded solutions to global warming are trying to remain in office and take charge of implementing the very solutions they have avoided implementing. Shame and ethics are not words that are used much or even well understood by politicians.

Catastrophe awaits…

… and they ASK us to do what?

They need to stop asking us if ‘we’ should and to start doing what needs to be done.

But that would be like asking politicians to switch us from oil to solar and wind.

We keep on saying yes and yet somehow they have never heard us say that we really want that to happen.

So catastrophe beckons ever closer but hey some small progress has been made… our government and politicians are using the word urgent now.

They aren’t doing anything in particular about it, so just how urgent is urgent to them?

I guess it all depends on what the meaning of urgent is? I would think that at least finding that out would be urgent … ?


EPA Peter (statement on urgency of global climate crisis) obviously does not talk to EPA Paul (allowing oil exploration in the Arctic and offshore US).