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EPA Turnaround on Toxic Herbicide 'Huge Victory for Future of Food'


EPA Turnaround on Toxic Herbicide 'Huge Victory for Future of Food'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Citing "new information" on the herbicide's environmental toxicity, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Wednesday announced it will revoke its controversial approval of Dow's Enlist Duo after determining that its combination of chemicals may be significantly more harmful than initially believed.


If only this was just the beginning of the EPA under the Obama admn doing its job to protect the environment and all of Earth’s creatures, rather than be a rubber-stamp and revolving door agency catering to the chemical conglomerate and profits over all - then I would indeed give thanks!


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Of course most chemicals remain untested; the precautionary principle is just a theory, like climate change. /s


Some damn drone company is probably being funded by the government to develop drone bees.


“The quarter-sized RoboBee looks like a fly, but it was designed to save us from colony collapse disorder. If the bees die, we have a robot backup.”

Here’s a more recent article.


I am wondering why I never see the word “dioxin” in these articles. The problem with 2,4-D as with revoked 2,4,5-T is dioxin. There are serious other issues with glyphosate, which does not contain chlorine, the precursor for dioxin.


YEA, CELEBRATION. 2 4 D and 2 4 5 T were the agent Orange of the Vietnam War era back in the 1960s. Later, and for many years they were one of the common residues found on illegal cannabis from south of the U.S.border. Totally criminal stuff. Glyphosate is the herbicide tailor made for GMO crops. It kills milkweed, which of course the Monarch butterflies must have to reproduce. Thank God Europe finally banned Glyphosate creating the incentive for the U.S EPA to also. OK. Now, what about the Neonics? Don’t forget the BEES.


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While all your accusations may well be true I will welcome positive rational decisions from any and all sources.


“It should not require long strings of lawsuits to get these agencies to do their job.”

“Regulatory capture” (takeover of regulatory agencies by the industries they are supposed to regulate) means excellent, dedicated people spend years and decades of effort on unnecessary battles, made necessary by the rampaging industry and the corrupt political process.

We need a deep change in “business as usual” to dethrone and restrain capital, and institute genuine “bottom up” democratic processes for setting policy parameters.


Probably because the dioxin “problem” was with the 245T component and not with 2,4 D. 2,4-D is the most widely used herbicide in the world.


i’ve long insisted that simply by following their own “logic,” the deluded madmen who “run the world” will inevitably face the prospect of having to attempt to comprehensively manage the entire ecosphere, in all its riotous complexity.

The profiteering / industrial GMO ag / chemical corporation ecocide of pollinators that is in process, with the beginning of efforts to develop mechanistic networked pollinators, is perhaps the clearest real-world demonstration to date of how this “logic” leads to the “need” for full-spectrum ecosphere management.

i’ve long wished i had been born in a different world…


“This must not, and will not, be how we grow our food.”
Say it again and again.
Say it loud.
There are better ways to grow our food!


This may be a ‘hung victory for future of food’ here but bad news elsewhere. The newly appointed Minister of Agriculture in the province of Buenos Aires is a former Monsanto Exec. Seems this was not part of the election platform of the right-wing that swept to electoral victory last Sunday.