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EPA Urged to Put Public Health Over Monsanto Profits by Banning Cancer-Linked Glyphosate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/26/epa-urged-put-public-health-over-monsanto-profits-banning-cancer-linked-glyphosate

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Monsanto/Bayer needs glyphosate to continue to push markets to support their patented GMO corn and soybeans.
“He who controls food controls the people.”
–Henry Kissinger


And, since M/B Korp is a “people” too, his/her/its health is just as important as anyone else’s — at least so far as “our” government is concerned . . .

(Disclosure:  I’ve been undergoing chemo for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma off and on since 1987, but SFAIK it’s due to exposure to various forms of Hydrazine while working at RocketDyne in the mid- 1960’s, not to exposure to RoundUp.)

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Organic Consumers Association has mounted a letter writing page - contact your senators:

Tell Congress to Ban Monsanto/Bayer’s Cancer-Causing Roundup Weedkiller!

Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto (now Bayer)’s Roundup weedkiller, is the most-used agricultural chemical ever.

Mounting scientific evidence of its human health impacts suggests that it may also be the most devastating.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress to Ban Glyphosate!


IF we had Adults running things petitions and marches would not be necessary.


It is also about killing off the bees so that they can be replaced by monsanto’s robotic bees (no i am not kidding).


Hi UncleFester:

I decided to see what hydrazine did—so I googled “hydrazine,” and wow, the site I went to talked of the EPA listing it as a negative which can effect breathing and cause tumors and weirdly, it is used in farm work too, so maybe it is more similar to other killer farm products than we all realize. It also seems to affect breathing too----and the EPA appears to know of these negatives-----but then NASA had that Santa Susana area, which they left intact since the 50s or 60s rocket work, and now kids who live in homes built there in that area have all kinds of cancers. : (

Sorry to hear of your health problems UncleFester. I worked on groundwater remediation research at many Superfund sites along with many at military and NASA facilities. The chemical soups pooled in the subsurface were often quite complex. Best of luck with your treatment.

Yes, have heard of such a thing. Because what could go wrong with that?

Their poison is still on the store shelves in all the big box retail stores as well as local garden Centers. Why??? Now Bayer/Monsanto agreed to pay 2 billion dollars to people who had long term contact with their product. What would good would giving sick or dead people money? Also to blame is Scott’s products like weed & feed. Gotta have that perfect green lawn right? I returned their Grass Seed that was blue in color. This garbage doesn’t grow. I called them and they sent me a check… no questions asked.

Yup, we’re bee keepers in Monsanto’s home state of MO and that is what they’re up to.

Boggles the mind. Otherwise known as taking a page from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein of old.

I wonder if the blow-back will be similar.

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That and their GMO plants that don’t require pollination. When it comes down to it, we are just sitting on out butts and ALLOWING them to kill us and the planet. Calling them out, whining pissing and moaning doesn’t change much


I wrote to Congressman Mark Green, Senators Lamar Alexander & Marsha Blackburn. I doubt they’ll vote to ban it. They are Republicans from the Red State of Tennessee. Many homes in my neighborhood have lawns that are partially green & partially yellow. The yellow areas of the lawns won’t turn green. They must have been exposed to Roundup or something like it.

In order to enact any such legislation, this one or any other like it, a fundamental change would have to occur that is extremely radical and completely unthinkable - that is that the US Government would have to become, in some way, answerable to the public interest and it’s citizenry. For that to happen - well, just remember, power never concedes power.

Very true, but what is the alternative?
Since the government is now effectively owned and operated by a small collection of psychopaths, some of which also own and operate Monsanto, to hold them accountable one would either need a successful revolution, or be willing to sacrifice ones own life seeking vigilante justice.
Both alternatives carries a high price, likely the ultimate price, where as sitting around whining gives us a little longer to be alive, even if it is not that much longer.
From the looks of it we are all cowards as I have not heard of a single attempt on any one of America’s many monsters.

My bees/insects etc are non existent after the town hall treated the greenery with an herbicide. And being as roundup is being sold in the local agri shop i am convinced that is what they and other orchard owners are using.

Our Indigenous brothers had a name for our Culture .
They called it Wetiko . It means a sickness of the mind ,when you devour everything ,even life itself to get more life and not realising what is happening until it is too late !

It comes from the illusion of Disunity and Superiority . Believing you can dominate Mother Nature . We have interpreted Dominion as Domination .Some call this progress it’s progress towards our own demise.
I have searched for decades for information to find out what is going on here with humans .
The best answers so far ,are from the book !
Communion With God by Neale Donald Walsch

It explains the 10 Illusions of humans the first illusion Need and how instead of fixing the illusion we created more to justify our understanding .These are simply mistakes of a primitive young species .
Awaken we must before we end it again !

Indeed, that is a story repeated throughout most of the world, and you can probably guess what the few places with thriving bee populations all have in common.

> what is the alternative?

…what it eventually always comes down to: Torches and pitchforks. Vietnam, Civil Rights, Women’s right to vote… always the torches and pitchforks.