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EPA's Plan to Regulate Chemical Contaminants in Drinking Water Is a Drop in the Bucket

EPA's Plan to Regulate Chemical Contaminants in Drinking Water Is a Drop in the Bucket

After more than a year of community meetings and deliberations, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced in February 2019 that it would begin the process of regulating two drinking water contaminants, seeking to stem a growing national public health crisis.

Once the Trump Administration is History, the Environmental Pollution Agency will require a complete delousing, from top to bottom, before it can again regain it’s credibility as a department devoted to the protection of the environment.

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There was a time when one could dip their bucket into virtually every body of water and it was safe to drink. This was only a few hundred years ago. As the scope of technological change has exploded exponentially so has the destruction it wreaks on the environment.

In my own lifetime , I grew up in a time where virtually nothing was made from plastic just as an example. All of the stuff bought came in metal cans, jars or wrapped in a paper product. In my own lifetime the use of plastics has exploded to the point where the mass of it in the oceans now exceeds the mass of all life in those same oceans.

The Chemical industry is a cancer on life itself.


There was a time when the common good, a sense of community, fairness and rational thinking was more the norm and not the exception. Science, applied science, is not of itself an anathema to those values. When those values are warped along the lines of greed and exploitation and cultures are rebranded as ‘modern societies’ everything gets turned on its head. ‘We have met the enemy, and…’

Still, self destruction is not a law of nature. We can change it, we have to change it if we’re going to keep this Human Experiment thing going. But that’s the bigger picture, the view form outside. Within societies, the reality people experience, it’s the social movements that fight for the quality of life, using the values of decency and morality that make us a social species, values that we inherited from birth.

This also bring up an interesting phenomena that we’ll sometimes experience. An older person will say something to the effect that ‘things aren’t what they used to be’. Someone a generation or so younger will chime in saying that ‘every generation says that’, implying that people somehow morph into a different mind set, generally without thinking it implies they themselves will also do the same. Yet the advantage of being around longer gives one the chance to experience that change in real time. And when we look back over the past handful of generations, coupled with what still previous generations have presented, we can’t help but notice that there has been a real effect at atomizing people, lessening the sense of community, that we’re more and more encouraged to be a group of isolated islands. We’ve even seen remarks stated in this comment section by cult-like con-job ‘free market’ types who proclaim that all values are market values. Those lame and clumsy efforts are easy to dismiss. It’s the more subtle and insidious propaganda that has taken its toll.

Trump’s plan: dead fish and dirty water