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Epic Missouri Filibuster Ends in 'Major Scarring of Equality'


Epic Missouri Filibuster Ends in 'Major Scarring of Equality'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A historic 39-hour filibuster by Democratic lawmakers against anti-gay legislation in the Missouri State Senate ended on Wednesday after Republicans forced a preliminary vote on the bill, which passed 23-9.

A final vote is expected Thursday before Senate Joint Resolution 39 moves to the House for further action.


Missouri appears to be one of the states where politicians are Scott Walker proteges. When I was there last year they were pushing for right to work. Hopefully that hasn't been passed.


The legislation, that would amend the Missouri state constitution, reads like the quintessential ALEC bill that it is with its underlying hate-filled, discriminatory, and objectifying "others" intent masked by supposedly protecting the rights of the uber-religious wing nuts. And the state senate repugnants felt that passing this overtly discriminatory resolution was the "right" thing to do...how tragic.
Guess they believe that the "believers" have more rights than those fellow human beings they deem to be non-believers that they feel are satan-possessed.


Writing from MO, remember "we" have a bust of Rush in the state house.

It's quite the state.


Perhaps it needs to be draped with a long dark blue cloth along the lines of what the Justice department did during the Bush (GW) administration when they spent $8,000 to drape long blue clothes over two aluminum statues that exposed human anatomy in the Great Hall of the DoJ. Limbaugh's visage is far more offensive....


Wasn't Ashcroft, another Missouri boy involved in that little draping fiasco? I believe he was.

A Confederate flag drape for Rush may be more in line with most of the good ole boys running this here state.


"We are living in an environment where hatred is alive..."



Yes, it was Ashcroft with the reason that he did not like the bare body parts reflected in the background when he conducted press conferences (the word "pornographic" was applied). But isn't the Missouri state slogan "The Show Me State...?" :smirk: