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EpiPen Maker's Latest Offer: Still Not Good Enough


EpiPen Maker's Latest Offer: Still Not Good Enough

Robert Weissman

Not good enough.

Mylan's public relations people should tell the company that drip, drip, drip responses to the EpiPen rip-off will only further enrage the public. It's not enough to blame insurance companies, it's not enough to offer coupons, and it's not enough to offer an overpriced generic version of their own branded product.

The company must roll back its unjustified and outrageous price increases.


This entire episode clearly shows why Capitalism is a failure, and why our government ("We the people") should establish a single-payer, universal health care system which is highly regulated. We should take the profit out of healthcare.


Take the profit motive out of health care, education, incarceration, public parks, etc., NOW!

Kill every effing troll under every bridge--oh add public roads to that list.


Government has power

Here’s How to Stop Price Gouging by Drugmakers Like Mylan

But the government already has the power to prevent such behavior. They don’t need to pressure Mylan to “fix” the problem itself; they don’t even need to pass a new law. Multiple federal agencies could solve this simply by exhibiting the political will to use their authority to take on the drug companies.

First of all, let’s point out that the EpiPen case is not an outlier. Mylan has made a habit of enacting triple-digit price increases on generic drugs in cases where it holds dominant market share. The EpiPen increases were a misfire because of the widespread use of the device: Mylan sold 3.6 million of them last year. In a way it’s more insidious for the company to jack up the price of obscure gallstone medication ursodiol by 542 percent, or gastrointestinal drug metoclopramide by 444 percent. Two U.S. senators don’t have kids that use these drugs, so the price gouging passes unnoticed.

Drug companies industry-wide engage in this practice. Jazz Pharmaceuticals raised the price of Xyrem, a narcolepsy drug, by 841 percent in six years; the annual cost is now $65,000 a year. And we know about “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli’s 5,000 percent price hike on AIDS pill Daraprim.


If only we had a Food and Drug Administration.
Such an agency could regulate price and availability to benefit the people.


A socialist government would do an even better job of regulating price and availability to benefit the people.


That clueless woman at the head of Mylan is Democratic Senator, W. Va. Joe Manchin's daughter.
She, using his offices, lobbied congress to stock these pens in every American school for life saving reasons.
Father Joe, got'er done.
Then....then this Capitalist Pig daughter of his jacks up the price by 600%.
Does the acorn fall far from the tree?


"The announced $300 price for Mylan's generic also comes in too high; the profitable price in Canada is roughly $200 for two, and the price in France is roughly half that."

But how's an insurance behemoth to purchase a Presidential Candidate (and thereby obtain policy preferential to its interests) without hugely profitable funds?

(Sarcasm now turned off.)


This is why trade deals such as TPP, whose goals are to privatize for profit everything with little to no policing, must be stopped when ever they raise their evil heads. Evading taxes, 500% increases or more on life saving drugs, and bloated executive pay are all symptomatic of our Government's bow to corporate rule.
Capitalism is a powerful and giant Leviathan. You can slow it down by chopping off its head but it rises up again and again and must be continually 'cleaved". It is an ever long stand of vigilance and battle; its only foe and care taker being a strong and healthy middle class.


Do you HONESTLY think that "our government" is about We the People today?

You should (but likely will not) educate yourself by reading Lofgren's book on "The Deep State."

The U.S. government is now controlled by Top Business Interests, the Pentagon, the big banks, and a collection of billionaires.

Why someone like yourself shows up under multiple screen names to post first and PUSH pabulum is no accident.

Or check out Paul Craig Roberts on what's happened to the U.S. govt.


Capitalism is a mindset, a product well sold to us by its hucksters.
The majority believes that Capitalism has improved and enriched their lives.
Truth be told, it has done just the opposite.

When the politicians tell us that the Islamic terrorists hate our way of life, they are correct.
But what the politicians don't tell us is that the terrorists define "our way of life" as Capitalism.
They, just as we, think that the capitalist economic system is destructive to children and other living things.


I wouldn't say that is its only foe...

An academia that wasn't full of tenured professors whose careers count on good relationships with the heads of corporations AND a mass media that was not controlled by corporate interests are also key.

For what is a "healthy middle class" if it's fed false food for daily thought?

Julian Assange was recently interviewed and he stressed the fact that information is vital to any genuine Democracy. That means once the newspapers, radio stations, and TV networks fall into a relative handful of powerful hands, the arteries of communications--lifeblood to a nation's collective understanding--become as polluted as our nation's rivers, soil, and air.

How much truth is relayed these days?

How many understand the true state of the global economy?

How many really SEE the types of weather events that are happening on a daily basis and not covered?

How many understand why the wars are planned and what interests they serve?

Certainly the elites have taken aim at destroying the Middle Class and unions (the two being related) in order to ensure that most citizens will be indentured servants to Capital and thereby lack the time and energy needed to effectively challenge ITS dominant structures, rules, protocols, and bases for reward ($/status) and punishment.

TPP and TIPP would enshrine this nemesis into law. Luckily, citizens in a variety of nations are opposing these horrors.


All democratic governments are about "we the people."
The people rule.

Our government has been hijacked by the plutocrats in favor of the oligarchy.
Can we capture it back?
I think that's what most of us on this blog are debating.
That and the best way to do that.

Imhotep has one---and only one---screen name, so please deal with your paranoia.
It diminishes your often thoughtful prose.


To repeat the above idiocy is proof positive of where your Talking Points come from.

Or is it your view that Islamic Terrorists are a naturally occurring phenomena that existed on its own? That the Western Nations destruction of numerous Arab countries had nothing to do with an aggressive response on the part of those attacked?

As George Lakoff would point out, using the frame of those who have SET the frames for felonious purposes (such as engineering War of Aggression on False/fixed grounds) works to reinforce it. And it is a lie.


You wrote a tautological statement. It is true that Imhotep has one screen name. But the individual using that screen name helps himself to many.

Why is it that whether it's "Were flea" or "John Tredea" or in this case, "inhotep" there is always some soldier boy up first who reinforces State Narratives, speaks often in semi-glib one liners meant to minimize the nature of the topic under discussion; or, falls into the team sport arena level of political analyses?

You know--the one suffused with hatred for only ONE candidate when the system that offers up two lousy would-be Presidents is the real enemy to Truth, Liberty, and the Rule of Law.

I SEE the protocol. The fact that different screen names RELIABLY fulfill it is not a naturally occurring process.

It's interesting that in support of my exposing something that IS fairly well-known and equally widespread, the brilliant documentary on this by Abby Martin apparently was taken down from You Tube.

It showed exactly how I.T. firms hire kids (and these are adjuncts to the MIC) to push particular talking points and narratives.

Many industries have their sock puppets, trolls, and paid messengers in the game, too.

Influence is big business.

Companies like Big Oil, Monsanto, Big Nuclear Power, Big Pharma., and others find it cheap to pay people to follow scripts.

And it certainly goes on here.

Deceiving readers by trying to turn what IS true into the allegation of paranoia on my part is more proof positive of the UNIFORM you wear and what entity you serve.


What are you talking about?
Do you even know?


On another Epi-Pen article, a comment stated a dentist said that a syringe, and a bottle of epinephrine would do the the job for a couple of dollars, makes sense as simple as that. Why aren't we hearing about that treatment method? I worked in a level two trauma center, granted it was early 80's as a respiratory therapist, but it was all syringes, no Epi-Pens. Come-on man is this BS, or what?


I wish that were viable. Unfortunately, the average person can't administer that type of solution. The benefit of the Epi-pen is in the ease of use.


Training dpearl training, simple as that. If you have a family member, or friend in this situation lets provide the training. After all, we have CPR, First Aid, and defibrillator training for the lay person.


I just went to opensecrets.org to check the contributions from the pharmaceutical/health products industry to various politicians in the current cycle (2016):

Hillary Clinton (D) $10,060,535
Jeb Bush (R) $1,481,510
Ted Cruz (R) $759,819
Chris Christie (R) $441,100
Bernie Sanders (D) $297,428
Marco Rubio (R) $213,614
John Kasich (R) $100,903
Donald Trump (R) $59,712
Lindsey Graham (R) $57,200
Ben Carson (R) $56,432
Rand Paul (R) $44,870
Carly Fiorina (R) $39,466
Scott Walker (R) $26,371
George Pataki (R) $15,000
Martin O'Malley (D) $13,450
Rick Santorum (R) $8,550
Bobby Jindal (R) $6,204
Gary Johnson (3) $5,216
Mike Huckabee (R) $4,550
Jill Stein (3) $2,145
Jim Webb (D) $1,000
Lawrence Lessig $410
Rick Perry (R) $250

From this, it seems that from the point of view of which presidential candidate would pursue policies that curb this type of abuses, Hillary Clinton would be the absolute last candidate you would want to vote for. Jill Stein, on the other hand, looks pretty good...just sayin...