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‘Equal Pay, Equal Pay, Equal Pay’

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/09/equal-pay-equal-pay-equal-pay


Nancy Pelosi introduced a bill to raise the pay of women footballers “incrementally.”

You know, to keep the Blue Dogs on board.

Damn, I admire this team. Nancy could learn a lot about principles from them.

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Kudos to the Dutch team also, showing the world what sportswomanship is all about.

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The main problem is that apparently the teams are paid by revenue, i.e men’s team gets paid from proceeds from the men’s tournaments and the women from the women’s tournaments. Women’s football (or soccer for USAns) tournaments usually bring in a pittance compared to the men’s.
Putting all the money in a single pot would allow for everyone to be paid the same regardless of the team revenue.

Actually, because of their success, the women’s team has generated more revenue than the men’s team for the last four years.

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Others seem to disagree (the WaPo link is behind a paywall so you’ll have disable JavaScript for that session):

No - those sources do not disagree. They are talking about the worldwide men’s game - not the U.S. men’s game. The U.S. women generate more revenue than the U.S. men in soccer.

I thought they get paid by the revenue they get from the tournaments. and the women’s world championship had a lot less income, hence a lot less to pay the players. I might be wrong.

And what are those principles? Why do you think they should be paid the same as the men’s team? They can’t even compare in terms of absolute talent. The men would beat them 20 or 30 to 0. Don’t believe me? Here’s evidence (below), based on the fact that they lost to a U-15 boys team!

But is it all that surprising? Should WNBA players get paid as much as men? Of course not. It shouldn’t be controversial to state that men are physically superior to women at the professional level of sports, and hence the demand for entertainment is much higher for men’s sports than women’s, which drives the significant difference in pay.

Just watch one women’s soccer game vs a men’s game and you’ll see the complete difference in talent.

As in most professional team sports, pay includes base salaries, incentives for individual performance, sponsorships, and funds from tournaments.

Of course the U.S. men did not even qualify for the World Cup tournament while the women’s team won it (along with 3 other World cups and 4 Olympic gold medals). Currently, the U.S. women simply have a bigger fan base than the U.S. men and have generated more income and hence there is no real excuse for paying them less.

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You do realize that the US women’s soccer team brings in more money than the men’s team, right?

I ask because you were arguing that wages should reflect revenue generation in that minimum wage thread.

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Well said, Mr. Jackson. Very well said.

One aspect of Megan Rapinoe’s advocacy that hasn’t been mentioned involves leveling the playing field, if you will, internationally.

She wants to see the international governing body, FIFA, put more funds into other countries, besides the U.S. and those in Europe, in order to raise the standards of play for their female footballers. This was in response to comments about the lopsided scores in some matches between established nations and those emerging into the competition.

I’ve followed Megan’s on-field performances for years, admiring her athletic skills. This year she has impressed me with her off-field efforts as well.

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Evidence please.

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I actually found that article after sending my response. Very interesting. It’s a solid argument in this case.

The winning by the US women and losing by the men makes the money generated by the TV deal (men’s and women’s under one contract) even more lopsided in favor of the women.

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Oh well, i guess that should get better pay then.

I though that your world view would slant toward paying the men less.

Not really. If the women had better revenue they should get a larger share of the pie. That would also work as motivation for the men’s team to work harder and suck less.

In the end, sports team owners are to sport what insurance companies are to health care - completely useless middlemen arbitrarily paying what they want to whom they want for whatever arbitrary reason they want.

The capitalist idea that people are paid according to the value they create has not been applied in any situation I have observed in the United States. The major sports leagues each have a monopoly in their industries and major salary increases have tended to come through the stance of some brave individuals willing to sacrifice their careers (like Curt Flood in baseball) or having players taking collective action through strikes.

I hope the collective action being taken by these women in the U.S. results in a victory without having to strike so the momentum they have created for interest in women’s sport continues to accelerate.

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