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Equal Pay for Women Supported by the U.N.—Trump, Not So Much


Equal Pay for Women Supported by the U.N.—Trump, Not So Much.

Alice Pettway

In September 18, leaders from the International Labour Organization, UN Women, and the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development launched the Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC) with the goal of closing the gender pay gap by 2030—a challenge set by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Most of the studies I have seen (including company-specific studies) show that only about 5% of the differential is due to gender. The remaining differential is due to education, time in the work force, hours, interruptions in work history, and performance. You can argue that some of those are due to women’s choices but they are still choices made and not sex-specific, whether it is an interruption to have a family, choice of a lower-paying career or willingness to accept a lower offer.


Actually one you factor in employment type, field of employment etc it’s about 3%. Can it go lower? I guess so… but 20% is much more of attention grabber.

On the other hand, 3% or 20% make no difference. Most Americans have no idea what a percent is anyway.