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'Era of Blank Checks for Corporations Needs to End': House Dems Urged to Remove $500 Billion Mnuchin-Controlled Slush Fund

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/26/era-blank-checks-corporations-needs-end-house-dems-urged-remove-500-billion-mnuchin

When is a group of responsible citizens going to snatch Pukin Mnuchin off the streets, shove him in a cargo van, take him to an undisclosed location, and put him on trial before a People’s Tribunal? This ratbastard needs to be in the dock, in a straightjacket with shackles on his ankles. He needs to have a large guard on either side of him as he enters his plea. The People need to sentence him to hard labor in the desert sun. And the proceedings need to be broadcast on free cable. This ratbastard needs to have that asinine smirk smacked off his ugly face.


Unfortunately, that kind of direct action against all the kakistocracy ghouls is needed, but it would take at least 10,000 attackers, operating independently and with a huge number of them killed before they ever reached their target, to penetrate the wall of private armies (Erik Prince) and government goons protecting the despotic whores who rule us.
When Jefferson said that if the government doesn’t fear a violent citizen uprising it automatically becomes despotic, he wasn’t kidding. The last time Americans had the guts to even get close to an effective rebellion was when they surrounded and blockaded the Nixon White House.
It would be nice if some former war criminals trained as commandos, Navy Seals, etc. would become their own version of Chelsea Manning and fight the Empire.


Glad to see the house of cards come crashing down. Too bad us exploited irrelevant taxpayers will pay a dear price for this plannedemic they created and used for their benefit. They robbed us and now expect us to die for their morbid plans for a new and far worse economic system. These “ratbastards” knew the economic collapse was coming and they knew they would be bailed out again. And they knew we irrelevants would do squat except hoard toilet paper. That’s why hundreds of CEO’s resigned before the shit hit the fan. They knew and didn’t warn us irrelevants.



Hi thylacine:
I bet the people of Pasadena CA would like to join in, as so many homeowners were screwed over by Mr. Mnuchin, the Foreclosure King, and his "bank.’ Sadly too, that’s when we found out that Obama was really a Republican , for sure. : (


You bet. I know some formerly pacifist hippie folks who were screwed by Mnuchin’s OneWest crimes who had to be restrained from taking direct action against Mnuchin after Kameltoe Harris refused to prosecute him.
Fortunately, I gave them some seeds of strongly sedating Indica cannabis, they grew it, and calmed down after harvest time.
Or was it fortunate?


Hi DavidCarson:
Hmmm well HEMP is in our paper money—and so are America’s words " In God We Trust," so I think your actions were a FORTUNATE Act. : )


How about just a small, dimly lit warehouse, with a single metal chair, a rope, and old boombox playing Stealers Wheel “stuck in the middle with you”.
Oh, and Michael Madsen, dancing, while holding a straight razor.


Really? Damn David, those seeds are worth a fortune now. Yes, but Harris was always a POS. I called the bitches headquarters and told her in no way would I ever vote for her and other political impurities for my reasons. Although she’s my state corporate whore in office, I managed to make her shit list, and damn proud of it. And if brain dead Biden picks her for a running mate, he’ll lose regardless of his pick. But it won’t matter since the Munchkin knows who controls the levers behind the curtain and knows we can never vote them out. We need a very big and vicious Toto to pull the curtain back and maul away.

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Yes that ‘era’ needs to end. Anyone stupid enough to thin Nancy, Chuckles, Hoyer and the rest will even try to end it? Or will they kill anyone and everything they have to to save it?

We are not going to get out of this by voting. THEY will never allow that


Are Congress Critters being called back to The Swamp to vote, live and in person, this weekend?
Should be an interesting roll call.
If, as they say, every $1 Billion dollars equals 40, 000 jobs, this possible giveaway with no oversight, means that Mnuchin has the livelihoods of 20,000,000 workers in his hands. Ya know, give or take a few million, when you factor in the overhead, etc.etc.etc.
Yup, Ms. Quint, if it smells like bullshit, looks like bullshit, is located directly behind a bull and comes from the Trump Adm. it’s a good guess it’s bullshit.

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To paraphrase the Brad Pitt movie, The Assassination of America by the Coward Bernie Sanders.

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So, you’re probably not giving to one of the Bernie Bros 5 charities? In lieu of his suspended ( sort of ) campaign he’s organizing and raising millions for good causes, ya know?
I’d give to the Green Party but I think they’re still self-auditing after the 2016 election. How’s that recount coming along, btw? Sorry, just cant keep up with all that, he said cynically.

Sounds like your friends had an opportunity to force Mnuchin to go into the fertilizer business. Cannabis probably thrives on a diet of bone meal.

Bravo !!! I loved your post. We can only dream of such a day ! Maybe Easter.

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I’d prefer having Marsellus getting a couple of his hard, pipe-hittin “gangsters” to go to work on the Holmes with a pair of pliers and a blow torch.

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And Kamala did nothing. As vp candidate she’ll be a great compliment to Biden’s nothingness.

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With both guards each holding a Rottweiler on a leash.

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I think this judgment is a little extreme, but I will say that Bernie has an awfully hard time naming names and pointing specifically to scams, abuses, and economic and political crimes. His critiques stay on the level of generalities, and, as such, lack punch and don’t educate. He missed the opportunity to channel the enormous pent-up anger among the public by giving them specific and well-merited targets (including Joe Biden and Obama). Had he seemed ready to battle for us “for real” I think that the story of the primaries would have been different, as it is harder to cheat had there been an overwhelming mandate.

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Since no Democrats resisted in the Senate what hope is there with Nancy?