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'Era of Small Ideas Is Over': With Democrats Poised to Seize Senate, Progressives Say Party Has Mandate to Go Big

The Capitol has been stormed - maybe try turn the other cheek -

They both have a wide variety of indecent actions to choose from. There are so many to choose from, that I couldn’t begin to count who has less. Or who has the absolute worst that trumps the other.

So I would say that it is impossible to demonstrate who is more indecent. It is a matter of opinion, and a close call at that.

As for evil done in office, they are both contemptible, but Biden is more effective in his evil. Also, Biden serves to keep progressive policies from being possible. So I still believe that it was counter-productive to elect Biden. There was minimal limits on what Trump was allowed. There will be none for Biden.

And it is truly pathetic that we need to make this decision.


In that era of small ideas, Trump managed to enact a record-breaking taxcut for the richest people in the country. And he make sure we were the world’s leader in Covad-19 cases and deaths. Not all ideas were so small.

I don’t know what world you live in but in the real world Obama during his first two years had a 73 vote majority in the house and in the senate it varied because of different circumstances but at it’s lowest he had 56 democrats and two independents consistently voting with the democrats and at the highest it was 58 democrats and the two independents.


Well, we got those 12,222 wells fracked, that Shell cracker & 97mi ethane gathering system, 46 wells fracked in Beaver Run Reservoir and wells <1/2 mile from those two giant old Beaver reactors; we got radium and watered down fracking to drink AND sprayed on our roads. I got my first taste of 5X stronger pepper gas & LRAD first view of African American agents provacateurs and masked guys in unmarked ACUs dragging individuals into black CrownVics (Pittsburgh cops never used) We got Israeli anti-terrorist spooks outing us to our boss, cancer victims being sued by frackers, 63yr old teachers thrown into solitary for protecting her farm… now, granted, only 2 of my crew were actually FROM PA, but PA DLI UC was ~$ 600/wk, when we all went home for 6mo/yr?

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He murdered US citizens, one a teen aged boy, by drone, without due process.

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To borrow from your words, I am having difficulty with your suggestion, if I am reading you correctly, that the Democrats can somehow be reformed. As I mentioned in the previous post, read Lance Selfa’s book as he points out in page after page how the Democrats have betrayed the interests of the working class and the poor. As for Democrats being held “accountable” that suggestion is, on its face, risible. Was Bill Clinton held accountable when he illegally and immorally bombed Serbia in the late 1990s for 78 straight days? Was Barack Obama, the alleged agent of hope and change, ever held accountable when, during the Great Recession of 2008, he bailed out Wall Street while not lifting a finger to help those people who were evicted from their homes? The answer, of course, to those two questions, is that they were not. And one should never forget that Obama also dropped more bombs and drone missiles on more countries than George W. Bush did when he was president, an issue which does not seem to bother too many liberals.

So since those two Democrats have never been held accountable for their actions, then please explain why any rational and intelligent person would think that Democrats today could somehow be held accountable for their misdeeds and war crimes.

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Expect to see Biden shovel the Saint Barack crap all over again. It worked on the right wing of the Party with Two names last time.

Mandate!!!What mandate??? Get real.

Let’s get a sizeable majority before we talk like we have one.

i think Harris/Biden will put a lot of big things on the table… the TPP (and TTIP) will be wrapped up with Davos’ „great reset“ or presented as the Economist’s „great bargain“ or a combination both… i think Harris/Biden will do everything to restore the empire’s reputation as protector of freetrade and global capitalism… the asian pivot will be expanded and the neocon agenda (for the middleast) resurrected… yes the new administration will deliver big for the establishment (and the liberals around the Silicon valley) i’m sure the NYT will call him the „a feminized Clinton“ or „the liberal Panther with a pussy factor“ — enabled by Kamala’s gender and beautiful skin color they merged into a symbiotic killer duo, the press will love the topic — Harris/Biden will deliver big for the establishment but how will the working classes do under Harris/Biden? more about that later. as a side note Kamala calls it: the Harris/Biden administration, she really said that… Kamala the liberal Panthress, the press will love the idea as slogan for her first run (she might even become a three timer, given that she defacto will run the show).

regular progressives that aren’t famous but on a personal quest to find great things might need to create 'em by themselves… great things are to be found outside of the progressive orthodoxy, i can say this with confidence because i 've already found 'em by looking at the poorest of countries… communism or socialism aren’t the solution but still (somewhat) relevant as system critic, however progressivism offers nothing but cynism well that’s how it feels to me… i think Obumer is america’s Stalin i.e the proof that shows: the progressive idea tanked hard but there is more bad incomming…

…the progressives wanted to dance with the liberal elites but eventually found themselves trapped under their boots!!! plz observe what’s painfully obvious: nuclear energy, gmo and electric cars are the new green — the liberal elites won it all — TED, the Silicon valley, Davos and its hyper obnoxious frontman (with frontman i 've meant Bill Gates) they emerged victorious (and the progressives under their boots) to me it seemed the liberal elites also won the popularity polls. the college kids (and boatloads of Youtuber) love, love Elon Musk and the „solutions“ from TED… progressivism is losing on all fronts without having a vision for the future, a vision that isn’t the mirage the Silicon valley created together with TED (and a little help from Davos/Gates foundation).

the progressive establishment has no solutions (or aspirations) of worldly relevance it’s sad but true (and highly insulting) all they have to offer is contempt and hate for „whites“ or uneducated people like myself or a combination of both… progressivism has become a sprawling industry that employs artists, journalists, liberal art degrees or writers (of any kind) which in turn create the playing ground for Youtuber like Jimmy Dore.

the Silicon valley, Hollywood, Wallstreet and the liberal establishment were utterly desperate (!!!) to get the Trump out of office… and? did the progressives strategize to capitalize on a wonderful situation to press something big out of the new administration? the question doesn’t need to be answered.

from light comes darkness, from darkness comes light…

…the progressives could create an opening to create something new, something genuinely new not communism. america might want to create what the green new deal wanted to be — instead of being relevant to college kids (or Youtuber like Jimmy Dore) instead of that the new green new deal might need to be relevant for the bottom billions, disenfranchised locals and the global working classes but do the liberals really care about 'em? i don’t think so and their attitude really shows:

bad jobs at bad wages are better than no jobs
— Paul Krugman

give me more of these sweatshops
— Jeffery Sachs


My money is on the new Lie-berman. Which is exactly what the 3rd Way Blue Dog crowd is looking for

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ll have to look that one up

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So, in other words, the democrat party of 2009-2010 passed zero progressive legislation.

The ACA was written by the Heritage Foundation and revised by Liz Fowler who was VP of lobbying at Wellpoint before being appointed to head up the ACA task force. After ACA implementation, she moved on to be VP of lobbying at Johnson and Johnson.

There was nothing progressive about the ACA. It was the most regressive piece of health insurance legislation possible. ~https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2012/dec/05/obamacare-fowler-lobbyist-industry1


I’m glad to know it is only the GOP that does things like this. I had been under the impression that Libia had been overthrown while Obama was President. I had also been under the false impression that Obama was President when the Syrian over-through attempts began. I also thought that Obama was President while the Afgan conflict continued to rage on and on. I also thought Obama was part of the attempted overthrow of Venezuela.

What a relief it is to know that it is only the GOP involved in securing and maintaining USA world dominance and the destruction of any nation that gets in the way. Thank you for the clarification.


They don’t do ass kissing. Remember Wiener and the wienie pics? That’s how they play. Wiener was a hardcore supporter of M4A during the run-up to the ACA. I was watching the house proceedings on CSPAN the day Wiener was called off the floor. He was off the floor only a few minutes and came back looking like a whipped pup. After that, we never heard another word from him about M4A. A few months later the pics hit the net. After Pelosi had him silenced and got what she wanted, she didn’t even bother keeping her promise to keep the pics private. She and Schumer know how to bring people around and they do, but never for progressive causes.



January 6, 2021

‘We Structure the Market to Create Inequality’

CounterSpin interview with Dean Baker on trickle-down economics

Yes - a depraved bunch - with the exception of George H.W. Bush, whose use of the military in Kuwait was, I thought, textbook.

There has been a very strong reaction by the public to this attack on
the Capitol – and the news is still coming out making this even more
stinging – and clearly Trump moved to ensure that this would succeed
via Christopher Miller who stopped the National Guard from being present
at the Capitol Wednesday morning where we all understood that it was
going to be a dangerous situation and that the Capitol needed heavy protection.

Meanwhile, even Murkowski is saying she wants Trump out immediately –
this man is a serious danger to the nation in many, many ways – and the public
are speaking loudly and forcefully …

As we also saw in Georgia with Warnock and Ossoff – and believe me, McConnell
is paying attention.

McConnell also has abandoned Trump – and he wants there to be something left
of the GOP –

With Trump’s last speech to the public where he admitted that there will be a “new”
administration on the 20th … notice that the FLAG at the White House is not lowered …
something that was done everywhere across the nation – especially in DC.
We know who is in charge and who still has the power and the tools to create problems -
serious problems.

As for McConnell – we’ll see – but if he wants a future in Congress, I think he will be listening.

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As long as they keep up their wall of silence on FTAs we can be certain the legislators wont ever implement any big ideas because they can’t. They can only deregulate, more and more, making things worse, digging us deeper and deeper into the hole. The best thing they could do is withdraw us from them all now, for example, by means of GATS Article XXI, But they wont because to do that they would have to admit they had stolen the right to regulate in the first place, and they’d need to file the formal requests they need to which they refuse to do. So we’ll lose what little safety net we still have, (because it pre-existed the WTO)

They really want to get rid of everything public and dump responsibility onto profit seeking corporations, who wont accept any responsibility either, Medicare and Social Security, public education, public water and housing, since its nonconforming if they change it, depending on our commitments, it may well have to go. Its particularly ugly for financial services if they compete with commercial ones.

TISA is even worse because its negative list,l allowing them plausible deniability. Things really couldn’t be worse for politician honesty. No wonder we’re seeing all this fracas. They must see it as a godsend in distracting us. Meanwhile millions of peoples lives are falling apart. WTF?

We may not realize it now but well look back on this era as our last chance to wrestle the country back from corporate rule, and we’re blowing it, falling for the dumbest tricks imaginable.


All true. Now that Georgia races went well for Dems they now have people like Manchin and others to contend with. If only the Dems could stick together like the Repubs do. It’s sad to see how McConnell and others are praised for rejecting Trump after the ship starts sinking and after four years of total subservience. The biggest problem for them is that their dear leader lost or they would have continued on as they were. Way too little, way too late. They are totally political creatures with no actual ideological core except a lust for power and greed. Ted Cruz is now acting like he was always against the worst of Trump’s moves but his speech before the Capitol dust up and then after shows what a craven thing he is.
I am thankful: 1) Counter protesters didn’t show up and muddy the waters as to who started the violence.(even though the predictable blame on antifa is being spun but is not working as well as usual)
2) The MAGA mob showed who they really were to the entire country and world. (happily more people were appalled than impressed) 3) The drastically different reaction of the police to virulent white supremacists as opposed to peaceful protesters of any color. ( Even the obtuse can maybe now admit their is systemic racism in the country built with slavery) It is sad that people died and were injured but it is strange how now 5 people dying seems important in certain quarters after years of needless deaths and injury at other protests that passed without a peep of concern from the same quarters.

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