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'Era of Small Ideas Is Over': With Democrats Poised to Seize Senate, Progressives Say Party Has Mandate to Go Big

As long as they keep up their wall of silence on FTAs we can be certain the legislators wont ever implement any big ideas because they can’t. They can only deregulate, more and more, making things worse, digging us deeper and deeper into the hole. The best thing they could do is withdraw us from them all now, for example, by means of GATS Article XXI, But they wont because to do that they would have to admit they had stolen the right to regulate in the first place, and they’d need to file the formal requests they need to which they refuse to do. So we’ll lose what little safety net we still have, (because it pre-existed the WTO)

They really want to get rid of everything public and dump responsibility onto profit seeking corporations, who wont accept any responsibility either, Medicare and Social Security, public education, public water and housing, since its nonconforming if they change it, depending on our commitments, it may well have to go. Its particularly ugly for financial services if they compete with commercial ones.

TISA is even worse because its negative list,l allowing them plausible deniability. Things really couldn’t be worse for politician honesty. No wonder we’re seeing all this fracas. They must see it as a godsend in distracting us. Meanwhile millions of peoples lives are falling apart. WTF?

We may not realize it now but well look back on this era as our last chance to wrestle the country back from corporate rule, and we’re blowing it, falling for the dumbest tricks imaginable.


All true. Now that Georgia races went well for Dems they now have people like Manchin and others to contend with. If only the Dems could stick together like the Repubs do. It’s sad to see how McConnell and others are praised for rejecting Trump after the ship starts sinking and after four years of total subservience. The biggest problem for them is that their dear leader lost or they would have continued on as they were. Way too little, way too late. They are totally political creatures with no actual ideological core except a lust for power and greed. Ted Cruz is now acting like he was always against the worst of Trump’s moves but his speech before the Capitol dust up and then after shows what a craven thing he is.
I am thankful: 1) Counter protesters didn’t show up and muddy the waters as to who started the violence.(even though the predictable blame on antifa is being spun but is not working as well as usual)
2) The MAGA mob showed who they really were to the entire country and world. (happily more people were appalled than impressed) 3) The drastically different reaction of the police to virulent white supremacists as opposed to peaceful protesters of any color. ( Even the obtuse can maybe now admit their is systemic racism in the country built with slavery) It is sad that people died and were injured but it is strange how now 5 people dying seems important in certain quarters after years of needless deaths and injury at other protests that passed without a peep of concern from the same quarters.

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Cool –

Thank you for the post –

We don’t want fascist robots in DP as they’ve definitely had in GOP since Nixon …
where they were studying Hitler/Nazis propaganda and adapting it for their own use –

Today we can see how the GOP continues to stick with Trump – Mitch still in the way
where he could reconvene the Congress immediately, he won’t.
Pence – a nightmare of in lack of courage to stand up for the right thing to do – and
standing by the criminal Trump.

Agree re counter-protesters – but beware of an alleged attack on Trump/GOP …
being blamed on John Lennon the nation’s #1 commie. Put nothing past Trump.

I’m quite sure every one of these Trump supporters will identify as “Christian” –
which is probably the religious basis for their being so gullible to begin with.

There are two reviews of protests circulating around internet – one is of 600 women
at PEACEFUL PROTEST at Supreme Court were all arrested –

There is another of BLM PEACEFUL PROTESTERS sitting on Capitol steps, backs
to the Capitol – sitting peacefully in meditation/prayer, whatever.
The police presence however more suggests that the Russians had landed or UFO’s.
And also consider the PEACEFUL PROTESTERS attacked in Lafayette Park and
tear gassed, etc. so that Trump could wave a Bible around.

We need to have more assurance from our FBI, MIC, and Pentagon that they know
what they’re doing because last Wednesday shows no sign of it other than they’re all
more or less helping Trump knock down democracy here.

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And there’s this for comparison- ~https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/11/us/dc-police-previous-protests-capitol/index.html


Sorry – don’t have time to read any links right now –

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because it’s not only informative for the person you are posting to but the entire board.

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