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Erasing Breonna and Emmett and All the Rest

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/09/23/erasing-breonna-and-emmett-and-all-rest


I am not surprised they were acquitted. Can’t indict them for doing what it is legal for them to do. And no, that is not a defense of what happened to Brionna and so many others. People, we have to READ…read the contracts your local law enforcement agencies/unions have with the local governments for whom they work. Read the innumerable laws passed by Congress and rulings by the courts. That military grade equipment used against us? The Clinton era 1033 program has provided more than $7 billion dollars worth to over 8,000 agencies just for the price of shipping.

“Nationally, the numbers are stark: between 1977 and 2017, America’s population grew by about 50 percent, while state and local spending on police grew by a whopping 173 percent in inflation-adjusted dollars, according to data from the Urban Institute. In other words, the rate of police spending growth was triple the rate of population growth.” “Spending on Police is Out of Control”, Jun 8, David Sirota, The Daily Poster

No less than SCOTUS has ruled we may pay them to serve and protect but they are not legally bound to do so. Check DeShaney v Winnebago and Town of Castle Rock v Gonzales.

And then there’s that 2009 “qualified immunity” ruling that set impossible standards for holding law enforcement accountable over their conduct. Many an indictment has not been sought or lawsuit thrown out on the grounds that there was no “clearly established” court precedent forbidding the conduct at issue. Yes. that’s the standard. Interestingly two current SCOTUS justices, about as far apart as we all could imagine, have called for review of the qualified immunity standard. Justice Sotomayer, who regularly dissents when colleagues excuse conduct in police brutality cases, and Justice Thomas, who says the doctrine was created with no historical basis, have called for review of the standard.

You can’t indict, prosecute or reform that over which you have no control.


Then there is another hypocrisy: Where is the NRA on this; no need to guess? Walker was following NRA guidelines on what to do when someone breaks into your home-you shoot them. They always applaud, put it in their magazine, when someone uses their weapon on an intruder or threat. Even citing the model and caliber of the weapon used-very technical, very proud.

Just another absurdity in 1984ish, Alice in Wonderland, Disunited States of America; led by a mad "king of hearts’.

The whole idea of a “no knock” warrant in a country armed to the teeth is absurd. It is just asking for something like this; where the resident thinks they are burglars and opens fire.

The stupid supervisors should be charged with negligent homicide for authorizing a raid when the real target was already in custody. This adds to the litany of incidents where someone was killed when the cops broke into the wrong address.

Is there any level of incompetence that is not worthy of major consequences. We can only hope for a whopping big civil tort action. Though the trouble is the police usually have insurance to cover that. If the settlements came out of their budget they might be more careful.


I find it the epitome of hypocrisy that the Grand Jury said the two police officers that murdered Breonna Taylor were guilty of " Reckless Endangerment" for firing their guns into a white persons apartment, and exonerated the police for their egregious and horrible murder of Breonna Taylor! Not much different than what happened to Emmett Till a long time ago.


These are some of the changes included in the settlement with Breonna’s family in their civil settlement.
One proposal eliminates the use of no-knock searches.


The “rising black star” in the GOP, “a black Republicon” - there’s a fuckin joke! the Uncle Tom Kentucky. Attorney General, Daniel Cameron, is a pathetic fuckin disgrace from any angle you want to look at it, except as a self-serving tool of the “law-enfarcement” community and GOP - a cop in a suit, and a liar, that betrayed the nation, Breonna Taylor, justice, and all people of conscience, and color especially, a toady and sold-out zero serving the the GOP to cover for the entrenched system of racism inside the police by manipulating - I’d bet dollars to donuts - Daniel Cameron must release the record/transcript of exactly what he did or did not present to the “Grand Jury” and how - IF not he will prove he manipulated the process and is as much a killer after the fact as those cops that went to the wrong house/apt and murdered Breonna!


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Hi Fern;
I hope that the city will follow through with "no knock searches. But because of the police. and all the time it took to follow through on this case----- and the stupidity in saying that what mattered were shots which went through a NEIGHBOR’S window. BUT— due to your shots, Police, Breonna is dead!
I am very sorry to say that I will no longer see the name Louisville, as appropriate-- it’s
sad to say, but the actions of the Police have mandated a name change to LIARSville. : (

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I agree and with that I think it is not over yet as the investigation continues. There is nothing that can fully account for what happened but at least there is an on going need to change things. I hope the best for them.

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