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Erdoğan Claims Ultimate Power in Turkey After Nearly Split Vote

Erdoğan Claims Ultimate Power in Turkey After Nearly Split Vote

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In a very close—and closely watched—referendum vote, Turks on Sunday handed President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan what many say is authoritarian rule.

With more than 99 percent of ballots counted, Erdoğan claimed a win with 51.36 percent voting in favor of the referendum and 48.64 voting against.

However, the Guardian reported,

My condolences to the Kurds, the journalists, the teachers, and to all those who prefer the somewhat messy practice of democracy to authoritarian rule.


Now we can Arrange to knock him off and install a puppet who will be a dictator. Far easier to control them than Democratic leaders. I give him 6 months.

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Our 3 largest cities voted against Trump. Maybe even our 10 largest cities (not sure)



Erdoğan IS a dictator! He’s also US-friendly, if that matters to you.

Virtually every US city with a population larger than 300K or so voted against Trump. And remember that if the US presidential elections worked like this referendum and all other presidential elections everywhere else in the world, Trump would not be president.


“Democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49%.”

I wonder if they have electronic vote counting machines in Turkey…

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At this point, I don’t care what happens in Turkey and elsewhere.

We have our own problem to solve.


You are correct. If 50 people take a vote about hanging one in their midst (probably of a different color), and 49 of them vote for a hanging, the hapless man of the wrong color gets a free ticket to meet his ancestors. That is exactly why the USA was created to be a Republic! Our Constitution puts some necessary limits upon a democracy.

So here’s a dictator in the making and he has many munitions we have sold to Turkey. And we have Trumpy Dumpy over here wanting to play war. The scenes go on and on.


Something we must all remember, ESPECIALLY in times like these, is that We, the PEOPLE own the USA. Presidents may strut and boast, but their power is limited to what WE allow. Even though the Supreme Court may claim to be the “Final” Authority, that is only because they haven’t studied history. If they had, they would know that “their” Court and its fleet of kangaroos did not exist until created by the Constitution. And who created the Constitution? You Got It! “We, the PEOPLE of the united States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, Insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense” [notice that defense was NOT capitalized, so they never considered it could metastasize into a hundreds of billion dollars (or more) per year blood-sucking INDUSTRY!], “promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” [that’s you and I], “do ordain and establish this Constitution for the united States of America.”

In other words, We, the PEOPLE, as posterity of the creators of the Constitution, that document which created the Presidency, Congress, the “Supreme” Court, and even the Post Office (which Congress is trying to steal from us without the necessary Constitutional Amendment Ratification process)… WE ARE THE JURY OVERSEEING THE DECISIONS OF THE SUPREME COURT, THE ACTIONS OF CONGRESS, LIES OF THE ORANGE BLOWHARD, AND EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT WE CREATED AND OWN. Don’t let them bullshit you: WE are the ones who get to fight and die for this country, while the President, Congress, Supreme Court Justices, and the Washington, DC, dog catcher, are just hired help we employ to keep OUR Government running smoothly. We Are OWNERS, Not Subjects!

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What a very American attitude to have.


What kind of country installs a new constitution with a single, bare majority vote?

And I don’t believe in the honesty of this vote any more than I do Trump’s.


We don’t own anything. We don’t even pay the dog catcher. Our taxes service the national debt. Our money goes to interest payments. If we “own” this country, why are the wishes of the majority be ignored time after time? What we desire as a people and what we get from the Feds are diametrically opposed. I’m a realist.


Erdogan has always been a dictator. This vote I just window dressing. I’m sure the next step will be to abolish any term limits and make himself “President for Life”.


History doesn’t repeat itself but people sure do. Let’s hope that the rise of authoritarians and ‘strongmen’ doesn’t spread elsewhere. Looking back to a not too distant era, the rise of one strongman served as a catalyst for others to enter the scene. Mussolini’s success inspired Hitler to seek authoritarian power. Alongside them arose petty dictators in Spain and the Balkans. Stalin and the emperor of Japan seemed little different as strongmen went.

The increasingly obvious antidemocracy tendencies of the republicans under Trump may prove to be yet another episode of humanity’s failure to create a more cooperative and viable social system. Despite the amazing promise afforded us by new technology, we are pushed backwards just as were the pre WWII populations although they had new technology available to them that could change the game ( electricity, radio, airplanes etc).

Trump grows uglier. The world grows uglier because of him. The republicans increasingly oppose democracy. Something similar to that evidently just happened in Turkey.

The world grows uglier whenever it is encouraged to do so.


“US-friendly” is a relative term.

Erdogan partly blames the US for the recent coup attempt against him. A former ally of his, now an enemy said to have engineered the coup, lives in Pennsylvania and the US won’t extradite him.

Erdogan doesn’t like US support for Kurdish military forces who are possibly our most steadfast and effective allies against ISIS. He will never cede Turkish territory to a future Kurdish state.

Erdogan is often lukewarm about fighting fellow Sunnis in a time of growing religious fundamentalism at home, isn’t eager to take in more Syrian refugees, wants future gas pipelines to pass through Turkey, threatens to restrict US military bases when it suits him, and envisions a return of former Ottoman Empire glory, among other problematic stances.

But other than that, he’s US-friendly.

My “US friendly” remark was an attempt at a snark at all the US leftists who, of late, seem to embrace some pretty savage fascist (and quite capitalist) dictators, and long as they are viewed, (incorrectly!) as “anti-US.”

I guess in an alternate 1970s, the US left would have supported Pinochet and the Argentine Junta, as long as they were “anti-US.” The folk-singer-martyr Victor Jara would have been called a “shill” for US who deserved what he got…

I support Kurdish liberation because they deserve a homeland and because the Kurds embrace libertarian socialism which is a model for a future world. I oppose and despise Erdogan because he is a fascist oppressor of all freedom-loving, free-thinking, and especially socialist, Turks. Why does the US left sound like a bunch of US-centric Robert Ludlums lately? And why is the US left seemingly embracing the “War of Terror”? Terrorist organizations would all quickly die off if the US, and more recently Russia, would simply get out of the region and stop breeding bitterness and terrorism through their murderous bombing.


That “friendhsip” depends on how much foreign aid, armaments, and weaponry keep flowing his way…