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Erik Prince in the Hot Seat


Erik Prince in the Hot Seat

Jeremy Scahill, The Intercept, Matthew Cole, The Intercept

Eric Prince, founder of the now-defunct mercenary firm Blackwater and current chairman of Frontier Services Group, is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and other federal agencies for attempting to broker military services to foreign governments and possible money laundering, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the case.


War profiteer: [def] see Erik Prince


The entire 15th century model of domination and colonization of all levels of autonomous societies meets anticipation of TTIP models of eliminating autonomy of any ‘judiciary’ by privatization for profit from “goods and services”. The quoted business sounding so benign.

The tragedy (think configuration known to entail catastrophic consequences that is nonetheless pursued) is that the ‘legacy’ powers always exclude anything that does does not contribute to its ‘objectives’. In business economics called “externalized costs” in order to define the profit margin. In societal terms resulting in impoverishment, ethnocide and genocide. In ecological terms exploitation of a ‘resource’ regarded as being devoid of inherent, more broadly integrated integrity.

Excluded from consideration are traditional societies, natural biomes and balances, etc. regarded as failed examples of the domination model. The problem being that the dominant model is so narrow, as a result of all that it excludes, that it wreaks havoc. Those consequences are aggregate, constantly compounding and in the most insidious of its perversions, manipulated into frames by which the aggressors rationalize even further doubling down on all forms of violence.

When the dastardly machinations of the operators like Prince have completed their contracts there remains all that has been marginalized. The imbalances almost inevitably lead to military conflict down the road. In those cases, with palpable glee the great banalization machine - TV and captured media - watch the advertising revenue reeled in; employ graphic artists to create stunning TV screen splashes. One need only think of TV presentations of the invasion of Iraq in 2003 (and this one is relatively tame compared to others).

This self-perpetuating excuse for a model of ‘life’ is anything but. How do we achieve the societal conscious awareness that life, nature and societies can continue and regain health only if these perverse powers cease and desist.

I’ve posted this before. My apologies to those who have already considered the documentation and arguments in Wade Davis’ WAYFINDERS


Wow it would be so great to see this little maniac finally arrested. He has dodged so many bullets over Iraq and other war related businesses it’s time he get outed. I surely hope this ends in his arrest and conviction.


Not only free - raked in billions confiscated from us by IRS and now Chinese billions. Satan reigns supreme.


Eric Prince needs to be locked up, what we really need is a Guantanamo Bay for war profiteers.


It has always been the problem with Free Companies (organized mercenaries) is what do you do with them after they are no longer useful to you. Eric Prince wants to keep his private army active but if we don’t want them then someone else might. Exactly what happened in the past with mercenary forces. Sometimes they left the employ of one country and were hired by the country that they had just been at war with.

What do you do with well armed groups of soldiers who do what they want?


Definition of “mercenary:” (said of a person or their behavior) PRIMARILY CONCERNED WITH MAKING MONEY AT THE EXPENSE OF ETHICS.

GWB and Rumsfeld tossed gilded rose petals in Price’s path and created a real monster in the process. Price stole hundreds of million$$$ from the U S government during is his Blackwater ops in Iraq (and anywhere else he clandestinely operated). In Iraq, “Bricks” ($100,000 US currency each) were offloaded cargo aircraft and distributed without any accounting of to whom, how much, for what purpose, and where. And the U S Army was just as culpable as they were supposed to be providing oversight…just enough to look like they were doing due diligence.

Not surprised at this news at all. Price better CHWA when dealing with China.


Just another rich guy doing everything for his god, money, to get more rich. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?


Yes, drawn and quartered would be my option.


Sell swords, thats all they are. Loyal to money…oh wait, thats what Lord Bolton realized before his last battle in Game of Thrones. Before I joined the military, I was told there are two people to watch: 1.
Turks during war because no one except them know whos side their on and 2. Mecenaries, because they are the most dishonorable people to fight with. Guess now we know.


Prince doesn’t have too much to worry about. If the repugs or the wicked witch of the west gets in, he’ll probably be given a job as head of intelligence or perhaps the CIA and he can go his merry shoot 'em up and torture, way. Unfortunately, that seems to be the “American” way these days.

  • “Help us Obernie Won Sanderbi, you’re our only hope!”


The case they are prosecuting is not the reason they are prosecuting him. The work with plenty doing worse. They are prosecuting him for filling false espionage reports, basically lying to promote profits for his corporation ie prolonging and exacerbating conflicts, rather than truthful reports that would have resulting in cancelling highly profitable operations.
They will of course never admit to fault, of basically criminal actions taken based upon falsified reports.