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'Eroding Transparency': New Airwars Report Details Deadly US Drone Strikes and Raids in Yemen Under Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/28/eroding-transparency-new-airwars-report-details-deadly-us-drone-strikes-and-raids

Among all U.S. actions in the country during Trump’s presidency, 41 elicited allegations of civilian harm. Overall, the report says, “25 reported U.S. actions were assessed by Airwars to have likely resulted in civilian harm, reportedly leading to the deaths of between 86 and 154 civilians, including at least 28 children and 13 women.”

Amerika is the #1 terrorist nation in the world!


America has demonized Islam with two decades of lies.
America supports the country most controlled by the Islamic sect that notices and points out that we are the Great Satan and must be destroyed - the Wahabbits.
America is helping the most radical Islamists commit genocide against their brothers.
Isn’t it nice that we pause our prosecution of Israels extreme genocidal agenda against the Palestinians to support a different ongoing war crime?

We have constitutional level legal obligations to not act this way, but America has become a lawless rogue nation, and a population who thinks it’s safe from such leadership is recklessly ignorant, and probably in for some very bad times. Republicans and Democrats, and the Secret Unelected Government have stolen the United States from it’s sleeping people.

It’s time we woke up to reality, and fixed this.


No help on the virus front, though.


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The whores in Congress have reneged on their constitutional war powers.


Airwars also noted how Centcom admitted that 12 civilians had been killed in a botched raid days after Trump had become president. What it leaves out is that one of those civilians was a young girl who died an agonizing death while being held for an hour by her father. The deaths of those innocent civilians was a compelling reason why Trump should have been impeached for a war crime while also being prosecuted for having ordered the murders of those civilians. But since this is the United States this then means that no president or top official will ever be held accountable for committing war time atrocities.

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Never bothered anybody when Obama murdered innocent men, women and children in Yemen. Didn’t even bother Saint Michelle Obama.


let us see–isn’t Yemen the country that is being bombed with the arsenal that we sold them under Obama–who also used our military to provide the Saudis with targeting information and other intelligence for their war on Yemen–the actions that have led to the deaths of many-famine-and disease in the civilian population while Obama was still president–Trump is just following the time honored American tradition of the use of military force on poor third world peoples–nothing new here --just the same old terrorism that has been our national paradigm for --oh -225 years out of the 243 years we have been a nation–


True, sadly true.


** "…referencing growing concern in Congress regarding U.S. military support for the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen. ‘While the primary focus of domestic opposition had been on U.S. arms sales and logistical support for the Saudi-led coalition,’ Airwars notes, ’it is possible that this increased attention had an associated effect on the Trump administration’s willingness to engage in unilateral counterterrorism actions in the country.'

“The Washington Post reported Wednesday that the group’s study ’comes as the Trump administration seeks to wind down counterinsurgent operations across the Middle East and Central Asia in keeping with the president’s desire to refocus resources at home and the Pentagon’s planned pivot to China. The administration is currently reducing forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, and fewer than 1,000 troops remain in Syria.’”

My translation of the above is to the effect that der fuehrer is bored with killing poor people that hide in caves and shoot our troops. It doesn’t promote his alleged image. He wants a major war with larger, more powerful nation that may give him an excuse to, at last, drop some H-Bombs on somebody. I wish somebody would arrest him and all of his Mob and haul them to the Hague for a trial for crimes against Humanity, war crimes, and the destruction of our ecology that we must depend upon to live, for a start.


Madam of the House Pelosi never met a war she did not support nor one that has not supported her. Joe has been a war monger even longer –


Who cares? Really? About Yemeni children blown to bloody fragments by bombs made here in the UK or in the USA and dropped from British or American planes? No-one I know here gives a damn. Oh, they’ll get upset about that ‘horrible anti-Semite Jeremy Corbyn’ because that’s how the BBC or The Guardian portrays him, or they’ll call for child molesters to be executed, but our wars of aggression against the poor “in far-away lands of which we know nothing” are not their concern.

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