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'Err on the Side of Helping People': AOC Slams Blue Dog Democrat for Opposing $2,000 Relief Checks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/29/err-side-helping-people-aoc-slams-blue-dog-democrat-opposing-2000-relief-checks

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Besides, she asked, “Is this really a good reason to block aid for millions?”

But AOC, the DINO’S do not need a good reason, I am sure you realize that.


There you have it, a Democrat who thinks $2,000 for struggling Americans is too much, and $740 Billion for bullying the entire world is just right.

This two-party system of Corporate Warmongering politicians will never find their allegiance to represent the masses until they are…well, they’re never going to.

Unless their competition makes them.


What’s the beef. As stated the money starts to diminish after you reach the $75k level. And of course people earning six figures lost jobs as well as businesses.
We will never see equity in a capitalist society anyway.


I see Lipinski used this vote to stick it to his constituents one last time before he’s out the door, don’t let it hit you in the ass Dan. Look up DINO in the dictionary, you’ll see Dan’s picture.


I think we need MORE Dinos and Rinos. Diversity is how we get more parties to run candidates imo.
Perhaps one of the closest to my idea of a party would have a Jesse Ventura running. Anti war, anti troops around the world etc.
And make it harder for the cheaters all around.

I bothers me as much to hear democrats say “we democrats have the votes” just as much as it does to hear the retrumplicans say the same.

if “people making six figures” don’t deserve checks, then neither do “departments spending eleven figures on jets that don’t work”


You want more candidates to lie to their constituents about what they support and who they really represent? I disagree, we have enough of those now, Lipinski has voted with the gop 90% of the time in the last 4 years, if he wants to be a republican, he should have gotten elected as one.


We know why this happens. They can’t, for whatever reason, win a seat as a republican so they run as a democrat.
Our best hope to grow the party system is for the most progressive congress critters to defect to a greener, less corporate realm.
Not likely for quite some time I’m afraid.
It may take a revolt. But will that be the left, the right, or both (civil war)?


“All we want is some truth, just gimme some truth.”
John Lennon, Gimme some truth.


It’s passed time to break free from the old fart democratic party and form an independent progressive party to prepare for the 2024 and beyond. Voters on both side of the isle either pro or anti Trump have many similar aspirations. Great majority of Americans on either progressive/conservative divide agree on more people power, free healthcare, taxing the wealthy and breakup of big corporations. Corporate America is hard at work trying to create divisions to ensure corporate power remains but ordinary Americans are mostly for taxing the rich and a more representative government by the people.


Let’s bury capitalism for ever, shall we?


The Blue Dog Democrats were the (phony? group) that helped conceal the shamming of healthcare reform while the Uruguay Round negotiations were going on in 1993-1994, leading to the capture of health care policy by the WTO GATS. Providing cover for the cover up. Americans still think some kind of debate went on here, and could go on now, despite our having signed the right to regulate away in 1994.


Like some other things, I’m not so sure about that.
Capitalism like socialism has it’s good points and it’s bad points.
Are we now “too big” to reel in runaway capitalism, or is there restructuring on the horizon?

The people must create new forms of democracy that work for the highest good of all.

Transcend the current politics it’s not working its dysfunctional and primitive.


At least it’s overdue for an overhaul. We need to breakup the monopoly corporations and tax them appropriately. Billions of small businesses will left billions of families instead of all the community cash being collected by Wal-Mart’s, targets, Amazon’s and home depots of the world.

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Jesse Ventura was Donald Trump before most of the country knew who Trump was. One of his first acts after winning the governorship of Minnesota (Like Trump, he didn’t think he had a chance of winning and had no cabinet or anyone in mind to form a government) was to have his press people hand out buttons to any reporter who wanted access. The badges said “JACKAL” and had to be worn at all times while in the capital. He spent his entire 4 years bashing the press.

One of the first laws he demanded and signed was a reduction in the state tax on sports cars because he thought he paid too much to license his Porsche.

He bungled his way through 4 years and was thrown out. Like Trump, he barely speaks English. He once embarrassed the state by making a speech at which the Clintons were present where he was relating some of the misadventures of youth. He ended with: “Oh, the things we’ve did.” It played on every network newscast for a month after that. That was the first time the country got a chance to hear him garble the language, but we in Minnesota got it every day. What a clown.


Hi PonyBoy :
And that DINO is from Oregon too. : (
Perhaps he should read the state motto:
“Alis volt propriis,” or in English:" She flies on her own wings."
Rich people do have a different view of the world, don’t they. : (
Supposedly the name Oregon came from “Ouragan,” or HURRICANE, what the early French called the Columbia River… There could be a HURRICANE of abuse coming your way, Congressman. : (


Can people see why this might be important? We’ve been totally deceived again and again, into thinking a democratic process is underway, when an analysis of the facts and timing reveals that nothing of the sort people think could have occurred in the way almost everybody thinks.

In 1993 and 1994, the fact that we were negotiating the GATS which hijacked our policy on healthcare and dozens of other services, and committe us to global privatization, was totally hidden.

The healthcare hijack was covered up with an arguably staged “debate” over “Clintoncare” fooling even professional reporters in the healthcare field, who should have known better.

However, it is still clear from their writing that they realized something was amiss, they just didn’t understand how badly they were off because they were unaware of the Uruguay Round negotiations going on. President Clinton wasn’t though and he took great lengths to rush the “legislative process” into Fast Track within hours of the moment the Marrakesh Agreement establishing the WTO was finished.

This largely prevented the debate on GATS that should have occurred.

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Why are you trying to hide the Section 230 issue?