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Error 451: A New Dystopian Internet Code With a Very Important Meaning



Hooray! People power in action. We all see how corporations are banding together with their government lackeys and getting anti-people trade deals and whatnot (electronically).

Here is an instance where people are banding together to fight back electronically though. Humanity needs more and more of this kind of thing. People standing up against the corporate government and fighting back.

Exposing what they do makes them think twice about doing it.


When they ban and burn books, it is only A matter of time before they burn people- History has proven this out over and over....Who wants to be 451'd....?


Now, if we can get the Truth of 9-11 out to enough people to begin A MASS movement against these crazy bastards....Release those satellite images and other info. Mr. Putin-Please!


People on this site love to throw in pet peeves that are off topic. It blurs the lines and confuses people. There are a lot of things that get covered up and censored but focusing on one in particular confuses the issue and effectively dilutes the importance of the subject being discussed.

You aren't wrong but bringing it up now does the whole subject of censors a disservice.


Or maybe you only go halfway- If you are going to write something for someone to read-A cause, then lets get down and dirty and flesh out the real issue!
Time is A luxury we do NOT have, so why waste your words on petty crap?....


I simply pointed out that I thought staying on topic is notoriously lax here on CD. This is a topic about censorship in general and not a specific incidence of censorship like 9/11 or any other specific instance.


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OK- Good enough-
I just think that 9-11 needs to be brought up as much as possible and NOT forgotten- As far as I am concerned it is the key-stone event that has precipitated the lions share of the dangerous World situation we now face....Apparently not enough Americans know this and even care about the truth seeing the light of day....


The people of the Ukraine certainly deserve more- Our meddling in their affairs is way out of line considering the History of that region- They have certainly had their fair share of misery as has all of Russia- and yes, the Communists ripped the guts out of Hitler's forces-
They fought 200 Regiments while America and England fought A small percentage of that-
I also really liked Oliver Stone's coverage of the true History....


Is that right? I don't think so. How much does it help to mention jfk' s assassination That is what is happening to 9/11. It doesn't help and when it is mentioned then people stop reading. Overkill is why. After its being mentioned a million times already then nobody is interested anymore. So by mentioning an overly mentioned subject anything it is associated with is immediately dismissed as well


JFK's assassination is locked up in the National Archives- Although it is clear to anyone in possession of A Brain, Oswald was not the shooter-there were many and Oswald had little to do with the actual shooting-He was, as he stated "A patsy- Now that is my take-
9-11 is different- There is information and footage that defies the official narrative- Anyone believing the official narrative needs A mentor or two in reality- Too many have just accepted the "Official story"- Have you? Too many ex-military, Architechs/Engineers, first hand witnesses, Cops, Firefighters and on and on seem to feel differently than you- They are not giving in or going away- That is what the Oligarchs want- People like yourself that seem to be bored with the whole thing and are all burned out....
If Putin does have "Hard Fact-Satellite images" and other info that would just scream out that the "Official Story" is absolutely bogus than I think it most important- Evidence that would be irrefutable might just get the people off their asses to act-
So, pray tell, what are your ideas to convince people of how totally insulting the official storyline is? What do you feel think should be done? Have you just given up on it?
Watching the interview below, last night, convinced me that time is running out on this runaway train- The last few lines from Wilkerson gave me A sense of urgency-
Watch it if time allows and give me your take...



Okay say there is an article about 9/11 that you think is just about the best you've ever read and you are really interested in discussing it with people. Along comes slipshod 123 who decides that he thinks the jfk assassination hasn't be properly discussed and this discussion of the 9/11 conspiracy has reminded him of that. So he detours the discussion to talking about irk and twenty five posts later nobody has yet discussed 9/11.

People who intentionally go off topic made intelligent discussion of issues impossible.


I don't really think that the subject of 9-11 is so "off topic"- The Patriot act and NDA and endless War Bullshit were all A direct result of this, along with internet freedoms- You want to blather on about some "code 451" be my guest-It is really irrelevent to the big picture- And just where will that get us anyhow????
I'm tired of talking to you tonight- YOU are one of the most "off topic" wandering around posters on this site-You are also stubborn and annoying- I don't even know why I bothered making A remark to someone as opinionated as you- You have many good posts out there but I see none tonight... Fuck-you didn't even have the courtesy of commenting or checking out that link I sent your way or maybe you did-I don't know...I'm done-You'r one sided style of argument doesn't get it with me!


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I agree that 9-11 truth is the keystone event, and that not enough Amerikans are willing to look at the truth, but too many of them just can't bear the thought that their conservative, "Christian" government could actually orchestrate such heinous acts on "its own people" for the sake of controlling the world. You have to admit that it does sound a bit preposterous! (OK, not as preposterous as the official story. lol)

Their religious beliefs have been systematically tied to their political beliefs with such fervor since mass media began, that it's too difficult for many to take that leap of giving up the paradigm of their souls. Propaganda of the soul is a powerful thing. Linking God to the invasions was brilliant on the parts of the evil PNAC bastards in control.

And again, until the Amerikan sheeple come to grips with the fact that their own corporate government is the biggest terrorist organization on the planet, (including domestic terrorism), I have little hope for Amerika, nor for the planet. Step One: Admit you have a problem. The truth about 9-11 is a vital place to start.