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Escalating "Crisis of His Administration's Making," Trump Imposes New Sanctions Against Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/24/escalating-crisis-his-administrations-making-trump-imposes-new-sanctions-against

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“The strategy of maximum pressure is not designed to induce negotiations,” said Abdi, “but rather to push Iran away from the negotiating table while triggering further Iranian provocations that could serve as a pretext for war.”



They already had a negotiated agreement with Iran which the U.S. reneged on so why would Iran trust any future negotiated agreement with the U.S.?


I think you misunderstand the intention behind Abdi’s quote, and thus my intention of quoting him. The propaganda from Trump Administration is that the sanctions are designed to bring Iran to the negotiating table. Abdi is pointing out that propaganda. He is saying that their intent isn’t actually to “induce negotiations”…“is not designed (US being the designer) to induce negotiations”.

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Dear Nations of Earth:
PLEASE, will you please all sanction the U.S. ? Somehow the current administration seems to think that the U.S is God and every other nation is composed of serfs. YOU know, ALL religions seem to sanction Peace on Earth—maybe if the 195 of you all spoke up, and if all these insane wars would stop-----MAYBE THEN, the coming horror of the Climate Crisis would diminish----as Rodney King once said, “Can we all get along?” We are all EARTHLINGS living together on one planet.But as Yoda warned, : Do or do not—there is no try—please—commit to sanity --the only road to PEACE and planet survival!


The narrative of the drone being shot down is amazing. Iran stated that there was a second plane carrying soldiers accompanying the drone, ~35 people. Iran was able to detect which was which and avert shooting down the soldiers and causing casualties. Sadly, Trump’s story is clean up from what his advisers nearly constructed for him.
How does it read? Well, whether Trump knew intimately that Iran’s detection and conventional missile technology has for some time been this sophisticated, would be cause for serious outrage and inquiry. Who advised him to green light that suicide mission not knowing what Iran might do in response to an approach with ill intent? Clearly, Trump was not aware, and has not been following Iranian capability and technical progression. When the war games were conducted by the Admiral of the 5th fleet in the Persian Gulf probably nearly a decade ago now while the Iraq war was ongoing, and it was determined that a military conflict with Iran would lead to a veritable grave yard of U.S. service members as a result of the missiles Iran possesses; the assessment was that around 20k U.S. service members were estimated to die if I remember correctly.

Could Trump have been set up by his advisory to think he would run a successful mission, only to actually have Americans killed and draw the U.S. into a large scale war with Iran? Yes, it certainly seems so. He may not have known enough and they exploited his over confidence to create a conflagration. It is impressive how Iran has been acutely aware of the false flags and set-up-instigation by the Zionist-NeoCon subversives acting from consecutive U.S. governments. They not only showed the rift of Trump and those that would exploit him, but they saved many Iranian and American lives, rebuffing an attack with nerves and calculations that surely the rest of the world took keen notice of.

Rather than more phony bologna sanctions, Trump should thank Iran, big time, for revealing those that would have him as a fool and who would sacrifice Americans only to create a large scale conflagration for no interest of either nation. The interest again would show to Israeli and their axis of despot allies. Iran showed its humanity to avoid U.S. casualties, and showed true aspirations for relations with the American people, but not with those who would throw innocents illegitimately to death and chaos to achieve that terrible end of war. If it is not recognized because of political factions and subversives it would be a great travesty.

The other Irony is that John Bolton, clearly a subversive to not only those who may have died but also to his own president and government if Iran did not precisely choose which aircraft to down and anticipate such a set-up . . . John Bolton immediately traveled to Israel. If American agenda is not obviously second to his loyalty to Netanyahu-Likudnik- Israel then what else does this abdication show so obviously? Nearly a war on such a scale would merit a concentrated consultation and analysis and assessment of advising, decisions, and total failures . . . immediately. We clearly see he is not beholden to his own government in such an enormous moment, with massive consequence for the foreseeable future if anything else might have happened. The actions of his flight is suspicious at minimum and leads more to the fact that he is in consultation more with foreign government, namely Netanyahu. Heads should roll for this, and his might lopsidedly roll on account of that cowardly mustache. He appears to have run away, and maybe he should, and should go be exiled to where his loyalty lies, otherwise prosecuted.


End all sanctions and subsidies. Trump is behaving like a USSR communist central planner.

End all sanctions and subsidies. Balance the budget. Create a national public bank like the state bank North Dakota has.


“All Earth nations, please sanction the USA.” Now that’s a idea to consider. Hmmm. What would hurt US oligarchs the most? Discourage tourism in the USA? Ouch! Increase fees for US citizens to visit other nations? Take away the welcome mat to US dignitaries and other business interests? Raise tariffs on US exports? Rescinding such threats dependent upon Trump leaving office? Oh yeah!

Diplomatic negotiating is a dead concept to the neanderthals in this administration.

The best we can all hope for is more death amongst these corrupt cavemen and their successors.

Hi Wellan:
I think that many in government keep overlooking the importance of WE the People. I would like Congress to remember that what they might smugly do today could come back and bite them in the ass tomorrow. If America can sanction everyone, then it certainly makes sense that others will follow their lead and begin their own sanctioning.
The Congress should read up on Rome and how the Praetorian Guard took over—and of course, Rome did fall, because at a certain point it really just stood for NOTHING. : (

Do you have a credible link to the information related to there being two planes - one manned and one unmanned? Thanks.

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Trump wants the military to be more lethal and sanctions more devastating for people’s around the world. His approach is more and more punishment.

It’s a standard u.s. tactic. Impose sanctions on a country, and who is the United States to impose sanctions anyway but thats another story, and this will lead to deprivation among the population of the sanctioned country, supposedly prompting them to rise up against their own government which is supposedly guilty of actions that prompted the sanctions. This of course never works. All it does is enrage the population of the sanctioned country against the u.s. It leads to more terrorism. The United States always does this. It never clucking works.

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Other countries should impose a $100,000 entrance fee upon any American Travelers.

Only is psychotic America can you blame one despicable figurehead for what the entire government is doing, thereby giving everyone else political cover. Don’t expect hope. Don’t expect change until the citizens start acting like adults and take responsibility for their government…

International tourism and business vacations, especially via air travel, is a luxury the human race can no longer afford. Local economies should not become nor remain dependent upon such tourism. Vacation tourism within nations is defensible because it doesn’t serve the environmentally unconscientious jet set quite so profitably. Sanctions now placed on Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Yemen are test cases. The ruling class are determining the outcome of sanctions as strategy to conduct genocidal WWIII. Trump is the Hitler of our time.

Many in government, I agree, have nothing but disdain for the people they’re employed to serve. But it is business interests more than government employees who are calling the shots. Fascism is defined as business controlling government. Republicans hate government regulations designed to serve the interests of most people (of all classes and ethnicity) because they have only their own interests in mind. Central to republican ideology is individualism which republicans take as a sort of evolutionary survival of the fittest. The ruling class see humanity as nothing more than consumers, wage-slaves and cannon fodder.

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Trump is just batting clean-up in a war game in it’s eighth or ninth inning. Iran is a home run that the MIC and it’s supporters are hoping for.
Send their young men and women to fight their wars of choice.

I love the sentiment dkshaw. Maybe something a little less obvious though, like $10,000
And the rest of the world should sanction the US.

But let’s no be too naive. This is largely about Israel, our partner in dirty deeds.

Sanctions are presented as an alternative to war. But frequently they are its precursor, making conditions so unbearable for the target nation that it implodes or goes on the offensive. President Trump may not want war with Iran: yet all actions point to that eventual outcome. There is a failure to see larger consequences – war with Russia and China – two countries that have vital interests to protect by backing Tehran. Unable to see the course of events has always condemned nations to fighting the very war they need to avoid: in the nuclear age that means nuclear war.