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Escalating the War on Low-Income Families


Escalating the War on Low-Income Families

Paul Buchheit

Illinois Governor Rauner recently cut "Meals on Wheels" for seniors and at-risk youth services. Chicago residents were hit with a nearly 13% property tax increase.


The very first sentence of Paul Bucheit’s article explains who Governor Rauner is.


The entire system is designed to keep the gentle and symbiotic underground.
The truly mentally ill are disabling those care about others around them.

Roaches and Parasites will rule the earth - the meek are going to be eaten alive.

Break the systems - monetary/economical first.
Use cryptocurrencies.


“It may not improve much next year,” if Democrats have their way.


Today is the 20th anniversary of Bill Clinton signing “the end of welfare as we know it” that opened the flood gates of corporate welfare at the expense of the 99%.


For those that still think Clinton is the answer just remember who started the downhill slide of the Democratic party, Bill and Hillary Clinton.
She, like Obama, will continue the war on the poor and like Obama, will exacerbate it.
As far as stopping the horrible things the regressive Republicans are doing to the poor, don’t look to Clinton.
Jill Stein 2016


Thank you for your research and heart on this issue, Mr. Buchheit.

I spoke to an old friend this week and she and her husband religiously watch TV, CNN in particular.

She was explaining why she supported Mrs. Clinton and began to assert that the things Mr. Sanders promised were pie in the sky. I heard the MSM in her words, “How could he pay for all that.”

And I began to explain…

About the off-shore profits that are not taxed.

About the domestic tax benefits granted to companies that frequently park in communities, set up industrial shop only to leave too soon… often with piles of expensive pollution left behind.

About the corporate perks granted by Congress like aid to farmers that now becomes aid to Monsanto and the like.

And much that I could recall–to serve as rebuttal during that conversation came from you.

Again, thank you for your efforts on behalf of educating citizens as to WHERE the $ goes and therefore providing the best argument to where it doesn’t go!


Whoever comes, Trump or Hillary, the situation wouldn’t change. It would detoriate much more. In Hillary administration, there will be more wars which MSM would hide and the superanuated population who believes in TV or News papers definitely support wars out of patriotism. The entire country is now running mostly on the tax-payers’ money and war companies takes away nearly 60 % of it. What we need mostly is to stop the war business. It is just another deceitful business in the name of US interest. An arificial enemy, ISIS is created to prolong the GWOT and simultaneously poking around the world in far east asia or attempting to reopen the cold war era. It’s a big business. I think people should think twice before voting. We all need a real change. Otherwise more people will be on the street. It is truly the war against poor families.


A recent audit of the Pentagon shows they can not account for as much as 6.8 trillion in spending.

Think tanks are pushing the meme that Russia can defeat NATO in a land war and spending on the military needed to be increased.

So called serious interviews with ex Generals are all done by the media to hype that threat with them all claiming NATO lacks the required resources to deal with the Russian military.

Defense industry stock profits soar and the people selling those stocks claim a bright and rosy future .

All of the nations wealth is being poured into programs to kill people. Why would these same people care if some go hungry?

They are the one percent and their measure of morality is how much in the wAy of profits they can generate.

There just not enough in feeding the hungry so feeding the hungry is seen as immoral.


Curious what you mean “the truly mentally ill are disabled those care about others around them”. First how do you define as the “truly mentally ill”? As opposed to the not truly mentally ill? Unclear disabling those care about others. Please explain what you mean? TBH sorry your writing is confusing to me.


Where is Hillary???She is at a fund raiser being held by Tim Cook???Heard anything about Flint lately?


Note on food stamps: The truly poor don’t qualify for food stamps or any other sort of aid today. Food stamps are for low-wage workers, the elderly poor and the disabled. These were deeply cut during the Clinton administration when he also ended actual welfare aid. They were finally restored after Obama was elected, but the Clinton wing in Congress kicked off 2015 with a definitive statement, voting to virtually end food stamps to the elderly and the disabled – cut monthly benefits from $115 to $10. I think they were nudged up to around $17 since then. Note that $10 is the lowest food stamp benefit possible.

I’m curious: What do liberals think we should do with all those who have been left out? The US shipped out an extraordinary number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s. The last I heard, there are 7 jobs for every 10 jobless people who still have the means to pursue one (home address, phone, etc.). While that’s certainly an improvement, how is it possible for middle classers to be so oblivious to our poverty crisis? The number of Americans in deep poverty has soared, though we don’t have a way of counting just how many are destitute today, with $0 incomes.

If liberals would begin legitimately examining US poverty, they might get why and how the US itself is becoming unsustainable, with complete economic collapse likely in the foreseeable future.


Here’s the catch: It’s not the disappeared $6.8 trillion that brings middle classers to their feet, shouting in anger. What stirs them is the very thought of a food stamp recipient using a couple of food stamps to buy a simple treat. That a massive amount of money simply disappears down the military rabbit hole has been the norm at least since the Vietnam War. Nevertheless, it’s only the poor that our middle class attack.


Twenty years ago today, legislation promising to “end welfare as we know it” became law. I voted for that bill, which created a program called Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). I believed that it would help more people move from welfare to good-paying, long-term jobs that would support families and reduce poverty.

Unfortunately, the program has failed to deliver on its promise, and it has left some families in even worse condition.

Since TANF was signed into law in 1996, the number of children living in extreme poverty—defined as no more than $2 per person per day—has doubled, from 1.4 million to 2.8 million children. That’s evidence of a failed approach, not a successful model we should apply to other federal programs, as many Republicans would now like to do.

…The TANF block grant has thus become welfare for states. Most of them use the money once provided directly to poor families to instead plug state budget holes—some of which were created when these same states enacted tax cuts that mostly benefit the wealthy.

– Representative Lloyd Doggett

Read the entire article. >

Welfare reform under President Bill Clinton, and passed by Congress, was the most inhumane triangulation of his presidency … even worse than NAFTA. Time has shown and proven the absolute moral bankruptcy of the elected representatives who were elected to represent the people - all people - including those who are poor, down-trodden, ignored and don’t have an influential voice to represent their day-to-day interest of … surviving.

The elite ruling class and their human tool, the state, won. The price of their degenerative morality is being paid by the 46+ million people living in poverty in the U.S. today. What an accomplishment to be proud of!