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Escalation Flares as Iran Accuses Saudi Arabia of Embassy Hit



"In response, Tehran announced that it is cutting off all commercial ties with Saudi Arabia."
* A good idea. Wouldn't it be wonderful if every one of these terrorist nations had their "commercial ties" cut off by the rest of the world?
* That means BDS every terrorist nation, including the US Fourth Reich which devotes trillions to war, the making of refugees, and in support of the actions of its Axis. All for profit and power for the 0.001% which seems to own us all in one way or another.
* With hunger, homelessness, joblessness, the Reich is creating refugees in its own Empire.
* BDS is working! Listen to Israel squeal and try to get it outlawed. Pay it forward and BDS every one of them until they decide to rejoin the community of nations and live by civilized rules! That could be a non-violent way to get the change the world needs.