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Escalation Watch: Four Looming Flashpoints Facing President Trump


Escalation Watch: Four Looming Flashpoints Facing President Trump

Michael T. Klare

Within months of taking office, President Donald Trump is likely to face one or more major international crises, possibly entailing a risk of nuclear escalation. Not since the end of the Cold War has a new chief executive been confronted with as many potential flashpoints involving such a risk of explosive conflict. This proliferation of crises has been brewing for some time, but the situation appears especially ominous now given Trump’s pledge to bring American military force swiftly to bear on any threats of foreign transgression.


The idiot-in-chief will be tested, and if his knee-jerk response is anything like his damn-fool arrogant comment:
“When they circle our beautiful destroyers with their little boats and make gestures that... they shouldn’t be allowed to make, they will be shot out of the water.”
- there will be consequences for any such idiocy - words spoken from stupidity without rational thought have often led to war.
Iran has always been in the Israeli sights - along with Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Libya to coerce or force the US to enter another war to destroy and/or divert attention from Israeli contempt/ignoring International Law and expansionist war crimes. Overt Israel meddling/subversion of US elections is ignored in alleged Russian hacking hysteria as is NATO/US violation of agreement made at demise of the USSR - expansion into the Ukraine and coup.
The fact Russia is a staunch (so-far) Iranian ally and trump an admirer may make a difference whether to maintain the nuclear deal and Israeli provocations.
The pathology of Israeli extremist/terrorist leaders should be part of this analysis of flashpoint threats vis-a-vis Iran, especially given trump regime likely/promised lap-dog craven subservience to Israeli arrogance, demands, and threats - like the status of Jerusalem, a territory under occupation taken by force (premeditated) and illegally annexed by Israel in violation of International Law and seven UN resolutions, with very far-less (or zero) legal foundation than Russian re-annexation of the Crimea after a plebiscite vote in the region.



When he starts demonizing a leader of some country that should be a clue. If things get too difficult domestically, which seems likely given since he is trying to impose an unpopular agenda on a majority, starting a war or at least threatening a war could be his political solution.


Personally, I'm curious to see if, just one time, Trump will take a position contrary to the Kremlin. The recent issue of Serbia wanting to annex part of Kosovo gives him an opportunity.


Mr Klare still takes a US-Centric view towards these issues failing to understand that in many of these the US has no role to play nor should it have a role to play.

Just as example the area called the South China Sea. The "pivot to Asia" which President Obama announced alarmed China which saw the US as trying to encircle China with Military bases. Both Vietnam and the Philippines have recently come out and openly stated they would rather negotiate a peaceful resolution to this problem. As the three main players involved in the territorial disputes, the US has no role here if those nations come to an agreement.

The USA has NO historical claim to any of this territory and should not be trying to dictate terms to the nations involved.

The Governments of the Gulf States and of Saudi Arabia recently announced it would like to enter into negotiations with Iran over the future of the region. Again the USA has no role here not should it yet they continue to try and ensure these same nations remain in conflict rather then try and just end all of the proxy wars being waged.

What the USA has historically done here is promise to back one side over the other in such disputes and work to convince that side that with that US backing that side can "win" more territory or gain a greater strategic advantage at the expense of the other . Were it not for that outside influence , these conflicts would have been resolved long ago.


All this only applies if you wear the 'US is the most powerful player on the planet. More powerful than all the other powers combined' tinted glasses. Which is of course crap.

Up against any of the fully armed others, when a US battleship is destroyed, and a few of those sent to help are destroyed, the US clamour for war will dissipate rapidly.

A couple of real hits upon the US proper would have the same effect. Great while they are destroying small, under-armed nations, terrific at coming in after everything is over, beating their chests and handing out chocolate bars, loud-mouthed braggarts in fact.

A good smack in the mouth in the Middle East and told to pull their heads in and Israel is reduced to what it is — a minor player. The ME would rapidly sort out its problems, the problems always having been stoked by the US and/or Israel.

Trump, we will have to wait and see, but I see him as a loud-mouthed bully, but what happens when the US is copping it, and he and his are seriously threatened?



John McCains proposal to increase use Military spending by some 5 trillion dollars through 2022. This coupled with those lower tax rates.


The Baltic Sea region, and the Middle East are crisis areas because of the USA's aggressive actions in eastern europe and in the case of the middle east, its illegal. violent and bloody actions actions.

China is an imperialist menace.


Yes, we are way too busy inventing roles for ourselves to play, which always seems to exacerbate the problem. As Ernest Becker said: The urge to overcome evil is often its father."


This article is basically propaganda, especially concerning Russia and Putin seeking to restore "superpower glory" and "invading" Ukraine and Crimea and blablabla. The CIA couldn't have said it better themselves. Not to say there aren't "flashpoints" around the globe, especially thanks to the belligerent policies of the last two administrations, but it's as if Klare is actually hoping for things to flare up. Utter dreck, CD.