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ESPN Denounced for 'Despicable Attempt to Silence' Journalist Jemele Hill


ESPN Denounced for 'Despicable Attempt to Silence' Journalist Jemele Hill

Julia Conley, staff writer

"By choosing to ban its reporters' opinions, ESPN is making an explicitly political decision to side with the Trump administration on the wrong side of history."


Boycott ESPN.


Disney has always thrived on fantasy. I guess the fantasy now is that everything is normal and we don’t actually have a white supremacist as president. Who believes that? Journalists need to be able to speak out to save the country from the this white nationalist movement that Trump is involved in. In this instance Disney clearly is on the wrong side of history.


Tell your cable provider that you refuse to pay for ESPN and that if they can’t remove it from your cable package, cancel your cable.

You can live without it. You can’t live with corporations deciding what kind of democracy your have.


" Sarah Huckabee says Jemele Hill should be fired for her comments."

You mean Sarah, for speaking the truth about racial injustice in America? That statement by you Sarah, is unequivocal proof that Jemele’s comment was correct!


By forcing all of his players to stand for the ‘Anthem’, Jerry Jones has totally disproven any notion that their actions display ‘respect for the flag’ but instead proven that the standing of the entire team is completely due to his extortion . Much the same as the forced ‘confessions’ of POW’s. The NFL has completely undermined the significance of teams standing by siding with his coercion, to the extent that it now means absolutely NOTHING. Curiously, this could give CK a valid excuse to stand, as it now becomes simply a bought-and-paid-for piece of theatre.


I stand with Jemele Hill as she has a right and an obligation to call it as she sees it. This is far from over in my opinion.