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Establishment Darling Debbie Wasserman Schultz Defeats Progressive Challenger


Establishment Darling Debbie Wasserman Schultz Defeats Progressive Challenger

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Democratic establishment notched a victory in Florida's 23rd Congressional District on Tuesday, as incumbent Debbie Wasserman Schultz soundly defeated progressive challenger Tim Canova.


No surprise there. After the farce of a primary I won't ever believe we have honest elections here. I also don't know what the Democrats need to do before people hold them to account for their dishonest and illegal behavior.


Hopefully nobody was expecting some other result here?
Wasserman-Shultz was a shoe-in, in this district for lots of reasons.
Not the least of which was the fact that Canova had zero support from any establishment Democrat.
"The Revolution" gave up on this race 30 days ago because Canova was down by 30% points.
Debbie's pollsters fed that 30 point deficit the public on a daily basis.
Canova spoke to his supporters and said that he would not "concede to a corporate" flunky.
None of this really matters because Wasserman-Shultz will be going into the Hillary administration in a few months so a special election will be held which Canova will win.

Isn't it curious how everything seems to line up perfectly in politics more often then not?
It must be the invisible hand at work?


What's with the voters in that district? Are they like establishment Dems, guilty of what I call the '3 Cs': cowardly, complicit and corrupt? Or I suppose probably just victims of a low-information, propaganda system that leaves them with what I would call the 3 Ds: in the dark, despondent and de-politicized. Or have hacked voting systems played a role? Just questions, no answers..


This seems to further clarity that the message that Democratic voters have been sending which is they prefer establishment candidates to extreme progressive candidates. The clearest message was that they voted for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. Also, in contested senate primaries in Maryland and Pennsylvania the voters also chose establishment candidates. And now in south Florida they preferred an icon of the establishment who has a lot of baggage to the progressive candidate. This suggests to me that Bernie Sander's revolution within the Democratic Party is going nowhere fast. I am not saying that is a good thing but that seems to be where things stand. I would have to surmise that most Democratic voters do not see corporate influence to be as corrupting as critics contend it be so that Democrats are still working for the benefit of the people to a sufficient extent. Perhaps most voters are being fooled or perhaps things aren't that bad as portrayed.


That's nonsense.


That seems to be the most obvious conclusion to me.


Her district is heavily Jewish.


Once the election is over, The Lrx will be long gone when hopefully his/her paychecks stop. Which will leave the rest of us picking up the pieces and trying to make sense of the horrid situation that will erupt when the likely non-Stein president takes over.


It's a political conclusion and not a factual conclusion.


Could be another a factor...


320+ million regular (hard) working Americans need to take some self-help action.
Get involved.
Make yourself heard.
Rage . But just a little bit.


Not in this case.


It might be a good idea then, to spread the word that every incumbent should be voted out of office.


What a shame. However, after watching this little witch help Hillary steal the primary I'm not at all surprised. And Florida doesn't exactly have a great reputation for legal elections.
Bernie should take another look at what he didn't do for Canova. This is not a good start for the OR.


That's certainly one way to frame it. Simplistic and fictional (see other posted comments) but certainly one way to make sense of it. Which is why people are, have been, and are going to continue to leave the party in droves. It no longer speaks for the vast majority of us. Once enough people rally around a party that can articulate a peaceful, just, and equitable system as well as figure out the best way to get that message out there in a system that squelches dissenting opinions by ignoring them and making it difficult for them to be aired, then things will change around here and the dems will be left on the outside wondering what happened to them. Actually, they'll probably know pretty quickly but they won't like it.


Wow, you really are the most shameless suckup for Clinton and the "business as usual" Demos who are selling out so many of the populace. You seem to regard candidates like the one who ran against the appalling, corrupt Schultz as "extreme progressives". What crap. Do you have any idea how much Demos like your gal, Hillary, have sold out the American people by pushing the party farther and farther to the Right? Do you have any memory at all, you sellout? I'll say one thing, you're consistent but I do NOT mean that in a good way.


Hillary has done 1 campaign event in the past two weeks.

Is she ill?
Or something worse?
Or better depending on how you feel about her.


My opinion is that Florida is politically hopeless. From their appalling (and reelected) governor, Rick Scott, to the corrupt state legislature and an increasingly old and conservative populace there is zero chance for any improvement. Just one example. Florida has been suffering from what looks like an unprecedented invasion of some form of toxic algae along much of its Eastern coast. This was caused by a combination of warmer water from global warming (that their idiot governor doesn't believe in) and toxic runoff from various agricultural interests. What did the government do? They weakened the environmental standards even more! Idiots!


Please tell us what dodgy company the "extreme Left" is keeping? This smells like false equivalency to me.