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Establishment Democrats Courting Disaster


Establishment Democrats Courting Disaster

John Atcheson

In the 1964 film classic, Dr. Strangelove, Slim Pickens is seen riding a nuclear bomb down to his certain death – and perhaps to the end of us all – while he calmly inventories his survival equipment.

The Democratic Party Establishment’s commitment to Hillary Clinton is a lot like that.


"Her unfavorability and distrust issues are not just the result of the decades long assault on her by what she calls the “vast, right-wing conspiracy,” although that’s certainly real enough. No, Hillary’s problem is that she’s a lousy candidate."

And she is a lousy candidate, not because she lacks experience but because of the decisions she has made, both politically and in terms of policy.


"The right wing conspiracy" is a minor factor compared to the Clinton family developing their three decade legacy of corruption, most of which has not yet been addressed in the 2016 election cycle.

The Party's highest priority is to nominate Clinton who will sustain the billion dollar plus corporate money infusion the Party has enjoyed since the Clinton administration. They have already set Sanders up to take the fall if Trump beats Clinton, just like they set Nader up to take the fall in 2000.

Win or lose in November the Democratic Party sustains the corporate money flow as long as they nominate a corporate money magnet.


You are correct, they would rather lose than have someone in their ranks looking to change things.
For so many years the public listened to the Clinton's talk about themselves as the great liberals, fighting for the little guy, Bill played saxophone with dark glasses on the Arsenio Hall show and everyone swooned. But that was then, now the actual policies Clinton's have enacted have been exposed. They and the DNC are still clinging to the old public persona they preached but the public has learned the truth and moved on. There is the disconnect.
Bernie isn't vetted huh? 40 years of public service and he would wither under Trump? Hogwash, Bernie has been amazing and people trust him because his record speaks for it's self. We don't need to be told he has integrity, it's in everything he does.
The DNC has tried to pull the wool over our eyes and tell us we're blind. It hasn't worked. If they continue with this ruse they will drive this election into Republican hands. The people want an anti-establishment candidate that's why Trump and Sanders are doing so well. And it should be these two that are the nominees. Like it or not.


I agree. It's not loyalty to Clinton that keeps the Democratic party establishment in her camp; it's their loyalty to the same 1% monied and powered interests that decided to coronate Clinton, in the first place. These corporate Democrats may yet try to pull a Hubert Humphrey out of the hat in a back room convention swindle if the Clinton campaign continues to head south on them. Very unlikely that Sanders will flip these Democrats. Sanders is probably more of a threat to them and their !% masters than is Trump.


These elections are not, as they would have us believe contests between the Dems. and the GOP. Their uniting and overriding motivation is to preserve the present two party system. It is a cosy system, in which the loser is assured to eventually win again.and which gives the plutocratic overlords of both parties the straw with which they can suck the last penny out of the 99%.

A strong third party would poison that arrangement, as would the infiltration of people's power into one of the two established parties. That is, why losing makes more sense, than winning with Bernie on the helm.


Exactly. Sanders threatens to derail the gravy train ridden by these sycophants to the elite. Choosing between Moses or the golden calf, these craven cowards have overwhelmingly chosen the gold.


"She’s the consummate insider at a time when people are demanding someone from outside the establishment."

There are a lot of voters demanding someone from outside the so-called establishment but the majority of voters in the Democratic primaries have made it clear that they prefer an establishment candidate. At some point the will of the voters has to be accepted and it is time to move on and hope to do better next time. The one instance I would say where that wasn't true was in 2000. I think Al Gore should have persisted in fighting the outcome and maybe demanded a re-vote in Florida.


Don't you think it is time for you to move on.


Win or lose in November the Democratic Party sustains the corporate money flow as long as they nominate a corporate money magnet.

I was about to say exactly the same thing.

If they "abandon" Clinton to win with Sanders you'd think they'd be happy with "winning" .. but, as you say, they would risk losing all that corporate cash.

How sick is this?


",,,and then go the route of Compromise before Debate"

Exactly Right!

Exactly why we Don't want (or deserve) another Obama !


I think that the elites as we sometimes call them among other things, is they live in such a bubble of self aggrandizing propaganda, they deep down they don't believe they can lose to " the people", otherwise known to them as the "unwashed masses." This might very well a very big mistake on their part this time around?
Winning the presidency with Bernie Sanders is a first step in what will be a long fight for to make this country into what it as falsely claimed to be for 240 years.Can it be done against a well entrenched system, built by the elites over the last two centuries? They own the process, the banks, the media, etc.

But, people are more aware then ever of the harsh reality of the world they live in created by the wealthy for the wealthy, and just maybe this time enough anger can be harnessed and focused to actually change things?
The elites of course on counting on being able to divide the people with the small issues as always, so, it is more important then ever to make sure they don't do that .
We know what the real issues are, and Bernie keeps talking them up over and over.
Bernie or bust!


Lrx does not post this endless stream of rationalizations in order to rationally convince anyone here.

Lrx (and the Clinton campaign apparatus) just wants these memes floating in our minds, so that in November, Sanders' supporters can grab a handy meme to "justify" a vote for the despicable Clinton.


Yikes! There is talk of Bernie running as Hillary's VP should she win the nomination. A more ill-advised maneuver is hard to imagine.

That would kill his revolution in one easy step, and as many have said, prove Bernie's campaign to be just bait for the Democrat's trap.

Don't buy it Bernie - better to move on to a party of the left before the Dem convention.


Far more likely is Elizabeth Warren providing a vice-presidential fig leaf for Clinton.


I for one do not think Warren is anything but a "good cop" If she truly believed what she spouts, then she would have supported Sanders at least in her own state. She is another one of these gatekeepers who while riling up the masses make sure they can't do anything about it. I think she is more than the honestly evil charlatan Trump


More despicable I mean. She doesn't even have the courage of her convictions it seems. She stands there and yells at Donald Trump but doesn't do anything about it. Coward!!


The democratic party, like the republican party, is a minority party. The majority of voters are independent of either party. Our American reality has outstripped the two-party system, which no longer represents the views of a majority of Americans. It is possible that Sanders can win the election against both Trump AND Clinton, as both candidates represent decidedly minority views and Sanders can draw votes from the two or three remaining republican moderates and from disaffected democrats. If Sanders runs as a third-party candidate, I believe he has enough support from a majority of voters to win. Neither Trump nor Clinton represents the "will of the voters". Sanders is NOT an outlier candidate, like Nader. I will vote for Sanders regardless of the nominations of the minority parties. If we stick to our guns and vote FOR Sanders and not AGAINST Trump, Sanders can take this election.


I look at the corporate matter--its ruling ethos "The Love Of Money" as the Mammon side of a Mammon-Mars (or M&M) ruling equation.

Hillary is not just the water carrier for the big banks, big pharma., and big Agri... she's also an enthusiastic proponent of the ever expanding make-war state, and major emissary of the MILITARY industrial complex.

That needs to be mentioned since the spread of wars and the way the MIC cannibalizes funds that could go to vastly wiser investments is, in my view, a greater sin than the corporate hegemonic control of this nation and much of the world.

Of course, the fairest assessment places both in sync, a Siamese-twin like dynamic duo that specializes in crimes against humanity. As Paul Craig Roberts put it--imperialism requires two forms: the financial arm and the military enforcement arm.

Indeed. And Mrs. Clinton is the advocate of both, with loyalty proven by blood oaths.


Of course they'd rather lose than nominate someone with any progressive views. This was proven way back in 1994 when Congress went to the Republicans for the first time in decades. Every single incumbent Democrat that actually ran as an "open" Liberal was reelected that year. As Harry Truman said, "When given the choice between a Republican and a Republican, people will always choose the real Republican.

When the Wisconsin Capitol was completely occupied by the people and their labor movement, firefighters, who were bribed with the opportunity to keep their union and their contract (as opposed to the teachers), came to the Capitol to stand with their brothers and sisters, saying "We came to put our the fire workers are fighting here", Obama (who had claimed that when it came to supporting workers," I'll put on my marching shoes" ignored it all and flew off to a California fundraiser. When it came time to support a recall, the state Democrat Party put up a dumb establishment guy who had already lost (twice) to the governor.

We should also remember it was the Koch brothers who put Bill Clinton in the White House - they're the ones who funded the Democratic Leadership Council and hired him to head it. Since then the Democrats have learned to love the power, the corruption and the money. Think Scrooge McDuck swimming around in his money bin - (the Congress of the United States). What exactly would pull them back - their conscience? their values? their love for the people? - they have none of these.

So screw them. And screw Hillary and the ass (Bill) she rode in on.