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Establishment Dems Fight to Defeat 'Medicare-for-All' in Colorado


Establishment Dems Fight to Defeat 'Medicare-for-All' in Colorado

Nika Knight, staff writer

Highlighting the divisions in the Democratic party this election, Colorado's ballot measure for a universal, single-payer healthcare plan is facing unexpected resistance from the very same party that has been calling for such a healthcare plan since the 1990s.


If this doesn't convince Bernie to go independent or Green after the convention if he does not get the nomination nothing will. If Colorado gets Single-Payer then the rest of the nation will follow suit when they see the good results.


The Democrats are a sham. They're a corrupt, corporate, utterly fake "party of the people" and need to be thrown out of office and consigned to history's dust-bin by a massive, relentless wave of independent voters all across this country.


During the 2003 GOP campaign to recall California Governor Gray Davis who was on the verge of starting single payer in California, the Democratic Party did nothing to illuminate the GOP's single payer target or dispel the GOP myths that Davis needed to be recalled due to high car tab and electrical power costs.

The recall election displaced Davis with Arnold the Terminator who promptly vetoed single payer in California twice.

Looks like the Democrats have an even more aggressive strategy in place for Colorado.


And there it is.


All it will take is one state to pass it and the rest will follow, though it will be a long process. Good luck Colorado!


The main advantage of incrementalism is that you don't have to change anything. All you have to do is talk about it and at the same time maintain the status quo. It's a much more politically feasible position to take rather than being opposed to something, and the result is the same. It's like someone calling for more studies of something that has been thoroughly studied just so that something never comes into existence.

Another thought is that the states are where experiments like this are supposed to happen to see if they are worthwhile and to iron out the wrinkles before being taken nationwide. Examples are MA and Romneycare, or Colorado and marijuana. Try it out at the state level to see what parts work and what parts don't. The only reason to oppose the change is if you are afraid it will work and you don't want it to work. Otherwise you would see what has to be done to the concept before it is made national policy.


I guess Obamacare was great for increasing the ranks of the insured, but with what, how well? High deductibles that swamp low premiums? With the inception of Obamacare, my longtime employer provided corporate plan immediately got more expensive, in premium and deductibles. I now pay much more for every healthcare service and product. What a rip off, nickeled and dimed adds up fast. Expanded and improved Medicare for All is imperative! I will never vote for any neoliberal and neoconservative Democrats ever again, now that I understand most of them are, like Bill, Obama, and Hillary.


People don't know the half of it. A group calling itself "Building A Better Colorado" is running two initiatives referred by the State legislature. The first requires a 55% majority to pass a constitutional amendment. The group's spokesperson is an "R", but they have the backing of many prominent D's, including the unadulterated jackass who calls himself governor. In point of fact, it's an ALEC front group, and we can only hope that some time this summer there will be some sophisticated journalist who reports on this. They call their platform "non-partisan" and love to state that it was actually "chosen" by the thousands who attended their meetings around the state. I attended one in Boulder, and I never saw anything more obviously rigged. Not only that, when the leader of the meeting was confronted by a fellow activist on the ALEC connection, the person leading simply ignored the question entirely. ALEC? Not worth a response. Of course, what this all adds up to is disenfranchisement of voters. A 55% threshold is a kind way of denying victory to proponents of an amendment -- there have only been two amendments in the history of Colorado that have passed with that kind of margin. It's like an automatic award of victory to the minority -- and if the minority spends enough on television ads, it's very likely they can get to that 45 percent-plus-one-vote needed to derail an amendment. I hope we get to see something about this real soon --- even the anti-fracking groups aren't ready to do more than fight their own fight -- there's literally no one with finance willing to go after these bastards at present. The "no-partisan" bullshit is one of the best f*$k the voters schemes anyone has ever seen. If the Colorado health care bill fails this year, it won't return if the "Building A Better Colorado" jerks have their way.


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People need to realize they are being conned by the Democratic Party, which isn't liberal at or all. Democratic politicians spew nice comments on the campaign trail, then cut deals with big corporations to screw the public like they did with Obamacare, which is -- I hate to agree with conservatives -- a disaster. Obamacare is just a huge machine that provides inadequate care for very high premiums and prices, shoveling huge amounts of tax dollars at the companies. Obama lied through his teeth about supporting a public option and got away with it because most Americans are so gullible. Just look at all the gullible folks supporting Hillary, thinking she will somehow be different this time around. But in her op-ed in the Washington Post today about providing affordable child care, she doesn't really say anything, just promises a few token programs. Same old, same old. How long are Americans going to stand for this? Forever, apparently. The extreme capitalists and their shills in public office can do whatever they want -- all the politicians have to do is smile and say comforting and inspiring things.


When Murkins start paying income tax on the TOTAL VALUE of their employer sponsored medical insurance in 2018 as required by the ACA. their opinion of the program will be even worse than they are today.

Total value means whatever part of the premium that you are paying AND the part of the premium you employer pays.


Another way to say

is "increasing government subsidies to the health insurance industry."


Not surprising. Right here in Bernie's home state of Vermont, our Democratic Governor, Peter Shumlin, abandoned attempts for single-payer last year and guess what? He's a big Hillary supporter, as are our other Dem Senator Patrick Leahy and former Governor (and another "super-delegate") Howard Dean. Leahy has been an excellent Senator (not as good as Bernie), but he has really pissed me off. As for Dean, who I supported in the Washington State caucuses back in 2004 (though I preferred Kucinich) because I thought he had the best chance of beating the Shrub, he can stick it! They are all revealing their true colors at this point and do not want any threats to the power structure from which they benefit. They are totally beholden to Big Corporation and the 1% that they are willing to abandon the last pretenses of being "liberal," to maintain the economic status quo. They can all go to hell.


But today the Demos do hold not only both houses of the state legislature, but also the governorship. Suddenly, they are unable to get it up, so to speak -- to get the bill to the governor's desk. And of course, Governor Jerry Brown once "governor moonbeam" now governor "bottom line" isn't exactly pushing it.

It should be utterly clear that the fix is in. California Democrats are the souls of dishonesty. They pretend to support progressive reforms, but never to the point where they might actually succeed.


Please get your facts straight. Congress legislates, not the president. President Obama wanted a public option, but presidents do not legislate. Congress wrote the ACA. 3 Senators (Nelson, D-NE; Lieberman, I-CT; and Landrieu, D-LA) announced that they would not vote for cloture if the bill contained a public option. Without cloture, bills never come up for a vote in the Senate. So, Harry Reid had no choice but to bring a bill to the floor without a public option.

The Democratic Party is not monolithic. Conservative Democrats are not in favor of a public option because this is competition with the private insurance companies. Liberal Democrats (those who support Sanders) are in favor of single-payer health care (meaning there would be no private insurance companies that provide health care). Since this is socialism (government ownership of the means of production) and since a majority of American citizens think socialism is evil, it is highly unlikely that we will have single-payer health care until more people become enlightened about what socialism really means for the country.

"The extreme capitalists and their shills in public office...."

Since the overwhelming majority of the members of Congress are capitalists (Sanders is not a capitalist; can you think of any other members of Congress who are not capitalists?), businesses do not need shills in public office.

It is possible to be a capitalist and be in favor of a public option for health insurance. Public schools are a public option for education. Parents can choose to send their children to public schools, or to private not-for-profit schools, or to homeschool their children. There is no choice when it comes to health insurance if you are under 65 or you are poor. Once you are over 65, you qualify for Medicare (public insurance). If you are poor, you can take advantage of Medicaid (also public insurance).


"If you are poor, you can take advantage of Medicaid (also public insurance)." Many of the poor do not qualify for Medicaid.


Watching mainstream Democrats this season is like watching someone emerge from the restroom trailing toilet paper on their shoe. It inspires a complex mix of emotions, including a suppressed desire to laugh. They are becoming so obvious and pathetic. They don't even try to hide it anymore. And their arrogance in assuming that we are all going to continue to tolerate their behavior is breathtakingly stupid.


Democrats are everything you said. And Republicans are even worse.


Don't you love it how these groups working against the will of the people always have these benign or positive sounding names like Building A Better Colorado.