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Establishment Dems Hobbling DNC Chair's Grassroots Challenger


Establishment Dems Hobbling DNC Chair's Grassroots Challenger

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Exposing a policy that he says hamstrings not only his own upstart campaign but the Democratic Party apparatus nationwide, Florida congressional hopeful Tim Canova is crying foul on the state Democratic Party for denying him access to a critical voter file database and software that could help him in his bid against incumbent Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


You can almost hear the fat sizzling in the pan. They are feeling it and sense it will worsen in days to come. Typically the entrenched seek to cut off challenges because they sense that they have been weakened and might easily be toppled. So they rig the game. How long did it take for them to start rigging all the games?

The problem is the expediency of it. They gamble that if they can hold off for a little while longer that they will have a chance to further strengthen their hold by weakening democracy even more than they already have. Holy Sheesh! Is this looking for trouble in days to come.

They think only of themselves and not of the principles of democracy but risk encouraging unrest and chaos instead. Are they really seeking to undo democracy like it seems they are? Seriously Holy Shhhhh....!!!!

What is with these people? I'm thinking that this election is far more critical to the rise of oligarchy and fascism than we thought. Bernie may have come upon actual plan to end democracy as we know it in America and instead institute a corporatized or privatized democracy favored by those in power. The members of the permanent governing class must find having to be reelected so often downright annoying...lol. Let's gerrymander and superdelegate away the voters' choice and then we can get down to business as usual.

Newcomers need not apply ... Is this even democracy anymore?


This nightmare version of Shirley Temple has got to go!


WTF does her religion have to do with anything? People like you who vent hatred should remember that it backfires on your cause. Your hate becomes the barrier to people wanting to help a good cause. Why? Because people of goodwill don't hate religions or races or ethnicities. So for all your stuff about injustice for yourselves as soon as you push that same injustice on to someone else... No one supports you or those you represent. They are haters becomes your identification.

Those who incite hate do not receive love in return!


I hope Tim perseveres just like I hope Bernie does. The Democratic Party must change its name to the Jump Through the Hoops party.


Corporate Democrats and their media pundits talk more and more each day about fracturing within the GOP. It appears they are doing so to distract us from the far wider and widespread fracturing within the Democratic Party.


Zionism is not a religion.


I hope trump doesn't win the GOP and runs as an independent. Bernie then should do the same.

He need not be a gentleman with all of the DNC's cheating.


No sense in repeating what you just said. I fully agree this election is the coup that will finalize the take over. Obama went right as soon as he got the nomination. Wasserman-Shultz is a rat and she knows it. Bernie is our last shot at beating the establishment and they are scared of him. I'm more scared of the Democrats than Trump. They appear to be Republican moles.


Senator Bernie Sanders had to file a lawsuit to get access to the voter files, perhaps Tim Canova can get in on that same law suit.


Zionism is not what I was talking about btw nor is it germane to this article. X mentioned her being Jewish and a Zionist and brought all that stuff into the picture and none of that ranting is applicable to the point of the article.

The problem are biased people who keep playing that game of equating being Jewish with being a Zionist.

Neither has anything to do with this article btw and was only brought up because of bias.

By the by btw... He is half Jewish and half Italian. I have no idea if he is a Zionist on either side but I doubt it.


Yeah okay let's pretend then okay? First off what has that to do with this article anyway? Answer that question? You are ridiculous.


Is this my country USA or is this Israhell?


Calling a Zionist a Zionist is not hatred, just hating the idiology


Cut the crap! What has that to do with this article in the first place. Secondly all those who hate so much ought to remember that this is a progressive site and not a hate site. It is getting to the point where every time someone Jewish is mentioned that it becomes an excuse for ranting and hate from some people. Some aren't even eligible to vote in an American election by the way. Look at just how many names of progressives are Jewish btw. besides Chomsky! Hate will poison whatever it touches and I wish people who only spew hate for someone else would go somewhere else and let people of good will criticize the hard line rightwing Israelis and the brutality of the occupation effectively without being cast into the mold of hate speech fools who sit at home and talk tough. Being Jewish is being Catholic and being Muslim. and being Buddhist and being atheist - religion is not important and shouldn't be mentioned.

Did you notice Hillary played the same game? Putting Zionist and Jewish together. Do you notice Netanyahu plays the same game. Always making it seem that if you are Jewish that that is the same as being a Zionist?

Baloney okay. Religions are not an issue in a country where people believe in freedom of religion... and only Nazis and anti Semites considered being Jewish a race. Zionism is a political thing. Many Jews are not zionists. Sheesh!

NONE OF THIS HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS ARTICLE and Zionism or her being Jewish should never have been brought into the discussion. He's half btw...lol

This is dumbed down stuff.


See what I mean about this being dumbed down stuff? I don't defend Zionism and whether someone is or isn't still doesn't make any sense in relation to this article. Ask someone to explain it for you.



Not the Democratic Party. And never will be.


You are truly ridiculous. What are you doing here anyway? Sharing your intellectual perspectives? How useful that will be to the world. Any other muddling analysis you wish to befuddle people with?

Use your brain, so to speak, Zionism and her being Jewish has nothing to do with this article and I bet you didn't know he was half Jewish either.




I think this only proves there needs to be an officially recognized progressive third party. The Democratic party has become so far right, it is in fact the Republican-lite party, though it's been getting more full-bodied Republican as time goes on.