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Establishment Journalists Are Piling on To Smear Robert Fisk Now He Cannot Answer Back

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/01/establishment-journalists-are-piling-smear-robert-fisk-now-he-cannot-answer-back


Glad he cites Oz Katerji so much. The Oz reeks of being a CIA asset; or maybe MI-6. He sounds like a classic operation mockingbird stooge.

I’ll miss Robert, he was the go to source for Middle East news.


“The Oz reeks of being a CIA asset.”

I was thinking the same thing, did Operation Mockingbird ever end, it doesn’t look like it.

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Jon, ever since I read and re-read your Blood and Religion, I knew
you were a trust-worthy journalist. “Fisky” like Assange and yourself,
Pilger, Hedges, are like Orwell’s Winston Smith. You saw the truth and
believed the world would listen when told it.
But the world hates the truth and people like you,
as was said: “If the world hates you, know that it
has hated me before it hated you” (Jn.15.18). So at least you’re in
good company.

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They did much the same to Howard Zinn after he passed away.

These people are about as low as scum can get.


I must say, I have been disappointed to see some less repulsive names signed into this nonsense as well.

The reach of disinformation is broad as well as long. A population with cell phones and Net connections is harder to separate from information than were their grandparents, so more care and sophistication is given to the process of misleading people.

Of late, we have seen extensive bodies of dissimulation prepared for people of various opinions, apparently released by the same central sources.

  • In Syria, US agencies and allies both backed and opposed ISIS and ISIL, variously misreporting their involvement.
  • Democrats and Republicans announce Russian or Chinese manipulation in US elections with no evidence and little apparent understanding of what sort of evidence might be legitimate.
  • Covid stats are grossly but variously manipulated, arming all sorts of disagreement but eventually neutralizing the grossly obvious conclusion, which is the need for a nonprofit and socialized healthcare system and a reasonable social net in general.

I suppose people who want to kvetch about Fisk can do it. But it is a little difficult to pretend that this comes by way of honest reporting when one leaves the institutions and the worst perpetrators so studiously unscathed, as has been the case where I have seen this done.


Blue tick corporate journalists; best succinct description I’ve read of the mainstream media.

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While i am certain they are calling it something else, it seems fairly obvious that it never ended.
If anything it appears to be a global initiative now and likely involves many more agencies.


I loved that guy’s work.

Yes but Zinn left the ultimate book about the history of the US. He is thus immortal.