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Establishment Journalists Pride Themselves on Staying on the Official Rails


Establishment Journalists Pride Themselves on Staying on the Official Rails

Jim Naureckas

In his brilliant analysis in Columbia Journalism Review (3/15/15) of establishment media reaction to Seymour Hersh’s re-examination of the killing of Osama bin Laden (London Review of Books, 5/21/15), the Guardian‘s Trevor Timm notes that one of the put-downs hurled at Hersh to discredit his story is “off the rails”–as in, “In recent years, however, Hersh has appeared increasin


Seymour Hersh’s analysis was breathtaking. As our country stumbles into the future, we the people are simple pawns of oligarchs, spooks, admirals and politicians.


An excellent article which only shows that most of what we read in the MSM is lies. Sadly however, that does not mean that Hersh’s version of events is true since he too has a long record as a conduit for CIA disinformation. His greatest scoop was My Lai massacre in Vietnam though he himself only visited the country very recently. One suspects that he was briefed by the CIA to pin the blame onto a few rotten apples, whilst deliberately concealing the even greater horrors of the CIA massacres and mass torturing to death of thousands of men and women under Operation Phoenix. Hersh has a long association with the CIA who are the biggest liars, dissemblers, psychopathic murderers ever assembled. Likewise Hersh’s book on JFK, “The Dark Side of Camelot” is a pack of lies (See Professor Wrone’s review: www.assassinationscience.com/wrone2.html‎).
Returning to the assassination of Osama bin Laden, wouldn’t it have been a top priority to have captured him alive? What use is a corpse? And how convenient that SEal Team 6 mostly perished in Afghanistan when their Chinook was hit and their remains were then cremated so that their families only received ashes. Was anyone foolish enough to go and see “Zero Dark 30” which told the “Official” story of how torture provided the crucial information? So if MSM is propaganda, as is Hollywood, whats left?


“Whereas calling into question the official story provokes not just skepticism but hostility: It’s an affront, after all, to those journalists who have the restraint, decency and good taste to stay on the rails.”

This cultural shaming process is part of how Totalitarian systems come into being: In this way they close off any possibilities outside of their own. Mention alone of any alternatives is a heresy punishable through social exile.