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Establishment Media Commit Massive Act of Malpractice And Claim Clinton ‘Clinched’


Establishment Media Commit Massive Act of Malpractice And Claim Clinton ‘Clinched’

Kevin Gosztola

The Associated Press and NBC News inappropriately reported Hillary Clinton made history and “clinched” the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. It spurred other media organizations, such as CNN and the New York Times, to follow suit and splash their home pages with big headlines indicating Clinton was the nominee.

In engaging in this act, establishment media improperly influenced five primaries scheduled for June 7, including the California primary, one of the biggest contests in the presidential race thus far. They collectively stooped to a new sycophantic low.


Absolutely one more nail in the coffin for bringing Sanders' supporters "home". What unadulterated bull pucky. We came for Bernie, and we absolutely will never stay for her. It's back to the Greens for most of us. Some of us, especially in swing states, like me, will do everything we can to make sure she loses in November and never becomes POTUS. That must happen so we can rip control of the party away from the Clinton/DLC faction and take it back for The People. It begins with her defeat in November. #NeverHillary.


Any reasonable observer would admit Sanders supporters owe the Democratic Party nothing. They have only been trashed and made to feel unwelcome since Day One of the presidential primary. All citizens, who refuse to affiliate with the Democrats but wish to vote for a Democratic presidential candidate, are dismissed as people playing games with the election. The Clintons and their surrogates continuously make condescending remarks pathologizing Sanders supporters, like they are the problem. It makes sense for many to be #NeverDemocrat at this point.


Manufactured consent writ large.


"But if it is true that history happened, why didn’t Clinton’s own party congratulate her? How come there was no statement from the Democratic National Committee?"

Because they don't need to. They can just let establishment media carry water for them and continue to claim they haven't been pushing Clinton all along.

They may also fear that the tactic will disproportionately suppress Clinton voters in today's primaries because they, unlike Sanders supporters, believe everything they see on MSM.

Sanders 2016


Killer e. Clinton is not the 'presumptive' nominee -- 'that' is nothing more than the PRESUMPTUOUS nominee, and I definitely do not want a presumptuous, warmongering, postmenopausal hack running my/our government!


I don't disagree, but that misconstrues the basic point. The DNC would congratulate her if she had actually clinched.


"Dewey Wins"


Absolutely. Also because the 1% (which includes the corporate media) recognize, fear and hate the danger that the Bernie revolution presents to them; a danger they haven't faced since the 1930's.

Welcome to the Class War folks.


The Democratic Party had an excuse (if Clinton loses) the day that Sanders entered the race. they simply pulled out the same playbook they used to set Nader up like a bowling pin, giving them cover to forego a Florida recount knowing that the media and Party were in position to launch the Nader spoiler myth.

Irrespective of what his path to victory ultimately looks like, if Trump wins in November, the Sanders spoiler myth will be launched on the morning after.


That Lapinski quote is utterly priceless. Thank you for sharing in its entirety.


Let's hope there is a lawsuit filed!


You're welcome. It was one of the more difficult quotes I have ever tried to get down. I had to stop and start the video of Lapinski's interview like twenty times because he wasn't speaking in complete sentences.


May be true. And in that case, why should Sanders supporters bother with the Democratic Party any longer? Once Sanders is ready to conclude his magnificent run (presuming nothing in the race changes to shift superdelegates), they should forgo all support for the party. Support individual down-ballot candidates, who favor the ideas of Sanders, but that is it.


Trump was also declared the presumptive nominee the same way, by surveying unpledged delegates. This has nothing to do with the press favoring the Clinton campaign. In fact, the Clinton campaign did not want this to happen because they knew it would make Sanders supporters angry. They wanted to reach the threshold by getting more pledged delegates in New Jersey. This is simply the result of a systematic process of the press to track what is happening. They don't time when to release the information. They release it as soon as they have it. They could have withheld the information until all the primaries closed the next day but that is not what they do. So Clinton is the first woman presumptive nominee of a major party according to the press.


I think that is true. Also, it gives Sanders the same excuse if he loses. It is unfortunate that things turned out this way with the Superdelegate count. Very bad timing.


No valid comparison with the GOP in this case. Cruz and Kasich had already dropped out when Trump was determined to be the presumptive nominee.


Timing is everything!

Had all these corporate media sites waited at least until after California, they'd have a modicum of legitimacy.

The CIA and Deep State so thoroughly control this nation that they use the MSM as their personal propaganda channels. The FIX has been in for Clinton all along. And all of the machinations used to give the illusion that she was winning are just that: chimera!

If the election were to be compared to an important jury case, then the tainting of evidence would throw the case out of court. In other words, a mistrial would be declared.

If enough principled people in empowered positions recognized how illegitimate this entire election charade has been, maybe they can make enough waves to turn the Press's false witness into the political equivalent of a mistrial.

The unfairness screams to high heaven!

It's absolutely sickening. And for those who just stay home, the bastards don't care. They just want the ILLUSION in place that Hillary won. (Or even Trump, since as a boy billionaire, he will have no difficulty making policies that are deferential to the Ruling Class.) Like Mafia dons they SPIT on principle. Only power--the ends justifying the means--is real to them.


Wow. I was thinking along parallel lines and just posted. And now I am reading the comments to see you beat me to the punch on the same premise. (As I said, "timing is everything.")


The only thing this press release has cinched is our determination to never vote for Hillary. Open, in your face voter suppression on a national level. It is shameful and indecent but they don't care. They want it bad and so I think they should get it "bad". If we stick together and don't vote for this pig we can send a message that we are about revolution not saving her from Trump.
We will be fighting either one so it doesn't much matter who it is.
See you in the streets!!