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et Ready to Resist the Trump Coup Attempt

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/11/et-ready-resist-trump-coup-attempt


Thoughtful feedback. Thanks!

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I agree that we must be prepared to resist the trump coup attempt that is in plain sight now. But hopefully we can do better than serving up peaceful protesters to these armed and dangerous white supremacists.

I’ve got to tell you-----I’m afraid to walk my dog around my town right now due to trump caravans that are intimidating and this is before the “election”.

The author writes:

"This mobilization must be disruptive of “business as usual.” Tactics can include sit-ins, blockades of roads and buildings"

My sitting in a blockade with my friends and daughter will be offering ourselves up to being shot by these cretins who are ready to implement their militia training that they have been preparing (years? decades?) for.

The author writes:

"But disruption does not mean violence. To the contrary, the movement must be grounded in deep understanding of the strategic necessity of nonviolence to win."

Sure, kumbaya will work with these people-----I don’t think so, not from what I have seen to date. Yesterday a protester got shot and killed in Denver by a white “private security guard”.

I don’t know what the answer is. The progressives I know are peace loving, mentally stable people. What we are up against are white, angry, young, armed to the teeth, strong males who are mentally deranged.


One need only look to the people of Iceland and how they organized en-masse to cause an entire Government to resign.


This is what the people of the USA have to do and this is what they SHOULD do if Biden wins and refuses to move left.

The people of Iceland did not do this just once either. Here an article as how they forced a resignation of Government because women were tired of the “chummy mens Club” that was running things.


Now here the great difference. Since Iceland became an independent nation , the Police have killed one Citizen. This caused the entire country to go into shock.

The Police in the USA kill 1500 people in a single year.

The USA is a Police State in spite of 300 million guns.

That all said , that type of Police force was the same thing the first labor unions in the USA faced.


We have a pro gun advocate in another thread claiming all those people walking around with guns intimidating people , is simply an exercise and freedom and proof the USA is a free country.

Those armed Militias are not protecting anything except their own privilege , just as those armed settlers that invaded the West were protecting their privilege to steal some others lands (A Law read "If you see an Indian on Horseback you can shoot him if you are in a wagon)


It is pretty easy, for an author here in New York to write “we must” or “we should” while not in a mill in B’Ham or Pgh., surrounded by Boogaloo Boi types waddling to their F-450 full of firearms and crank. I’ve noticed, some folks using the most strident invecitve on comment threads, seem not to appreciate the concerns of those of us who work & live with folks 1/3rd our age with no memory of what we’ve lost as a society, following Reagan’s Miracle? God KNOWS “our side” ain’t going to be marching by our side at mass strikes, mass rallies or massacres; as Nazis in blue or Aloha shirts just cough, sneeze & scream at us (.223 ZMax are expensive!)

Meanwhile, Biden & Harris will lable the victims as Antifa “radicals,” sowing divisiveness with Rooski financed riots.






Hopefully said person is ignored. No critical thinking abilities there.
Traveled throughout a good chunk of Wisconsin yesterday and the most common billboard was for trump that said (and these are massive billboards):


There you go, god loves guns too. Jesus with a semi-automatic . . . . forget the cross and all that peace crap.


Apparently when Jesus said “Turn the other cheek” the Good Christians behind those billboards read from that passage “get a gun and shoot him”. How they arrived at that conclusion is beyond me but that the mindset one is dealing with .

Again , perhaps on of the greatest curses on the USA , is that you people have to deal with that Religious right. You are living in many ways what the peoples of Afghanistan have to live through with their Taliban.

“Gods Guns and Country” . the trifecta of stupidity.


Edit: I meant singular “god”! (GOD, GUNS, COUNTRY) typo—sorry and was too late to edit my post.
By golly I screwed up the billboard statement! (lol) These people only have one god, the god that advocates cruelty, violence and guns I guess.


Anyone who has studied American history can easily arrive at the conclusion that the second Amendment was added to protect the institution of slavery. Today, those who are prone to a return to slavery, are the ones most likely to rise up in arms and initiate every die hard, White Supremacist’s dream of an all out race war. It’s a rallying cry at every ‘militia’ meeting and now many of them believe that we’re on the cusp of making “America Great Again” by regressing towards the first 400 years of brutal colonialism.
This army of ignorant, Alex Jones clones pose the greatest danger after November 3rd. The question is whether enough Americans are willing to protect the victims of this homicidal bunch. If the stealing of the election in 2000 is any indication, most Americans will opt to sit this one out and accept whatever unfolds. Only if corporate America feels threatened, will they pull the plug on Donald’s coup.

The author states that this is not about ‘right versus left, but about preserving our fragile democracy’. I would argue that it is about right versus extreme right and this is how we got into this mess. Our democracy is “fragile” because corporate media has successfully manipulated a large portion of the American public to believe that all of their problems are a result of immigrants, the Chinese, lazy welfare recipients, socialists, communists, hippies and liberals rather than policies implemented by a tiny cabal of powerful interests. And even though most Americans will not join in the violent denunciation of anti-Trump people, the majority will feel that the violence is unrelated to the corporate campaign of misinformation, but rather an overdue backlash against the same, imaginary forces listed above.
Even though most Germans did not vote for Hitler, most Germans did nothing when he rose to power and then made his move to consolidate his power through violence and coercion. Germans were surprised at his methods, but in general felt that Hitler was justified because of the anger most people had against outside forces like France and England as well as their own groups of “outsiders” like gypsies and jews. Throw in the fear generated by the “red scare” and suddenly most Germans lost any appetite to dislodge Hitler.
Today Trump has blamed outside forces like China and Muslim countries (France and England in Hitler’s pre-war Germany), domestic outsiders like people of color, immigrants and members of the LGBT community (gypsies and jews) and of course liberals and socialists (communists) just like good fascist would. The Establishment will ignore the coup as long as it is only the poor killing the poor (i.e. cops and soldiers killing protesters) while the culprits remain above the fray.
Because of decades of manufactured misinformation by our corporate media, this ‘uprising’ will do nothing to change our corrupt system, but rather enforce it by using the false flag of “taking our country back”. Once the initial wave of violence is declared to be under control, our corporate media will instruct the general population to “celebrate” our victory over the evil Donald Trump as we hail a new and improved version of American capitalism under the tutelage of Joe Biden. The media will place a spin on the entire sordid affair as “proof” that Americans live in a “democracy” and then we will asked to tighten our belts as we attempt to rebuild our shattered economy by returning to our minimum wage jobs and thanking the Lord that we don’t live in one of those “shit hole countries”.
Corporate Democrats like Pelosi and Biden will then reassure us that the worst is over and thank us for our support in “keeping America free and democratic” and regularly point to ‘up ticks’ in the stock market to remind us of how much better things will be in the ‘near future’.
I would be really surprised if the scenario I just described doesn’t unfold this way. The only thing I have no idea about is the level of violence that will unfold as a result of Trump refusing to step down. We shall have our answer next month.


God, guns and country is what made America a slave nation.
‘God’ was the justification, ‘guns’ were the tools to enslave people and ‘country’ was the legal framework to usher in a slave owning society.


I am afraid that you are correct. Until the US left abandons the Democrats I do not see any progress being made. It asinine to suggest the LEFT should vote for a Neo-liberal. It makes no sense to me.

As to Russia Biden is already making threatening noise towards them. Are progressives really going to vote for more wars as they call themselves progressives? Again what values do those that claim themselves on the left in the USA are going to be traded in in order to see Trump defeated? When they trade those in can they really call themselves progressives or on the left?

If it true as you suggest that they simply going to go back to sleep when Biden is in , then it only means more Fascism and another shift to the right.

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we are about to prove (again) that the oosa IS a third world country ie(shit-hole)

Data analytics and predictive modeling is lightyears more advanced than in 2016. It’s pretty clear that, even if Trump shuts down polling stations, has BIPoC voters intimidated, and sets all mail in ballots on fire, he is still going down to a blowout of epic proportions.

What progressives need to resist is the danger that, after Trump is gone, progressive movements may shrink nearly out of existence because:

  • Many will feel that, with Trump out of office, the battle is over.
  • The Democrat’s corporate and military power structure will target progressives as stooges of Putin and enablers of disaffected Trumpsters.

How weak is the US left? How 'bout this metric - Who’s the last progressive writer you heard question the ‘brink of coup’ (so we gotta vote Biden!) hysteria? Can’t name one? That’s how weak.

“Trump has been telegraphing for months…It’s even pretty clear how he intends to pull it off — by claiming that only those votes cast in person on Nov. 3 should count…That’s why he has repeatedly insisted, without a shred of evidence, that mail ballots are fraudulent…If Trump does refuse to step down under these circumstances, the people of this country must be ready to act.”

Sure, people must be ready to act. Just two things.

First, the right wing voter fraud charge has been used historically to disenfranchise minorities and poor people. But in recent times, the biggest threat is vigilante-type ‘voter fraud monitors’ who show up to intimidate minorities. So the time to turn out is during the election at such right-wing-targeted election spots to support minorities’ voting rights:
h ttps://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/04/opinion/the-strange-career-of-the-voter-fraud-myth.html?searchResultPosition=8

And second, the author fails to acknowledge that Trump’s attempts to disqualify mail-in votes have been repeatedly smacked down by courts:
h ttps://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-election/trump-voter-fraud-ohio-lawsuit-nevada-wisconsin-new-york-latest-b520521.html

No question Trump would trash democracy to be a dictator in a sec’ if he could. And I could argue that he is a ‘bad sign,’ and that the US is historically moving toward “illiberal democracy” - a nominal democracy with no real liberties.

But. Whether out of ignorance or due to hysteria, this unbalanced fearmongering is destructive to democracy - on the one hand, the Trump bogeyman fails to gauge the real threats to democracy during the election; and, on the other, the Biden stampede this thinking produces - among progressives as well as liberals - can only lead to a mandate for more of the right liberal politics that produced a Trump in the first place.

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“The Democrat’s corporate and military power structure will target progressives as stooges of Putin and enablers of disaffected Trumpsters.”

The dems corporate are Clintons, Obama, Cuomo, Schumer, Pelosi and the NYC wall street and banks.

The dems do not have the military power structure. Heck, they are bamboozled every day.

'enablers of disaffected Trumpsters = yes !! Send education and truth to the citizens so they can cross over and vote for democrats who have ethics, work hard, study, and have an education and are well traveled.

‘stooges of putin’ = NO.
This group of fourth rate idiots are now inside the white house and west wing.

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. What we may need is a popular campaign to accept only ballots that are mailed in. That would also help with disease control.

Yes, I agree that the dems do not have the military power structure. They are, however, absolutely, without question, manipulated into serving the interests of military war hawks, war profiteers, and the industries of violent repression.

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Campaign contributions do that.

One congressman sent 25 million dollars over to PTC five states east of his. A software 3D design outfit. They are not that good but Maybe had been used previously for military trucks. So they got rewarded

I’ll wager a coffee and donut that he has a campaign donation from them.

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