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Eternal Hostility: A New Year’s Resolution


Eternal Hostility: A New Year’s Resolution

Kathy Kelly

This New Year’s Eve, 750 heavy wooden crosses were distributed to a gathering of Chicagoans commemorating the victims of gun violence killed in 2016. Rev. Michael Pfleger and the Faith Community of St. Sabina Parish had issued a call to carry crosses constructed by Greg Zanis. The crosses, uniform in size, presented the name and age and, in many cases, a facial photo of the person killed. Some who carried the crosses were relatives of the people killed. As the group assembled, several sobbed upon finding the crosses that bore the names and photos of their loved ones.


" Obama had tears in his eyes in January 2016, calling for relief from record breaking shootings and killings in the U.S. "

Nothing but bogus crocodile tears! Because in the last 8 years Obama has murdered countless numbers of innocent men,women, and children in his complicity of condoning phony wars and murderous drones in many Mideast countries.


For every 100,000 people in the state, 1,533 black people are imprisoned as compared to 174 white people and 282 Hispanic people.

In the Old South Jim Crow was the law.
In the North it's just the way things are done.

The Civil Rights Movement repealed the Jim Crow laws.
But it's a whole lot easier to repeal a law than to put an end to the way things are done.


Poignant writing.
Kathy Kelly brings it home.
Warrior for Peace she is.


Keep writing, Kathy! You make the connections that need to be made! ROTC for 9,000 Chicago children teaching them that killing is okay if you're following orders--now this is something that needs to be looked at! To weave U.S. police and gun violence together with its context within an empire perpetrating "drive-by" bombings and war for domination of territory and goods: now, maybe we were given brains and minds to actually make connections like these!

What good is "freedom of the press" and "freedom of speech" if the press and speech are not used to point out that "freedom" has blood on its hands? That the American Way of Life is as much a sham and a trick hurting everyone as Donald Trump. That to take seriously the need for peace means to call for ending endless war, no matter which emperor is at war's helm.

This little article is a gem! It deserves to be distributed widely. I personally plan to help with this effort.