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Ethical Alarm Bells Raised Over Trump's "Shadow Cabinet" of Advisers


Ethical Alarm Bells Raised Over Trump's "Shadow Cabinet" of Advisers

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner will be named a senior adviser in the administration, according to reports, an announcement that brought new scrutiny to the potential conflicts of interest among Trump's so-called "shadow" officials—who, unlike his cabinet nominees, do not have to go through a congressional confirmation process.


T-dump and his billionaire brigands (son-in-law included), have no shame and care nothing about anything or anyone out of their restricted small socioeconomic circles. Money is their god that they worship slavishly and evil populates their empty cavities where hearts should be


Unfortunately, every day that Trump is president and the Republicans control Congress, absolutely everything they do and everyone that is in Trump's official or unofficial cabinet will loudly ring ethical alarm bells. There is not ONE thing that Trump and the Republicans could do or ONE person that Trump could place into his cabinet that would be ethical. Ever.




Sourced information from the Washington Post and New York Times? Seriously? Can't you find more credible sources? This article is a joke.

This is also laughable: "...but will take their places without being held to account for any potential ethics violations" Well, that's shocking. Hank Paulsen, General Betrayus, Brownie, and nearly everyone in the White House since Reagan probably could have been accused or convicted of ethics violations. Never Mind that Hillary and her Ivy League Liberal Brigades are covering up her Clinton Foundation corruption and her private email.

No, it seems that Trump is doing business as usual according to the likes of past occupants. The only difference is that the previous occupants and their criminal accomplicas are no longer in control. And that is why this article about Trump was published.

I'm sick and tired of the Huff Post Liberals who are trying to subvert democracy by playing this dangerous game of pre-regime change politics. Though a (former) Democrat myself, the Demcorat Party is nothing more than a entity filled with corruption and it surely does not represent those not educated beyond high school or not vomited forth from Columbia, Yale, Stanford or Hahvahd.

President Trump to you Hillary. It's your fault.


True. If it wasn't for Hillary, the DNC, the MSM, and the Democratic Party Establishment, we would all be talking about President Elect Bernie Sanders. You have all destroyed the Democratic Party and turned it into a den of thieves. I too, am a former Democrat.


Did ya hear this one? Kelly Ann said that anyone in so many words who disagrees with Trump is an anti elitist. Duh??? Ya think


Of course it's all about profits. They do not even care about the air they breathe.


They do not even care about air or water. Did you hear? Son in law ( from billionaire parents) will not take a salary. Now, they want to look like they are doing it for charity? Come on they are doing that so their assets will not be looked at, or at least that is what they think,


I agree. I'm reading everywhere about the ethics of what he's doing and who he's hiring but not a word about who will stop him.
Is there no one out there in or out of the government that can stop him or charge him with something?
Is he going to be allowed to walk in there and turn the presidency into a mafia style organization. WTF???


They figure that if they do not take a salary, then they do not have to divest themselves of their business interests, do not have to produce tax returns, or otherwise be vetted. There is absolutely NO sense of charity or morality behind their not "taking a salary." Since when is too much not enough?


Great post- I thought about the same. However, congress has already certified him .


I agree. You'd think that with that kind of money they'd just be happy. Apparently "happy" is not in their vocabulary.


The ethical conflicts of this administration are stunning. But were dealing with the King of Bankruptcy - The Slight of Hand Business Man. Donald Trump is not an ethical broker, he's a fast dealer who is addicted to his money and his ego and the only honest thing I've heard him say to the voters is, you knew what you were getting when you voted for me. We did. Or should I say, they did. I didn't vote for him, and I don't imagine anyone here did too. But, in my view, what we have here is a Choi Soon-sil cabinet made up of special interest that will impose more economic pain, more job loses and countless casualties among those who are dependent on social aid. Donald Trump is the guy that just sent a pink slip to the 89 year old Charlie Brotman via e-mail. What's next, eviction notices to the homeless? Donald Trump, in my opinion, lacks any sense of compassion and could care less about the future of us poor people...Let them Eat Cake...

This is not about what the republicans will do, or what the democrats will do; we already know the answer to that question. This is about what the people will do. And we already know the answer to that question - There will be no Park Geun-hye moment in politics. There will not be 2 million protestors in the streets of Washington D.C. demanding we remove this [future] administration for abuse of power, fraud and coercion. We are the country of illegal torture, shadow governments [Cheney], fraud and embezzlement Brown, Root and Kellogg, Columbia/HCA and Rick Scott, civil rights abuses - police killings, voting rights, transgender rights, civil rights, women's rights, medical abuse and fraud, etc...this is why the politicians in D.C. know, we will remain quiet. There are exceptions, like The Dakota Access Pipeline movement, but small groups of protesters under Trump will be put down like dogs. People are a necessary evil for the billionaire class and we are about to be played in ways that cause me to sometimes lose sleep.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz rigged the democratic nomination, while Vladimir Putin put his fingerprint on our election, and then 80,000 people became a bigger number than 3 million. Those are the facts, and nothing will change those facts, or the fact that Americans will mindlessly watch the [propaganda] evening news, or more likely the sports channels and reality shows and take whatever the republicans dish out. They'll get mad and blog about it, while cursing at other bloggers who don't agree with them, but they won't channel that anger or energy to the place it belongs, which are the streets, and one specific street, Pennsylvania Avenue.

If 80,000 is a bigger number than 3 million, then 325 million [less 1%] is bigger than 125 trillion, and if just 10% of those 325 million marched onto the streets of D.C. like the South Koreans have been doing in Seoul, our voices would be heard; and, as pessimistic and jaded as I sound [for good reasons], I'm always hopeful that Americans, this time will say, "Enough!" And if I had a protest movement, that's exactly what I would call it, #ENOUGH.

That's my dollar two ninety eights worth!


I'm expecting the worst. On the other hand, the worse this administration is, the closer we get to revolution. I hope its a peaceful one.

Online Direct Democracy


Ok fine, we do not trust the president elect or anyone who would willingly work for him but you can't cloister him even if he does act like he has some serious issues. He has the right of freedom of assembly and all the other rights you and I still have. If he wants family to be unpaid advisors then so be it. Hell maybe he will stumble over someone worthwhile to whom he will actually listen. God knows he needs help.


Wait! What? I thought the libruls were the elitists and the Republican'ts were the supporters of the common man. Aren't they the ones who are telling us that they are the ones down in the trenches and giving their sweat and blood to make America Great Again? This is all so confusing I need to spend a few days at the spa.


I'm thinkin if you expect the worst you likely won't be disappointed.


Yeah and most of them are immature jerks.


Trump is not being cloistered by anyone but himself. He is the one who has become elusive and secretive and uses Twitter to have a one way conversation with the American people.

Government, by design is by consent of the people. The adjective you used in front of the noun was, serious. The issues are actually conflicts that can potentially interfere with the interest of the people who consent to government. It's not what he wants, its what the voters want. By virtue of our constitutional mechanisms, Donald Trump is accountable to the people. The president has the right to appoint members to his cabinet and many must be confirmed, but those who are not [confirmed], such as Trump's son-in-law who is being "appointed" as a special advisor are what concerns the voters. The people have a special interest in being confident that those advisors do not impose a risk to our economy, and our security as a nation. You say Trump may stumble into someone he will listen to; that's the problem, Trump is already stumbling by appointing advisors who pose very serious questions about ethics and conflicts of interest, and those are the people he is listening to and the people he plans to listen to in the future. Those issues raise serious and legitimate concerns to anyone who wants fair and impartial government representation.