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Ethics Complaint Filed to Force Trump's Covid-19 Vaccine Czar—a Former Pharma Exec—to Submit to Ethics Rules

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/28/ethics-complaint-filed-force-trumps-covid-19-vaccine-czar-former-pharma-exec-submit

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The pResidency itself is a criminal syndicate.



"We live in a sea of viruses, some of which are human pathogens. These pathogenic viruses exhibit numerous differences: DNA or RNA genomes, enveloped or naked virions, nuclear or cytoplasmic replication, diverse disease symptoms, etc.

Most antiviral drugs target specific viral proteins. Consequently, they often work for only one virus, and their efficacy can be compromised by the rapid evolution of resistant variants. There is a need for the identification of host proteins with broad-spectrum antiviral functions, which provide effective targets for therapeutic treatments that limit the evolution of viral resistance. Here, we report that sirtuins present such an opportunity for the development of broad-spectrum antiviral treatments, since our findings highlight these enzymes as ancient defense factors that protect against a variety of viral pathogens."

Koyuncu E, Budayeva HG, Miteva YV, Ricci DP, Silhavy TJ, Shenk T, Cristea IM. 2014.
Sirtuins are evolutionarily conserved viral restriction factors.
mBio 5(6):e02249-14.


Oh boy, we’ve got a live one here…

This is a very headstrong power play by the administration, and perhaps some on the left as well. If this one also slides in, we won’t be stopping anything. Anything.

The Billionaire Buddies just looking out for each other.