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Ethics Laws Will Sideline Jared and Ivanka


Ethics Laws Will Sideline Jared and Ivanka

Richard Painter, Norman Eisen

We now have information on the assets and income of two of President Trump’s closest relatives and most intimate advisers, thanks to Friday night’s White House dump of financial disclosure forms. But Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have so many potential conflicts of interest that if they abide by ethics laws and past White House practices, they won’t be able to advise the president on three of his top priorities: Trade, tax reform and Wall Street deregulation.


It appears to me that djt is grooming Jared and Ivanka to succeed him in office, as if there is any room for dynasticism in our system (yeah, I know about the Bushes). He's also, it seems, looking for a way to formalize Ivanka's functioning as FLOTUS so that Melania may attend to Barron in NYC (I also think djt doesn't consider M worthy to appear as anything but his arm candy).

One additional small point about the Old Post Office hotel: I understand that lease says nobody holding public office can benefit from the hotel. If Ivanka's already reported millions in income from it, she's already violated the lease.


Yes, and tomorrow morning Chelsea Clinton will be on CBS News This Morning. When will the BS end? Neither party does anything for the American citizen.


Ivanka looks smartly accessorized in guillotine red.


How is that relevant? What's the topic for Clinton's appearance? Nobody in her family is in office, so it seems clear off topic. She's allowed a life.


and we know anyone within white house or republican party are not going to hold any of them accountable or care that the American people are being robbed in our face as they all our profiting from this corrupt administration. Not to say that previous administration have not profited but not as much in our face.

So should I send my measly little amount of taxes on my SS here in the next few days to be siphoned to Trumps and other thiefs? Well, it is not measly to me, it could of almost bought my new hot water heater. Of course I will send it as I don't want to go to jail and just cause I haven't liked what has been going on in this country for decades, I still pay my taxes.


That's a scary thought but who has been held accountable during the last 4 decades? Oh, recently Martha Stewart and Bernie Madoff and before that others took the fall for the President's.


No worries.


WE all need to push back, demand our Congress do their jobs and enact legislation or take other means...oh, Hell, they're in collusion--
WE HAVE TO VOTE OUT THE SCUM, which includes local races, governorships, etc.


The thing is that there has been more than enough time for the divestment of conflict of interest holdings by those in this White House cartel.

We are waiting to see whether they can be forced to obey the law at all. I am wondering whether or not they will be forced to divest (if giving control over to a brother-in-law or sister-in-law could be called divesting).

I am doubting that conflicts of interests will be removed. Republicans already toy with changing the rules for Gorsuch's nomination. Dems do too little and that not often enough. Will the Dems 'explain' why conflict of interests rules don't apply to the Trump administration?


All the whining and complaining--and hard-nosed reporting--will do nothing to stop the Trumps.

They only respond to lawsuits.


Simply not true. There really is a difference between democrats and republicans. Does the party system in the US need revision? Absolutely! Do we need to get big money out of government? Absolutely. But we are now seeing the damaging effects of the strongman personality. This is what Citizen's United has brought to our country.


Please tell me, what is the differance?


I understand there are quite a few of them including some by Greenpeace.


I found this discussion interesting:

January 18 2017, 11:03 a.m.
For those who think things would have been better under a Clinton administration I offer this:

The Podesta Group, founded by John “Password Management” Podesta and his brother – employs Lauren Maddox. What is Lauren Maddox known for? She is a former communications adviser to House Republican leadership who lobbied for the for-profit college industry. What is she doing now? She’s helping Betsy DeVos become our next Secretary of Education.

Well, but what about the future? Surely the democrats will learn from the 2016 election and work toward electing better candidates. We’ve heard rumors that Cory Booker might have aspirations….

Wait, what? Booker was on the board of Betsy DeVos’s anti-union, pro-charter, pro-voucher Koch/Walton/Olin-funded organization?

But that was back when he was only an “Honorable” mayor. Surely he’s learned to be better than that. Right? I mean, now that he’s a Senator he can really start working to give the proles what they need to have a better life? Right?

Booker voted against an affordable drug proposal from Senators Amy Klobuchar and Bernie Sanders on Wednesday evening. Had it passed, the bill would have created a reserve fund to allow Americans to import inexpensive prescription drugs from Canada. Booker was one of 13 Democrats to reject it, a boon to Big Pharma. […]

As Newark mayor, he accepted a $100 million donation from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to implement a series of drastic reforms in city schools. […] Most of the funds later went to charter schools. He’s long been a proponent of school vouchers, despite evidence that voucher programs don’t actually create better educational outcomes for students. […]

On Meet the Press, he called attacks on Romney’s ties to Bain Capital and private equity “nauseating.” It apparently paid off: In 2014, WNYC reported that Booker received more Wall Street funding than any other U.S. senator that election cycle.

The democrats offer nothing but frills around the shitpile that is only different from the republicans in terms of volume. The fact that they hide their shit better than republicans – who relish throwing it directly in peoples’ faces as opposed to the dems smearing it on everything they touch so they can pass it along without it actually being seen in their dirty little hands – is meaningless in the end. Both parties intend to bury this country in oligarchy, suffocating everyone but themselves in drudgery and the hellish details of mere survival to the point where we accept that as our natural state. We can accept that or we can fight but we can no longer afford to tell ourselves lies about what all of these people truly represent.


Wouldn't it be nice if the American People could file a class-action lawsuit against
our criminal Congress and Trump and his minions?