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Ethics Office Tells Trump & Co.: Sorry, You're Not Above the Rules


Ethics Office Tells Trump & Co.: Sorry, You're Not Above the Rules

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The head of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics (OGE) has taken issue with the Trump administration's grasp of ethics rules, expressing deep concern that the executive branch apparently thinks it is above such regulations.


Boycott is one way to deal with low-life crass commercialism and war mongers:

Here's grabyourwallet's iTrumpet list https://grabyourwallet.org


"the Trump administration's grasp of ethics rules" - any such imagined "grasp" is beyond their agenda, moral compass, and likely intellect...................a "businessman" is concerned with only power, advantage, and profits above all else regardless the cost - a "malignant narcissist" businessman is concerned with his own fantasy and ego and represents a threat to every other thing - a case must be made "toot-sweet" to indict this idiot madman before he and his GOP co-conspirators destroy our republic and most everything else, even unto nuclear war!

The enormity of the trump regimes arrogant contempt for rule of law, justice, human rights, our common environment and common decency is beyond all bounds! Flat-Earthers all!


Not only that, but also identify and boycott those, who buy "Trump"


We dodged the democrat's hate for Russia and got a real bunch of creeps.

A few short months back it seemed impossible someone could be worse than Hillary.


That's all well and good to point out the obvious but what are they going to do about it? Trump and co. seem to dare anyone to try and stop them from continuing their use of the White House for their own profit.
The ethics violations are stacking up. Are we just waiting for the Repugs to do it? Don't hold your breath, they are every bit as corrupt as the Trump team.


No it didn't seem impossible that someone could be worse than Hillary and that's saying alot about rump considering how low bar Hillary is. The lesser of two evils is NOT the way to vote.


I can't help the feeling that the trump (copyright) of presidentializing/setting the precedent of the brand most characterized by the criteria of "bankrupt" as the dominating 'brand' is neither accident nor focused on what is really going on.

The entire world is waking up to the straightjacket being buckled by the transnational banking cartels, to which 99% of representatives, both here and worldwide, are beholden. That system has sucked all that can without resorting to expanding war (institutionalized murdered on broad scale) beyond the lives being destroyed in the middle east, Greece, Italy, Spain and domino cascade that has been in the planning since WWI and its expansion into pharmaceuticals and GMO (green revolution ... riiiight... well, we now know what that means).

The planet is finite. It is worth considering just how recent that recognition is and how irrelevant political boundaries are when all cultures have lost their value to these cartels to create hatred and murderous as they hang proverbial swords of Damocles with intent to divide and conquer.

I would submit that the assiduous ginning up of "terrorism" by these cabals is going to backfire on them and that time no longer crawls at the pace of 15th century colonizing and genocide.


Anticipate "ethics-free zone" to officially enter the lexicon for 2017.


The media have quite quickly adopted the usage of the word 'liar' when talking about Trump, and it seems many have been using the adjective 'pathological' to give it the proper impact it deserves.

Soon, we must all start using the word that will very accurately describe Trumps intent, and I believe this word will do him more harm as it's usage grows and is printed in bold letters for the world to see. That word is 'CRIMINAL'. Trump has been a Criminal since Day One as he has broken Constitutional Law by not divesting from his businesses and he is profiting every day from the use of his position. A simple trial lawyer would have no trouble proving this.

I know many of us detest the thought of working with Democrats, however, it may be necessary to become allied with them in order to bring front and center Trumps criminality.

In the same way that the Republicans during Obamas Presidency more than 50 times tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act, we must urge the Democrats in Congress to use their skills as lawyers to find each and every law that Trump and his cabinet from hell are breaking, and file lawsuits left and right until everyone in the world understands without a doubt that a criminal enterprise has infected our political hierarchy.

Trump and his cabal of criminals have no use for ethics and this will continue until they are stopped.

How and when this will happen remains to be defined.

Everybody : Please use the Boycott list that Garrett Connelly provided in his post above, and spread it around. Let's hit them in their wallets.


And to think that the majority of the Trump Trash Tribe administration have law degrees...wonder how they passed the "Ethics" part of the bar exam??? Probably took Conway at least a half-dozen tries. These brigands have managed to get where they are without adhering to any ethics or embracing any integrity, which is glaringly reflected in their aligning themselves with the Crowned Criminal himself...and then taking his verbal and emotional abuse to boot. Ya sleep with dirty mangy dogs, ya wake up with all manner of vermin (fleas, lice, ticks, mange, etc.) and washing/scrubbing will not remove them or the stench. (But, then again with Pruitt at the helm of the EPA, DDT will be brought back and widely used so a deep DDT dip might do the trick...)


WTF does it matter, this has been going on for years, decades and probably more than my 70 years remember. It just keeps getting okay for no accountability for our elected officals and their staff now.

Accountability!! when will it happen, Obama sure didn't make it happen and his capitulation
to fraud and abuse cost dems many elections. Yeah, it would of been better with another neo con like Hillary but just maybe people will wise up and vote all these cons out of office.


I've been doing it most of my life in the way of not buying much but with contradictions. But I think I will go back to when I do buy stuff I will take out the item and leave all of the gd packaging. Why did I stop, I embarrassed my Mom. She's been gone 8 years


But how do we get rid of the republicans who will replace him? Rule of law "Pence" and they are still in control.


and why it will be no good to impeach Trump! This era of decades of no accountability is now unleashed chaos!


Trump (and friends): UNFIT for the White House, but a PERFECT FIT for Guantanamo!


Conway is above the law since she broke the law and got away with it. Trump has no ethics and apparently there is no ability legally to punish him (or any of his cabal). He knows that,and so does everyone around him. He and his deplorables, morally bankrupt disciples are like Quantrill's Raiders, the James Gang, etc. Doing as they please, and leaving destruction in their wake


We must never lose heart or firm commitment to our values and moral compass Julie, even tho we face a wall of ignorance, greed, usury, self interest or violence - of madness - walls can be smashed as we have seen many times when people stand together! The power of the few and their sycophants can be broken if we stand together. The system is rigged - purchased by vast wealth and the influence/media lies-propaganda it buys. Greed not only buys power, it breeds madness.

The astonishing stupidity, arrogance, and ignorance we face are daunting, but you and I both see the people in the streets by the tens and hundreds of thousands - by the millions! You and I are of an age, nearly the same, we are joined, renewed, by countless people of honor and vision - many who only now see how extreme the disparities, corruption, usury and slavery have become. The evil, ugliness, and inhumanity now in power are teaching/showing the sleepers how they've been made fools - disenfranchised and made economic slaves to the 1% and their toadies - all we need are leaders - heroes - of integrity and unity! We have one in Bernie Sanders (and companion Jane - FDR had his Eleanor). “If you want to rebel, rebel from inside the system.That's much more powerful than rebelling outside the system."

Keep the faith sister - your faith! “The greatest and most powerful revolutions often start very quietly, hidden in the shadows. "

"Prefiero morir de pie que vivir siempre arrodillado!"

"I'd rather die on my feet, than live on my knees!"

Words spoken by many people in many nations and times under the yoke of tyranny; Emiliano Zapata, Che Guivarra, "La Pasionaria", José Martí, Aeschylus, Bob Marley, and so many others of name and without!

"If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything" - Malcolm X

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” - Martin Luther King Jr

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!


This administration is unraveling, it so seems.

Bharara was specifically asked in a meeting with Drumpf circa Nov. 30 to stay on with the new admin. He and 45 other Obama administration prosecutors at the Justice Department were just fired yesterday. His jurisdiction included New York, (Trump Tower)

What are they trying to avoid?


That the oversight of ethical, or in this case unethical, behavior is needed is a bit disturbing, That this White House puts itself above the respect the nation deserves by being treated ethically is both appalling and disgusting. This election will go down as the worst and most unfortunate election in not so recent history. The influence of corporate interference hs so painfully obvious that this disregard for ethical behavior is on the level of nudging.