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Ethics Watchdogs Sound Alarm After Transportation Secretary Chao Delivers Major Federal Contract to Husband Mitch McConnell's Kentucky

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/17/ethics-watchdogs-sound-alarm-after-transportation-secretary-chao-delivers-major


Oh oh! The whole cozy family nepotism in DC is drawing attention. kind of hard for the Dems to do much with Mrs. Mitch McConnell when there’s Hunter Biden and Pelosi son and John Kerry’s step son and you know all those high paying easy know nothing jobs out there for the trust fund babies.

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Chao is a foreign agent who has been subverting our government on behalf of China and her family shipping company in two GOP administrations.
Moscow Mitch is also Beijing Mitch.
Both are enemies of America.


This blaming everything on Russia and China grows tiresome. Mitch McConnel and his wife are made in America Corruption. If there was no Russia and no China they would be just as corrupt and this made in America corruption goes back to day one long before Russia and China even paid attention to the USA.

These are Corporate Fascists, the same types that tried the coup in the 1930s.Prescott bush and his cronies were in the same vein as these two and Prescott Bush was not a foreign agent either.

Everyone is a Russian agent is the same crap Hilary Clinton pumps out. I mean come on.


I mean, get a clue. I’m so sick of clueless commenters at CD who know nothing yet slag comments that are factual.
You obviously know nothing about who Chao is or what kind of influence she wields on behalf of her rich family, the family business, and the Chinese government.
Nobody blames “everything” on Russia and China, it has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton, and the only thing that’s tiresome is the off-topic, naysaying, ignorant comments posted by feckless people like you who don’t understand the strategies of competing nations and their leaders, especially very clever strategists like Putin and Xi Jinping.
Oh, and your astoundingly condescending ignorance extends to Prescott Bush. So ironic you mentioned him…since he was a verified traitor whose businesses were seized by the US government under the trading with the enemy act, because he ASSISTED HITLER!

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They don’t even hide their corruption any more.


No you get a clue. Prescott Bush was a Fascist in his own right.He liked fascists not because he was working for Hitler, he liked fascists because it was profitable.He was not “working for Hitler” He fricking helped finance Hitlers rise to power. Hitler and the NAZIS would never have taken power were it not for monies coming to them from financiers in the UK and the USA. Your precious USA has had Political leaders use the powers of their office to line their pockets since they founded as a nation.

George Washington did this even before the Revolution. He was building his land holdings through his connections to the British crown. It does not follow he was working for Russia. Your pathetic excuse of a person named Hilary Clinton suggests Sanders and Gabbard work for the Russians.

The Republican Party and the Democratic party have had corrupt individuals long before McConnel and Chao. It a capitalist country and that is how they fricking work. Politicians were bought and paid for by the Rail Companies that built those railroads. Politicians were bought and paid for in WW1 and in all the interventions the USA made in Latin America which Smedley butler pointed out. I suppose now you going to claim Russia behind Trumps actions against Cuba and Venezuela and that Russia and China are the ones that want the USA in Syria .

Russia and China are not the problem here. It is the United States of America and its Corporations. THEY are the ones dictating policy. Russia and China never passed the Patriot act. Russia and China are not the ones demanding Assange be extradited. Russia and China did not invade Iraq . Russia and China are not running the CIA and US Court systems. All of that corruption is made in the USA.

Trump recently ordered the US Military to work on securing Rare Earth metals outside of China so they do not have to rely on China for those resources. I guess thats the Russians too.


Blah blah blah. Now that you realize you know nothing about how Chao and her father’s business are embedded in the Chinese government-capitalist state, about how she shilled for her family’s international shipping company which does most of its business in benefit to the Chinese government, to the corrupt deals she has worked to benefit McConnell in Kentucky.
Now when it comes to your comment, “your precious USA,” one wonders what country you are loyal to.
I know that simple minded people like you can’t carry multiple issues in their heads, but the issue is that the Chinese and Russian governments are trying to subvert our government, the most influential corrupt corporations are multinational and they’re also trying to subvert us, and there are other kinds of corruption that are homegrown.
All are enemies of the USA. And yes, the USA is “precious” to me. If it isn’t precious to you, then you’re an enemy of the USA too, and that explains your consistently stupid comments.

Who the heck cares if “they are imbedded in the Corporate chinese state” Does it make a difference if the corruption in the US Corporate state? Is it somehow an act of patriotism to be on the take from JP Morgan and Exxon rather then some Chinese firm?

And your declaring that persons who do agree that the USA is precious as being “enemies of the state” is exactly what a Fascist does. You are either for us or against us right?

These people are not “loyal to Russia” or “loyal to China”. The only thing they are loyal to is money and power and they will jump into bed with anyone they think can provide that. Thats Capitalism.

Prescott Bush was not ordered by Hitler to buy American Silesian Coal. He was not ordered by Hitler to use slave labor in that coal mine. He did all that because it was profitable and having helped finance the Nazis to power he demanded payback.


No surprise here,
Fascism is working as it was intended to work.


This absolutely interferes with McConnell’s upcoming election.

Total abuse of power too.


She is an Agent of Chaos.


attacking others who expose home grown corruption is exactly what the duopoly loves.


What an odd couple. Elaine and Mitch. I wonder if they ever have sex----or do they just prioritize by working together to screw all the People?


Why would they screw each other when they can (and do) screw more than 300 million people at once ?


It makes a big difference to the economy of the state or country obviously. A corrupt company still has to employ labor and buy materials. I am on the side of limited fair trade so I see the difference night and day.

Does it make an ethical difference given we do have free trade (i.e., another rule is not broken separate from corruption) - no.

Let us say a Politician receives 50000 dollars in Donations from IKEA , a Swedish owned firm with a big presence in the USA. He is lobbied to roll back labor protections making it harder to unionize and easier to hire part time help.

A second Politician receives 500000 from United Healthcare. These lobbyists want the Politician to ensure Medicare for all never gets off the ground.

Is the Politician in example one “Less Patriotic” then the Politician in example two?

Given the second Politician works on behalf of a US based Corporation over a Swedish Corporation , is he doing more to help the US Economy because United Health is US based?

Is Politician one “working for Stevan Lofen” ?

Are the actions of Politician 1 working to roll back labor protections better or worse then politician two working to ensure medicare for all never happens?

The reasons Corporations have lobbied for access to every Countries markets via trade deals is because they can then use their money to lobby Governments internally to pass legislation favorable to them. The persons that own the majority of the shares in these firms are just as likely to be based in the UK or Canada or the USA or Russia as anywhere else. Capital has been given free reign and Capitalists in the USA are no nicer or more patriotic then Capitalists in Russia or Sweden. Loyalty to a Corporation or a Capitalist because it or s/he happens to be the same nationality as oneself smacks of Fascism. As i said before I have more in common with the working class in Russia, or China or The USA or Cuba then I do for the one percent and as a Canadian just because a Barrick Gold might buy off some Politician in Haiti , I am not going to give them a pass because they paid a bigger bribe then a firm based in Russia.


Interesting hypotheticals. Before I get started, let me say that I did not intend to imply from my comment any direction or scale as to the patriotism of the politician - only as to the difference it makes in the economy. Free trade has absolutely decimated certain sectors of our (the US, I know less of the effect on Canada’s) economy while advancing other sectors at the cost of decimating the Mexican economy in those same sectors (farming is the one I’m mostly aware of). I would think you and I agree on this point.

In the Ikea vs United Health care case, they are both bad because as you say even though Ikea jobs are here it involves making the situation worse for labor not better (as in just more hiring at the same conditions as in the case I was trying to describe). But I would have to say preventing Medicare for All which could positively affect many times the number of people than Ikea can employ (and employ less favorably in your example) means it is clearly the worse case and one could say a politician is less patriotic for following a worse case, though again that isn’t the framing I was looking at.

In your other hypothetical, I am incredibly frustrated with Gold mining and wrote a letter to the local newspaper when I was in college at the time of a proposed Gold mine outside Yellowstone (I’ll be honest, I don’t know what happened - if they got any permits by now or not). I’m married and wear a silicone ring - gold absolutely disgusts me. And on top of that, both cases you gave (Canadian or Russian) company are outside influences (because we are talking about Hati). So neither is worse and they are both incredibly bad and to be resisted as much as possible (the less scaring from idiotic gold mining the better). I IMPLORE anyone who reads CD to never support the gold industry (or the diamond industry for that matter) in any way whatsoever.

Let’s try another hypothetical:

Pol A gets a quid pro quo that isn’t illegal but is shady nevertheless from a company that is moving us in the right direction - say a solar company with good environmental and labor records who does at least 1/2 the production and materials sourcing in the home country. Say the benefit is Pol A’s kid gets a high paying job that they aren’t remotely qualified for.

Pol B gets a more subtle quid pro quo that bothers less voters were they to find out about it, but it is corrupt nevertheless. But the company backing Pol B is a cyanide heap leaching gold mining company about the pollute several rivers and leave an ugly scar in a now beautiful part of the home country.

Regardless of where the home country is (Canada, US, Hati, or any other country), is one case worse than the other?

(I say the Pol B case is much worse regardless of the benefit being less significant - I guess I’d say Pol B is less patriotic too as they clearly don’t give a shit about their home country).

I’m game for others if you are

Let us just say I attach no importance whatsoever where a given Corporation based. If they break the law they break the law. You mentioned Gold mining Companies. Barrick Gold had a vested interest in seeing Aristide in Haiti toppled as Barrick Gold held mining concessions there.

Just because they are a Canadian Company, I do not give them a break. Just because some of the profits from Haiti flow to Toronto paying the staff off the people working for Barrick Gold, I do not give them a break because they are Canadian.

If a US based Gold Company did the same thing (lobbies the Government in Country of origin for a Coup) I would never suggest that what the US Company does is worse then what the Canadian Company does.

The Country of origin of any Corporation should have no bearing on how they are judged when the commit crimes be it hiring thugs to kill protestors in the Honduras or dumping toxins into our rivers and streams. Nor do I give any Politician a break because he is a Canadian “Helping Barrick get at the Gold in Haiti” or if he is a Canadian Politician “Helping an Australian Company get at the gold in Haiti.”

In either case the people of Haiti suffer for the sake of profits .

Now back to what started this all and it my objection to people implying that every action of a Republican Politician inside of the USA is because “They work for Putin” This is absolute rubbish. Putin did not want the US pulling out of the INF. Putin did not want a Coup in Bolivia. Putin does not want sanctions on Cuba. Putin does not support Israel no matter the crimes they commit. Putin is not demanding a US space force and an increase of the Military Budget to 730 billion. Putin had nothing to do with this. This is all home grown corruption.


Normalized corruption

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